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Parisian Surprise – Part Seven

This is the seventh and final part of “Parisian Surprise”, written with Alphamagus.

While it can be read on its own, we feel it will be better enjoyed if you read the preceding segments.

Robert and Juliana have been having an exceptional time in the City of Light and love. There have been new experiences, like playing the game of submission and dominance, sex in public places as well as in private, and given that it is Paris, lots of wonderful food and wine.

Their week will soon be over, but the thoughts of their time there will linger for a very long time after they return home. 

Robert and Juliana had taken a drive outside of Paris to have a picnic in the countryside. After some outdoor lovemaking, they got caught in a rainstorm. We catch up with them at this point.

They reached the car, both saturated from the heavy downpour. They got in after putting all of the soaked picnic things away and immediately turned on the engine and heater. Within in a minute or two, they both started to steam which made them both dissolve in hysterical laughter. Robert snatched a quick kiss before driving away. Juliana navigated them back to the inn and, as they went in the door, the old proprietor was there with a welcome..

“I thought you two might have got wet,” he said with a smirk. “If you go and get changed, my wife will see to your clothes and have them cleaned and ironed by the time you leave tomorrow.”

“Merci beaucoup, monsieur,” Robert said before Juliana could show off her perfect French yet again.

They raced up the stairs to their room and hastily undressed. They showered separately and changed into warm clothes. Robert dropped their dirty and wet clothes back down to the proprietor and ordered a bottle of Cognac for them. He got two glasses and thanked the man profusely before rushing back upstairs to find Juliana shuffling a deck of cards.

“I have found a box of matchsticks and I thought we might play for them, darling,” she suggested.

She was sitting at one end of the bed, cross legged, dressed in a pair of jeans and an Irish-knit Aran sweater. Robert poured two very large Cognacs and sat opposite her. “Strip?” he inquired.

Juliana grinned and nodded her assent.

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