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our holiday stop over turns out great

Lyn and myself are enjoying a nice well deserved trip around Australia, and had been on the road for a few weeks when we pulled into a nice secluded campsite alongside a large rock out crop, it was beautiful, with a nice private area with tall grass to hide us from the road around the back of the rock.

We set up around lunch time and both went for a wall on to the rock, great views and warm, then we spent the afternoon sunbathing nude by the van, then around 6 pm a small camper van pulled up some 50 metres away from us, but in view of where we was sitting, so reluctantly we moved and put some clothes on,

The next morning I took a walk to put some rubbish in the bins further around the rock, looking up I saw a couple on top of the rock, I waved and carried on, heading back, I took the route across the top of the rock, where I met up with Lou and Gretchen, a young couple, mid to late 20’s, she was slim and very attractive, he was a good looking guy too, turns out they had been travelling for months in the panel van camper, and like we had done were enjoying the view from atop the rock.

As we spoke I happened to say we had stopped at a club, earlier in our trip, for some reason he asked if it was a gun club, I said no and asked why he had said that, he said no reason, but then asked what club it was, I told him it was a nudist club, Gretchen I noticed had been looking at my tight shorts before, then smiled and looked down to my crouch again, I told them we enjoy going naked as much as we can.

Lou said he enjoyed going naked some times, Gretchen said she liked going naked in private, but was a bit shy going naked in company, any way we chatted for awhile longer, then made our way down, I invited them for a drink, they said they were going for a walk around then if it was ok would come over later, I told them any time.

It was some hours later when they knocked on the door, Lyn was in the shower, I was naked having just had my shower, so slipped a towel around me and let them in. I put some water on for a drink, of course they could hear Lyn in the shower, Gretchen said that was one thing she had missed while travelling, I told her she was more than welcome to use ours, albeit being a quick, wet wash and rinse off, she looked at Lou with the biggest smile ever.

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