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RP Log : Herm panther (me) on male otter

Stranger: Hiya
You: hey 🙂
Stranger: asfo?
You: 19/herm/panther/bi****l_genitalia-anthro-are
Stranger: 26 m otter pan
Stranger: very nice~
You: you like dickgirls?
Stranger: mmhmm! :3
You: what do you like doing to them?
You: *starts stroking herself*
Stranger: *Blushes as I watch you stroke yourself* Well I love to help them out in any way I can~ *winks teasingly*
You: I really like riding people so they can watch my big tits and cock flop 🙂
Stranger: *I smile and nod my head* That sounds absolutely wonderful!
You: *reaches out and starts stroking your dick*
You: *comes closer and rubs the tips of our dicks together*
Stranger: *I blush and moan softly as I feel your thick tip rubbing against mine* Oh wow~ *I pant and soon my cock is twitching and throbbing in your grip. I reach up and cup your massive breasts*
You: Play with my nipples babe
You: *pre cum leaks out from my cock slit*
Stranger: *I blush and moan as your thick pre lubes up our cocks as you rub them together. I nod and reach up as I begin to tease and play with your nipples* Yes ma'am~
You: *gasp as you tweak my nipples and our cocks caress one another, wet with our cock juices*
You: I wanna feel you in me now
Stranger: *I pant and nod as my cock is slick with your pre* Yeah okay~ I want to be inside of you too~ *I say in a moan*
You: *pushes you down on the floor so you lie on your back with your cock hard and erect*
You: *sway my hips over your cock and gently move my waist downwards, dripping my juices all over you*
You: *pause just as my wet and warm hole touches the tip of your dick*
Stranger: *I pant and moan, wriggling beneath you, watching hungrily as your thick luscious hips descend slowly towards my twitching hard cock. I bite my lip and grunt as your warm wet hole touches my tip and your juices drip down all over my cock and groin* Ooh fuuck~ *I pant and my hips buck reflexively*
You: You want to put that cock inside me?
You: *tease your dick with my pussy lips*
You: *raise my hands over my heads so you can see my clean shaven sweaty armpits*
You: head*
You: 😛
Stranger: *I pant and moan loudly as you tease my dick with your warm soft lips. I lick my lips hungrily as you raise your arms and I stare at your sweaty shaven armpits. I nod my head quickly* Y-yes ma'am! I want to put my cock inside of you~
You: Alright then sailor
You: *push my hips downwards and swallow your cock with my pussy in one big gulp*
You: *my big dick slaps against your belly and pre cums flies over your upper body*
Stranger: *I let out a loud moaning gasp as your push your hips down and my cock disappears in your warm tight pussy. I pant and gasp happily as your big dick slaps against my belly and your thick warm pre shoots across my upper body. I reach up and caress your muscular thighs as you straddle me* Oh shiiit~
You: *slowly raise my hips upward and groan as the emptiness of my pussy without your cock assaults me, inch by inch*
You: *reach the highest point on your dick and them slam my hips downwards again, building a rhythm, my big tits flopping in time with my riding*
Stranger: *I let out a loud panting moan as you slowly raise yourself up and slam down again, rhythmically riding my hard cock, your massive tits bouncing and flopping above me and your huge cock slapping my belly with each downward thrust, your heavy balls making a dull thud against my abs. I moan and stare up at your flopping tits and sweaty armpits in amazement* y-you're amazing!
You: Yes baby, you make me feel so sexy :3
You: Lick my armpits please
You: *crouch down closer towards you so my cock starts spraying pre cum all over your face*
Stranger: *I pant and moan as your thick cock sprays your hot slick pre all over my face, marking me with your spunk. I nod and lean forward, pressing my face into your clean shaven armpit and licking eagerly at your sweaty pit. I moan softly as the powerful taste of your sweat coats my tongue*
You: oh goddds yes
You: that feels so good
You: *speed of my riding intensifies as the sounds of our fucking get louder and louder*
You: I wanna feel you cum in me babe
You: I want that warm spunk all inside me
Stranger: *I nod and moan as I press my face deep in your armpit, breathing in the powerful scent. I bite my lip and moan as your tight pussy clenches my throbbing cock. I whimper and let out a loud cry as I begin to cum deep inside of you* oh fuuuck!!!
You: *my huge cock pulses and my balls swell up as I roar and let out a huge blast of cum all over my tits and your face*
You: Yes cum in me you sexy b**st
Updated: December 17, 2016 — 1:34 am
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