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I spend a lot of time cruising the Internet looking at porn.  I don’t care about kinky stuff, and I am bored by professional porn workers.  What I like is true amateur porn, people who put their photos and movies on the web because they enjoy sex and find it exciting to show that pleasure to others.  There are many, many sites that pretend to show amateurs, and most of them are fakes.  But there are a few out there if you keep looking.

I am married, and my wife is a fine woman, but she hasn’t shared my interest in sex for many years.  She is willing to accommodate me when I ask, but she is just going through the motions.  I usually prefer to masturbate because it is easier and about as exciting.  I guess that is why I enjoy real amateurs so much.  They remind me that lots of women do like sex and aren’t afraid to say so.  And while I have no wish to leave my wife, I do often wish that we had more in common sexually. So I cruise, and I look.

On some sites women send in a series of photos.  These are usually some kind of strip show, and there is a lot of difference in style.  Some women prefer to tease, maybe finally showing their breasts but not going beyond that.  Others go right to the basics, showing everything they have and then some (I have seen poses that would make a gymnast groan).  Most of the women seem pleased to be showing off, but some look very serious, even grim.  I don’t care much for the second type, as I said, I am looking for people who like sex.  I don’t care a bit if a women doesn’t look like a super model.  If she enjoys sharing herself with me I love to see her.  And I like to see faces.  I can’t begin to believe that a woman enjoys showing herself if she hides her face. 

One evening recently I was on a site which uses the series format.  I started through the latest sets of pics, and as usual it was a mixed bag.  The third or fourth group of photos started with a pic of a woman reclining on a bed, wearing a set of pajamas, with one hand poised at the top button of the pajama shirt as though she was just about to unbutton it.  She was smiling, almost grinning, at the camera, and my first reaction was a smile of my own, she looked so happy and so sexy at the same time.  I admired her unstudied pose, she wasn’t trying to look like a porn star, she was simply a woman on a bed with sex on her mind.

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