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Pillow Fight

Five little Sissies laughing and giggling like goofy teenage girls exchanging recipes, sharing makeup tips, Omigawshing about everything, and who knows what else. Wandering around in the gossip garden . . . Planting new seeds, indeed. A night, tonight together. Funzies. Sissies only. No! Men! Allowed! Grrrrrrrrr. Purrrrrrrrr.


And the slumber party begins. Aspen, Ginger, Peggy, Sarah and Jennio awkwardly trying to battle it out on a large king sized bed.

Here comes another fluffy pillow . . .


The little sissies were being soooooo silly.


Another pillow across the face. Sarah fell back on the bed, toes pointing, laughing happily. Such a wimpy Sissy.


‘Hey no fairzies, I was . . .’

SPLAT! Yet another pillow to the face.

‘I soooooo hate Yoooouuuuuuuu!!!!’ Laughing hysterically.


Brrrrrnnnnggg. Brrrrrnnnnggg. Brrrrrnnnnggg. The phone was Brrrrr-ringing.


‘Stttaaauuupppppp!!!’ Aspen answered her phone. ‘Helllooooo?’

‘Hey.’ It was Tony, a friend of hers.

‘Oh, Haiiii!!! How are you?’

‘Good, what are you doing?’

‘I am being attacked, Lawlz’

(Background) SPLAT!

‘What?’ Tony asked with a very concerned voice.

‘No, no, no, not like that kind of attack. It’s like . . .’



‘Who is there? Who’s hurting you?’ Then he heard the muffled giggles in the background. He relaxed and chuckled. ‘Oh, I see now. Another one of your Sissy parties.’


‘Scared the hell out of me for a second there.’

(Background) SPLAT!

‘You’re all a bunch of nut-balls aint ya?’

‘Don’t be a meanie.’

‘I’m glad you’re all there because I have a surprise for you I want to bring over.’


Splattity SPLAT! SPLAT!

Muffled Phone. ‘Like, omigawd, stttooooop already. Sheeeeeeeesh.’

‘I’ll be there in a few minutes.’ (Click). Tony hung up.

SPLAT! after SPLAT! after SPLAT! They played for quite a while until . . .

Knock! Knock! Knock! on the door. Bang! Bang! Bang! on the door.

‘Shhhhhhhhhhhh!!!’ All the sissies cuddled up on the bed. Afraid. Who could it be?

Brrrrrnnnnggg! Aspen’s phone rang again and the Sissies gasped, flustered and curled close together.

Aspen answered the phone. ‘Hello???’

‘You gonna open the door or what?’

‘Ohhhhhh, it’s youuuuuu.’ Aspen got up and walked over to the door. She looked back at the other sissies. ‘Compose yourselves. It’s my friend.’ A quick swing of the door and a clever spin of her hair completed the welcoming ceremony. ‘Hai.’ She presented herself perfectly and then noticed four other men were standing behind Tony.

‘May we come in?’ He asked.


‘Well yeah, there are five of you aren’t there?’ Tony smirked.

Aspen looked around the room and attempted arithmetic (1 . . . 2 . . . 3) she actually did make it all the way to five. ‘Yes, there are five of us.’ She was so proud of her calculations.

‘That is why there are five of us as well.’ Tony was messing with her bimbo mind. He didn’t even ask to come in, he just walked right past her and entered the main room. His friends followed, pushing her aside as well. The last one shut the door and locked it, deadbolt as well. The other four terrified sissies remained curled up, eyes wide open . . . Threat! Fear! They clung to each other.

‘Well hello there Faggots.’ One of the ruffians taunted. ‘Boogie, boogie, boogie.’ He made some weird body gestures.

The sissies gasped in turn.

‘So.’ Tony said while spinning Aspen around, standing directly behind her. ‘Here is your surprise.’ He started grinding against her. Aspen instinctively arched her back and lifted her ass up and down against his hardening cock growing in his pants. Another man grabbed Jennio by the arm and pulled her off the bed. She was both terrified and turned on at the same time (as most Sissies would be in this sort of predicament). He placed her on the ground and began tugging at her clothing. Bit by bit she soon was completely naked. He pulled her up on her knees, unzipped his fly and introduced his pulsating cock to her lips. She quickly began to twirl the tip while gazing up at him. She felt captured. Yet another goon stepped towards the bed and reached for Ginger who was still curled up with Peggy and Sarah. It didn’t take him long to have her naked and on her knees next to Jennio. The two men high-fived as the two Sissies performed for them. The final two men jumped on the bed with Peggy and Sarah who got sandwiched while facing each other on their sides with the men laying behind them. It was only moments before they too were naked and had rock hard cocks pressed up against their holes as they stared at each other in a state of shock and pure desire inspired by deep fear.

Aspen continued rocking up and down as Tony pulled out his cock and placed it between her crack. She could feel it growing and poking at her hole as she grinded, hands up high against the wall. She pushed back hoping to encourage insertion but Tony continued to tease. Aspen went on grinding for Tony’s pleasure wishing and waiting for his well known sudden ‘out of control’ a****listic sexual outburst. She knew it was only a few minutes away but she wanted it now and turned on the tease allure to full f***e. Arching, moaning, perking her ass while on tip toes. She wanted Tony to enter so badly now but he remained firm, taunting and teasing. He squeezed tighter around Aspen’s slender waist forcing her to arch even further.

Jennio and Ginger seemed to work in concert with each other. Kneeling side by side while two large men stood in front of them, throbbing. The two sissies sucked ever so gently yet with a quick pace. They would look over at each other now and again and by doing so became more and more turned on with the feeling of being feminized and submissive, f***ed to suck cock while next to a close friend.

The two men on the bed put Peggy and Sarah in doggie position forcing them to remain facing each other. They both lubed up, entered the two Sissies and began fucking them with quite a bit of f***e. Peggy moaned. Sarah screeched. Their faces were pushed to the mattress arching them fully. Both sissies were able to see the other being fucked from behind while sharing the same facial expression . . . Submissive lust.

Tony finally entered Aspen and began thrusting. She gasped upon insertion and then sighed softly after each thrust. He plunged and plunged and plunged relentlessly causing Aspen to scream and shake her head back and forth, tossing her hair every-which-way.

Jennio and Ginger were f***ed down on their hands and knees, faces pressed to the floor. Lube was applied and then they too experienced the essence of submission. When the two men on the bed saw this they scooped their Sissies up and placed them next to the others. Tony brought Aspen over as well completing the circle. Now all five were in doggie position, face down looking at each other being fucked. Asses high, backs arched. Total shock and desire. So many emotions mixed together. Tony grabbed and lifted Aspen’s feet in the air for better momentum. The other four followed suit. So much moaning, so many sighs. The Sissies were being fucked so hard their faces would sometimes touch. They were so overwhelmed with desire they would kiss each other without even realizing it. Eventually they were pushed so close together they were all face to face, making out while the men fucked them. The pleasure was just too much for them. Such close friends and now even more so, literally and figuratively. The lustful sexual aroma filled the air as each man eventually reached orgasm. Sissies weeping, men groaning as climax was reached. A few slaps on the ass, a brow wiped of sweat and then they all pulled out. They looked down at the mangled pile of conquered Sissies, zipped up and headed for the door.

‘Told you I had a surprise.’ Tony said to Aspen with a twinkle in his eye.

The Sissies just sorta laid there trying to figure out exactly what happened. One moment they were playing fun games, chatting about this and that and then out of nowhere . . . Bang. Oh sure they will complain and pretend like it was soooooooo uncalled for.

But we know the truth, you and me.

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