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Relaxing in the Sauna

The fall semester was nearing its end, and as usual, my stress level was increasing. Papers, final projects, and exams began to pile up, and I soon found myself with little free time. After my biology class on Wednesday, I hurried out of the building and entered into the cool darkness of a December evening. On my way back to my dorm, I stopped by a convenience store and picked up a pint of chocolate ice cream. I needed some sort of pleasure in the midst of school stress and depressing weather.

As soon as I got back to my room, I sank onto my bed and peeled off the cover of the ice cream. Grabbing a plastic spoon from one of my desk drawers, I dug in. The first silky bite turned into a second creamy bite followed by a third rich bite. I was considering gobbling it down until my spoon sc****d the bottom when I heard a knock at my door.

"Hey Declan, I was wondering if you could take my survey for the sociology project I'm doing." It was Cassie, one of the girls who lived on my hall.

"Sure, what's it about?"

"The sexual practices of college students. All your answers are totally confidential."

"Okay, sounds good. I'll fill it out."

"Great! Thanks!" As she turned to go, though, Cassie took a second look at my face and said, "I think you've got something on your chin."

"Huh?" Wiping my chin with my fingers, I realized that a bit of ice cream had dripped down the side of my mouth. "Ugh! I've been trying to drown my end-of-semester blues in chocolate ice cream."

Cassie smiled reassuringly. "Have you ever tried hanging out in the sauna at the gym? I find that it really calms me down and re-energizes me."

"No, I've never gone in. It just seems kinda weird to sit around in a box and sweat."

"It feels amazing. Trust me. It's a nice alternative to ice cream overload."

"Well, maybe I'll give it a try."

After Cassie left, I closed the ice cream and put it in my mini freezer. Then I sat down and looked over the survey. A lot of the first questions dealt with demographics: age, sex, sexual orientation. I checked off: 20, male, gay. Then the questions got more interesting. Frequency of masturbation?: at least 3 times a week. Use of pornography?: frequent. Number of sex partners since entering college?: 2.

As I continued responding to Cassie's survey, I felt my dick begin to get hard. I rested my hand on my lap, feeling my cock straining against my jeans. I put my pencil down, leaned back in my chair, and began to rub myself through my pants. The survey questions swirled in my mind, bringing back memories of my first blowjob and the first time I fingered myself. I wanted to pull down my pants, tear off my briefs, and jerk myself to a warm, sticky finish, but the thought of the history paper that was due the next day made me rethink my plan.

Taking a moment to let my boner relax a bit, I opened the Word document that contained the first two pages of my paper on the French Revolution. My fingers, which wanted to wrap themselves around my cock, now tapped along my laptop's keyboard. I pushed out two sentences about French peasants, and my mind once more traveled to the place beneath my zipper.

I realized that if I didn't jerk off now, it would be on my mind all night. I undid my jeans and pulled off my T-shirt. In just a few seconds, I sat practically naked at my desk, my pants around my ankles. My left hand quickly reawakened my cock, and little Declan soon began to shine with droplets of precum. My right hand reached out for the survey, and I began to read it aloud.

"Have you ever had sex with multiple partners at one time? Mmm…yeah, I have. One guy slobbering all over my cock, while another guy slobbers all over my ass."

The next question brought back memories of my first boyfriend, Will.

"At what age did you first engage in oral sex? Well, I was 18, almost 19. Will took me into his room, stripped me naked, knelt down in front of me, and began to kiss my shaft. The next thing I knew, he was deepthroating me and–"

There was a knock at the door. Shit! I hoped that whoever was there hadn't heard me. Quickly and quietly, I pulled up my pants, threw on my shirt, and licked off the precum that had dripped onto my wrist.

Opening the door, I found Cassie.

"Sorry to disturb you again. I was just wondering if you were done with the survey."

"Um, no…I've kinda just been working on history homework. I should have a chance to look it over by tomorrow, though."

"Great! By the way, I'm gonna be heading down to the gym in five minutes. You wanna go?"

"Sure," I said. I didn't really want to go, but my fear that she had heard me masturbating to her survey made me respond in the affirmative. I didn't want her to think that I had nothing better to do than jerk off to her sociology homework.

Cassie clapped her hands. "Yay! Get changed, gym buddy. I'm ready to burn some calories."

Ten minutes later, we walked through the doors of the gym. While our school had an athletic center, it always seemed to be filled with college athlete types. The privately-owned gym a block away from our dorm seemed much more inviting to the kinds of people who mostly preferred to use ellipticals and take yoga classes. Cassie and I found two ellipticals next to each other and claimed them as our own for the next forty-five minutes.

As she climbed down from the exercise machine, Cassie said, "I'm going downstairs to the sauna. There's usually hardly any women in there on a Wednesday night. I don't know what it's like for the men's sauna. You gonna give it a try?"

"Yeah, I guess. Why not?" I hoped that I would find the energy to finish my history paper in that hot, little room.

While running on the elliptical had taken my mind off of my cock, I once again felt bl**d rushing southward as I descended to the men's locker room. While a number of other students used this particular gym, the majority of the gym members were middle-aged and older. It always seemed that the oldest, most unattractive men always walked around without a towel, but I did get to steal a few appreciative glances at the occasional hot guy.

As I neared the sauna, towel wrapped tightly around my waist, I wondered if there would be any hotties in there. I pulled the door open, felt the burst of hot air, stepped inside, and saw three older guys. These men seemed to take care of their bodies to some degree, but they were all a little too old for my liking. One of them had opened his towel, revealing his cock and balls to the other men.

I sat down and immediately heard, "Are you a college student?" It was the exposed man.

'Yes," I replied.

"Do you play any sports?"

I laughed a little. "No, not for years."

"Well, you've got a nice athletic look. What sports did you used to play?"

"Basketball for a year, soccer for a couple years."

"That explains it. You've got an athlete's body."

While I thought my body was pretty good, I certainly did not think of myself as having an athlete's body. Still, I remembered what my mother had taught me and said, "Thank you."

Although I could only see the men out of the corner of my eye, I could feel their gaze on me. It felt…good. While I wasn't interested in these guys, I did like the attention. In order to please my audience, I casually pulled my towel open. I could sense the men leaning closer.

Soon after my reveal, another man entered the sauna. He was considerably younger than the other three. This man looked to be in his forties. His head was shaved smooth, but his chest sported thick, dark hair. His legs were attractively muscled, and I watched his calf muscles contract and expand as he climbed up onto the bench next to me. While I could go on with a description of this man, there was really only one word needed to describe him: DILF.

As if sensing some competition, the older, exposed man covered himself up and exited the sauna. One of the other men followed him a minute later. Now there were three of us left. The last of the older men sat to my left, and the DILF was on my right. While the sauna certainly relaxed my muscles, the two men produced in me a lot of sexual tension. I felt glued to the bench, waiting for something to happen.

Drip. Drip. As I bent my head forward, the sweat from my brow dripped onto my thighs. Then–

Tap. Tap. My body stiffened. I felt the DILF's foot brush against my leg. I quickly tried to calm myself. I told myself that it was probably an accident. He didn't mean to. He was just moving his legs and had accidentally–

Tap. Tap. Tap. This was no accident. I was too afraid to turn my head to look at him, though. After all, there was another guy in there with us, and anyone else could walk in at any moment.

I decided to ignore it. I was flattered by his attention, but I couldn't respond to it. Then I felt his hand on my shoulder. Gently, he massaged first my right shoulder and then reached over and massaged my left shoulder. My body began to relax. I could sense the older man watching us. I knew he was enjoying it and so I gathered up the courage to place my hand on the DILF's chest. Brushing aside some of the hair, I pinched his nipple. I heard the man exhale with a small moan. Grabbing my right shoulder, he turned me toward himself. A moment hung in the hot air as we looked one another in the eyes. Then, with some tacit understanding, we leaned toward each other and pressed our lips together. He tasted so good, and my cock began to grow with appreciation.

Suddenly, my senses returned to me for a moment. I glanced at the door of the sauna. Nobody in the vicinity. Good. Then I covered my growing boner with my towel and began once more to enjoy the sweetness of the stranger's mouth.

His hand reached down and caressed my tented towel. Taking his cue, I placed my hand on top of his towel. He was already hard. My fingers slipped under the towel and fondled the head of his cock. He pulled back suddenly, and I removed my hand. Giving my cock one last light pat, he stood up, tightened his towel around himself, and left the sauna.

I was confused, and a little disappointed. I wanted to jerk him off to completion. There was still the older man to my left, though. I wasn't in the mood for giving him a handjob, but the least I could do was provide a little entertainment.

I shifted further to the right side of the bench so that no one outside the sauna would be able to see me through the door's window. I rubbed my cock through the towel. I put one of my hands under my towel and cupped my balls.

My cock was so hard now that there was no way that my thin towel could conceal it if someone walked in. Acknowledging this fact, I opened my towel once more and turned my body so that the older man could clearly see my little show. Only a few moments after pulling back my towel, I felt myself approaching the edge. I felt myself being pushed along by all the events of the day: the sex survey, the admiration of the older men, the unexpected contact with the DILF. I leaned back against the wall of the sauna and pumped myself to the point of no return. Then I allowed my cock to erupt with cum. My load splashed against my chest and dripped down my abdomen.

Now that I had just shot my load, my fear of being caught returned. I wiped myself off with my towel, wrapped it around my now-softening cock, and stood up. I glanced back at the older man, who had one hand under his towel. With a little grin aimed at the man, I turned around and left the sauna.

That evening, I finished my history paper and then completed Cassie's survey. As I handed her the survey, I thanked her for mentioning the sauna to me.

"It was just what I needed," I said.

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