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Pleasure Cruise – Part 4

Introduction: cheating, anal Pleasure Cruise – Part 4

Harry and Kathy saw the three waiting as soon as they got off the bus. They waved warmly and hurried to meet them. Harry and the two men shook hands and then Harry kissed Jeannie. He put both hands on her shoulders and held her at arms length.
I like the dress, he said emphatically.
I do too, she said.
He smiled as his fingers gently toyed at the buttons holding the dress closed. He intentionally brushed his fingers across her stiff nipples easily visible under the thin fabric and then it upwards to the deep vee. I like what youre wearing under it. I bet Hank and Tim like it too.
Both men laughed lightly. We sure do, Tim replied.
I bet I know why, Kathy said with a slight laugh as Jeannie blushed bright red.
The five of them chatted about their trips as they walked up the gangway. When they reached the deck, they all parted, promising to meet again in the lounge in an hour. As soon as they entered their cabin, Harry pulled Jeannie to him and gave her a very deep and long kiss. As they kissed, his hands worked the dress up in the back until his hands were cupping her ass. He broke the kiss slowly.
Just as I thought, he told her with a big smile.
Is it okay? she asked with a twinkle in her eye.
Oh yes! he replied quickly. In fact, I like you better that way.
One hand slowly moved around to the front of her body until he was lightly cupping her pussy.
If I put my finger in here, will I find it full of cum?
Isnt that what you wanted? she quickly asked.
He laughed lightly as his finger slid inside her pussy. Sure enough, it was full of cum. Yep! Just as I thought, he said as he stirred his finger around inside. I bet the two of them had fun filling your pussy so full.
Ohhhh, she moaned softly unable to fight the passion rising in her body. That feels good but we dont have time. I need to take a shower before we meet them again.
Me too, he said as he pulled his finger out and licked it slowly.
Very tasty,
She laughed and hit him playfully on the shoulder. She slowly unfastened the buttons of her dress.
How was your day with Kathy?
He had a big smile as he answered. Very interesting.
I bet, she said. Is her pussy full too?
He nodded his head with a big grin. Of course!
Good, she said with a smile. I dont feel so bad now. Lets get a shower so we can get dressed.
He let her get a shower first since it always took her longer to dress. While she was in the shower, he lay back on the bed and his thoughts went back to the time when they first planned this trip. It was something she had wanted a long time but he had not been too keen on it. It was difficult to take two weeks away from his business. Then he had hit on the perfect solution to get her to stop asking about it. The next time she brought it up, boldly spoke up, certain she would immediately disagree. If I book this trip you want, you have to do anything I say while were on the cruise, no questions asked, understood?
Her face immediately took on a surprised look but she didnt speak immediately. At last, she spoke very softly. Okay, Ill do whatever you want if we can go on a cruise.
Now he was the one in shock. He spoke very carefully, wanting her to clearly understand what he was saying. You did understand what I said, I hope Jeannie. You will be under my control, even in sexual matters. Whatever I tell you to do, you do without question. Do you agree with that.
Yes, she said very faintly.
He gave her a big smile and then kissed her lightly. Okay. Ill book the cruise tomorrow.
Today had been the first victory. He had told her before they left that was going to do his best to put her in a situation where another man would fuck her and she couldnt resist. She did well! Now, he had to push her limits just a little farther.
When she came out of the shower, he hurried in to shower himself. When he came out, she was applying makeup in front of the mirror. He whistled softly when he saw what she was wearing.
She laughed at him in the mirror. Do you think this is okay?
Absolutely, he said with a laugh.
She shook her head as she watched him approach. She was wearing a short silver sequined party dress with spaghetti straps and a deep vee neckline. He loved those necklines. He glanced down at her feet to see she was wearing silver heels with no stocking. Smiling at her reflection in the mirror, he walked up behind her and put his hands on her hips. He kissed her neck and slowly brought the dress up to her thighs. In the mirror, he could see she was wearing white panties.
Take those off, he said firmly as he kissed her neck again.
She looked at him in the mirror with a look of concern and dismay. Why? she asked.
He hit her ass firmly with his open palm. Remember, you are not to question me. Now take them off, he said sternly.
She let out a quick breath as she pulled her dress up and started pushing them down. He laughed lightly and went to his suitcase and pulled a thong from one of the pockets. I bought this special for this trip. Now is the perfect time to wear it, he told her.
She reached out and took the flimsy garment from his hand and looked at it. The thong was nothing more than sheer lace and she knew that it would do very little to conceal her pussy if she should bend over at the wrong time in her short dress. She slowly stepped into the thong and started to adjust it at her waist. Thats when she saw what was so special about it. The front was slit from top to bottom with just a tiny piece of velcro holding it closed.
Good. Thats much better, he said as he stepped up and kissed her firmly.
It looks very sexy on you, he told her when he broke the kiss. Now, finish your makeup. We have to go. He started to turn away but suddenly turned back. Oh, by the way, take your bra off too.
When they arrived in the lounge, Tim was setting at the bar. As he saw them approach, he motioned for the bartender. Get them whatever they want, he told the bartender as Jeannie sat beside him with Harry on the other side of her. She smiled and ordered a daiquiri while Harry ordered a crown and coke.
Hank went to check on Kathy. They should be back anytime.
Minutes later, Hank came through the lounge door with a beautiful woman on either arm. He had a big smile plastered on his face as they approached. Harry watched Kathy as they approached and realized she was even more beautiful than earlier today. She was wearing a dark skirt and beige top with a demi bra underneath. He smiled when he realized her nipples were exposed above the top and clearly visible through the thin material of her blouse. His eyes turned to the other woman. She appeared to be in her late 30s and had jet black hair. She was wearing a long dress with a slit up each side but with an equally low cut vee. She was very beautiful and was smiling as they approached.
Hi guys Hank said with a big smile. You know Kathy and this beautiful lady is Kathys friend, Stacy.
Harry and Tim both stood as she approached and nodded with big smiles. Kathy laughed lightly. Its okay to hug her and kiss her cheek guys, she said.
Both men laughed and did just that to Stacys delight. They quickly ordered drinks and moved to a table where they could chat. Over the next hour, they talked about their adventure during the day and Stacy seemed to enjoy hearing about it. When they decided to stroll around the deck, she was all for it. Kathy quickly reached over and took Tims hand.
I wanted to see the show tonight in the casino but Hank doesnt want to go. Would you take me?
Tim gave her a big smile and looked at the other couples.
I guess you folks will have to go without us, he said quickly as he stood and pulled out her chair.
Kathy smiled at Harry. Harry, she said. Would you be so good as to escort Stacy?
Harry gave her a big smile as he took Stacys hand. Of course!
Hank was definitely not disappointed. With a smile, he took Jeannies hand. I guess that means youre stuck with me.
She laughed lightly and blushed slightly as she remembered how he felt inside her earlier in the day. Im not the least bit disappointed.
They took the elevator to the upper deck and began to walk around the ship. A few minutes later, they found themselves at the fantail, looking back at the wake. A half moon lit the sky and the light glistened on the water. They hadnt seen anyone for the last few minutes and appeared to be alone for the moment. Harry put his arm around Jeannie and didnt hesitate to pull her to him for a kiss. Jeannie eagerly returned the kiss, pressing her body tightly against his. His hand found its way inside the top of Jeannies dress having already determined that she was braless. She simply kissed him harder when he squeezed her nipple.
Ummm! she moaned into their kiss, unable to control what was happening to her body.
Hank quickly released her nipple and moved his hand downward. When she felt it moving between their bodies, she pulled back slightly to give him room. His hand easily worked under the short dress and then he was touching her pussy. He felt the fabric of her panties and then the moistness of her pussy at the same time. His fingers quickly found the opening in her thong and slipped inside to rub gently along her clit. When he did, the small piece of velcro broke away to open the thong wider.
She broke the kiss and pulled her head back slightly. Dont just tease me, she said faintly as she looked deep into his eyes.
He laughed slightly and kissed her again as his finger slid into her pussy at the same time. She came up on her toes and parted her thighs to give him ample room to finger her.
Yes, she moaned into his mouth.
Stacy and Harry were only a few feet away and couldnt help but see everything that was happening. Stacy seemed mesmerized that they would make out like teenagers in such a public area. Harry saw her watching and stepped behind her. His hands went around her waist as he leaned close to her ear.
Dont mind them, he said quietly.
Shhh! she said as she leaned her head back against his chest. I want to see just how far theyll go.
Harry smiled and tightened his grip around her waist as he looked towards Jeannie and Hank. Jeannie had her arms tight around Hanks neck as she buried her head against his face. His hand was moving slowly in and out as he continued to finger her. When Harry felt Stacys hand on his, he thought she was going to pull his hands away but instead she pulled his hand up to her titty and held it there.
Squeeze it, she said faintly.
He smiled into her neck and squeezed gently but she applied pressure to his hand.
Harder, she said faintly.
Harry laughed lightly and moved his hand up and inside the top of her dress. Her bra was all lace and he quickly eased his hand inside so he could capture her nipple and squeeze.
Ohhhh, she moaned as he increased the pressure, squeezing first and then pulling the hard nipple out as far as he could.
Yes, she moaned quietly. Like that!
His other hand moved lower and began to rub her pussy through the front of her dress. When she didnt stop him, he moved it around until he found the side slit and then pushed it inside. He smiled when he realized she wasnt wearing panties. Her pussy was baby smooth and he applied just the slightest pressure to her clit.
Ohhh god, yes! she moaned as she pressed her body back against his, never taking her eyes from Hank and Jeannie.
Hank had Jeannies dress up to her waist where they could see his finger clearly moving in and out of her now soaked pussy. Harry knew it would only be minutes before Hank tried to fuck her. At that minute, they heard two female voices raise in laughter as someone approached from the opposite side. Surprisingly, it was Stacy who spoke up.
I think its time we went somewhere else, she said.
Harry took her hand. I heard the view is fabulous fromt the fantail! he said with a smile. Jeannie and Hank quickly adjusted their clothing and the four of them began the long walk to the back of the ship with Harry and Stacey following Jeannie and Hank. Harry smiled as he saw Hanks hand drop to Jeannies ass and sqeeze it firmly as they walked. By the time they reached the fantail, Hanks hand was under her dress and squeezing her ass firmly. Harry was delighted to see that Staceys eyes took in everything that was happening in front of them. When he put his arm over her shoulder and pulled her closer, she easily came to him.
Harry had mentioned the fantail for a very specific reason. While the view was beautiful, very few people came here at night since it was covered by an outcropping of the ship from above and blocked the view of just about everything but the wake created by the ships propellers and the horizon behind them. It was perfect for what he knew would happen. As soon as they reached the area, Hank took Jeannie back into his arms and it was only seconds before the two were locked in another deep kiss while Hanks fingers worked back into Jeannies panties. Within seconds, Hank had her worked to another fever pitch and she was absolutely mindless of anything else going on around them. Harry had stopped only a few feet away with Stacey in front of him again. He smiled, knowing she would have a perfect view of Hank fingering Jeannie. Without prompting from her this time, he put his arms around her waist and gently cupped both titties in his hand. Stacey just moaned softly and leaned back against him.
Hank was working much faster now. While keeping his finger deep inside Jeannies pussy, he used the other hand to slip the thin straps of her dress from her shoulders and eased it down to completely expose her firm titties. He broke the kiss and quickly dropped his head to suck on the nipples, moving slowly from one to the other as he turned Jeannie to lean against the rail. Jeannie suddenly tried to pull away.
Not here, she said faintly. Anyone could come by.
Harry spoke just loud enough for her to hear. Dont stop Hank. Theres a direct connection between her nipples and her pussy. You have her hot at both ends.
Hank continued his assault on her titties as he bit lightly and plunged his fingers into her pussy at the same time. It was obvious Jeannie knew she didnt have much resistance left. She looked at Harry with a silent plea.
Go with it Jeannie. Im not going to make him stop, Harry told her firmly.
Suddenly her body arched as a climax racked her body. Ohhh my god, she moaned.
Hank quickly left her nipples to capture her mouth and stiffle her cries. Turning her against the rail, he pushed her dress up to her waist and pressed his body tightly against hers. There was no doubt she could feel his hard dick pressing against her and she tried vainly to push him away but to no avail. His hand grabbed the flimsy crotchless panties and pulled, tearing them away from her body and leaving her pussy fully exposed. As he continued to kiss her, he used his hand to unzip his pants and Harry was delighted to see his huge cock spring free of his pants. Lifting Jeannie slightly, he pressed his cock against her opening and then let her down.
Noooo, she cried out into the kiss initially but as his dick went in deeper her cries changed. Ohhhh. Youre so big. Yessssss. Fuck meeeeee! she said, her cries muffled by his mouth on hers.
Throughout it all, Stacy had remained silent, watching intently. When she saw Hanks big cock sliding into Jeannie, she moaned and turned her head to look at Harry. He captured her lips immediately and plunged his finger into her pussy while pulling hard on her nipples. Ummmmm, she moaned into the kiss.
When Harry broke the kiss, she looked into his eyes with glazed eyes of her own. His cock is so big. I know she has to be loving it, she said almost in a whisper.
Oh, shes loving it alright, Harry said. Look at her nipples. Theyre rock hard.
Lets move closer, Stacy said quietly. I want to watch him cock stretch her open.
Harry quickly pushed her to within inches of the two lovers until they could see Jeannies juices coating Hanks cock even in the faint light. At the same time, Harry reached down and pulled Stacys dress to her waist and she suddenly felt his cock pressing against her.
Youre so hard, she whispered. I can feel you through your pants. Take it out.
He didnt have to be told twice. He released her just long enough to take his cock out and then reached back around to cup her pussy again. It was soaked! He slid his finger in and out and then reached deeper between her legs and pushed his finger into her ass.
Ohhhh! she cried with a sudden jerk. Oh, that feels so good. I havent been fucked there in a long time.
Theres no time like the present, Harry said as he turned her against the rail and pushed her forward. He slid his cock into her pussy and pumped twice, then pulled out and pressed his dick into her tight opening. She was just as eager and pushed back against him and he was suddenly in. He could hear Jeannies faint moans but all he was interested in now was fucking Stacys ass and she was just as ready. Her ass was tight and it was agony getting his cock all the way in but then it felt like a velvet glove squeezing him. He started pulling out slowly and finally glanced over at Hank. He had picked Jeannie up and set her on a box holding life jackets and was fucking her slow and easy, obviously trying to get all of his 10 cock inside her pussy. It appeared he stilled liked a couple of inches but Harry smiled when he saw Jeannie wrap her legs around his waist and squeeze, pulling him the rest of the way inside of her. She wouldnt admit it but she didnt know it but she was cock hungry and eager to be fucked anywhere, anytime, if the cock was big enough.
Stacys moan of pleasure quickly drew his attention back to her and he reached around to hold a titty in one hand and pressed his finger against her clit with the other. She immediately began to spasm, moaning words that were totally lost in the wind. Harry just kept his fingers busy on her clit and pussy and fucked her harder. Her cries got louder.
Oh yes. Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard! Hurry. Cum inside my ass!
That was all Harry could take. With a final hard, deep plunge, his balls erupted and it felt like he pumped a gallon of cum into her ass. As soon as he did, he felt shivers go through her body as she climaxed over and over. Exhausted, he slumped over her body and glanced at Hank and Jeannie. Hank had filled her pussy with his cum and was just pulling out. Jeannies pussy was unable to contain it all and he watched a large glob drop onto the deck. Looking into Jeannies passion filled eyes, he gave her a smile.
Youre going to get fucked lots more on this trip baby! he told her loud enough for all to hear.

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