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Sandwiched By Wise Witches

I wake up, or am I still dreaming? I feel sandwiched between two young ladies.
I am dreaming. My eyes are closed. I can not see who lays next to me in my arm.
My left hand can feel her big very firm buxom beauties though, she must be young.
My back feels two other mammalian protuberances flattening at my shoulder blades.

I open my eyes. It is deep dark in my black bedroom with satin sheets. No moon.
My thumb and forefinger tips slowly start to roll those two young yummy nipples.
She is very sensitive there. She immediately begins to moan, her breath deepens.
They seem to shine only black light. Infra-red to be more precise. I feel warmth.

She must be my Princess of Darkness I suddenly realise. Behind me is her teacher.
The best sandwich ever served to me. Her purr arouses my might. It slowly emerges.
Together my two favourite black Witches chose her Dark Prince for a nightly visit.
The Teacher teases me more as soon as she notices I wake up. She spurs me further.

I dress black often. Especially for my Princess of Darkness and her tasty Teacher.
In bed I only wear my smile, my pony-tail on top. My skin still is a bit bronzed.
My smile widens when I realise they do not know yet the darkest part of my skin.
I do not often sunbath my mighty member. Its colour is in my genes. My black man.

Only guys are interested in size. Woman want men who know what to do membering.
I am not endowed larger than life. Long enough. Not too long. No cervix pile.
Every inch worth of it. Enough to extinguish every burning fire inside so far.
My fireman slowly also wakes up from the sandwich between two bad Bed-Witches.

The Teacher knows Witchcraft well what to do to wake my fireman from behind.
Her right hand slowly grabs my scrotum and expertly softly fondles my balls.
Her left hand checks my state of arousal monitoring the area of my prostate.
The Teacher inserts the tip of her little finger inside my tight sphinxter.

The effect on My Mighty Member of the Black Brigade is as predictable as fast.
My Member wakes up. Yawns. Stretches. Enjoys. My left hand drops down Her Belly.
My Dark Princess got so hot and wet yet. Black Man can easily slide inside her.
Master of Tantra tease I do not allow him to do as he likes. He needs to kiss her.

The Black b**st is smaller than me. He knows I rule him, not the other way around.
Only ordinary men and young boys have no power at all over their little prickies.
The testing Teacher plunges her finger deeper inside me and massages my prostate.
She tests the Tantra training of my Black b**st in full size of My Mighty Member.

My Fireman slowly slides up and down along the wet hot Love Lips of my Bride to Be.
My two most able fingers play a sweet sexy noble nocturne around her Mount Venus.
My Bride to Be has no way to escape. Not that she would want. She knows she comes.
My Bride to Be almost loses her breath. Her boobs heave. Her hips start to shake.

By Jove and behold. Full Moon and its Dark Side. Princess Bride comes and leaves.
My Love faints in my arms. I turn her around and hold her. So does her Teacher.
My Dear only less then a fortnight tonight till you are of age to became My Wife.
By Jove, My Love how much my Black b**st longs to make you mine and you our Queen.

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