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Precious Turns Up the Heat

Master leads Precious to the next room and as they enter, she notices it is set up pretty much the same way as the first, with the bar in the corner, but this time instead of one chair, there are two chairs. The couple is sitting there side by side, each in an over sized arm chair. In her mind, Precious names them “Mr.” and “Mrs.” 

About thirty-five years old and dashing, dressed in a white shirt and neatly pressed slacks Mr. sits there, hands resting on the arms of the chair, calmly looking as if he owns the place, exuding confidence. Mrs. is impeccably groomed, every hair of her blonde bob haircut neatly in place, her make up perfectly applied to her smooth, beautiful, skin. She has on a beautiful black dress that reveals her taut stomach through a cutout and a short, slim skirt that barely covered her shapely thighs. She looks to be about twenty-five years old and sits there, stiffly upright, legs crossed and hands clasped tightly in her lap, watching Precious intently, as she enters the room.

Master introduces her and then retreats to the far corner as he did with ‘Panty Man’, and slips the disc into the player, waiting for the cue from Precious that she was ready to begin. She stands again in front of the couple and closes her eyes then opening them and gives him a small nod, the music begins. 

She remembers Master saying that the woman was intrigued with her nipple clamps and the chain strung between them, so she begins with her top. As her hips swing in an exaggerated figure eight, her hands move up to untie the scant white top that Master had brought for her. Pulling it open, and easing it off her shoulders, she advances toward Mr. her eyes locked on his, and a sultry smile on her lips. 

Straddling his leg, she lowers herself and sits, grinding herself against it, and allows the tiny top to fall to the floor. Standing again, she reaches behind and turns away from the couple unhooking her bra. Turning back to face them, she slips the straps from her shoulders allowing it to fall away from her breasts, revealing the nipple clips she still wears, the chain hanging slack between them. 

Stepping from between his legs, she turns from them again, this time sliding her hands down over her hips and around to caress her ass. Swaying her hips to the music playing over the speakers. She undoes the zipper on the side of her skirt and allows it to fall from her hips to the floor, kicking it aside, standing there in her little thong and heels and nothing else. Her hips never ceasing their tantalizing swaying motion. She bends down, legs straight and slides her hands down over her ass, pausing to caress it briefly before continuing down the backs of her thighs and calves, around to the front of her legs and slowly back up between her legs to her pussy. She can feel the heat coming from her pussy as she contemplates how she will tease Mrs. 

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