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Sarah – Part Seventeen

When I woke on Friday morning Sarah was gone, having slipped out of bed and left the house without waking me.

I showered, shaved, dressed, went out for lunch, and did my usual errands, returning home in the late afternoon.

It wasn’t until I saw Sarah’s car in the driveway that I remembered that there might be a surprise waiting for me.

I found Sarah in the living room designing clothes on her pad of paper.

“You snuck out early,” I noted.

“Things to do, places to see,” Sarah responded.

We kissed and I went upstairs to put some things in my room.

“Do I have some kind of surprise coming?” I asked as I re-entered the living room.

“I’m going to treat you to dinner,” Sarah indicated with an impish grin on her face.

I admit to being disappointed.

Being treated to a dinner was fine. In my male, erotic mind, however, I had hoped that Sarah had come up with an idea on how we might spend this Friday night, and maybe even Saturday, fooling around in her bed.

On the way to the restaurant Sarah thanked me for the night before.

Thanking me was nice, but I had to chuckle a little. Here was an attractive lady who had fucked me the night before, done all the hard work, and had given me a powerful orgasm, and she was thanking me.

It just didn’t seem right.

“Have you ever done that before?” she asked.

“You mean just sit back and let a lady fuck me?”

“Yeah. Have you done that before?”

“Not really,” I told her. “Usually it’s the other way around.”

“Did you like it?” she asked.

“Of course I liked it.”

There was a long silence as we drove through several side streets looking for the restaurant.

“I’m glad you liked it,” Sarah finally said. “All the time I was in New York, I couldn’t get the thought of you cuming in me out of my head. I’m sorry I used you.”

Again, that just wasn’t right.

I didn’t say it, but I sure was thinking, “Anytime you want to fuck me like you did last night, I will not feel used.”

The restaurant was better than nice, the food was great, the wine excellent, and the fact that Sarah paid for it all made it even better.

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