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Seans Story: Chapter 2

Introduction: Enjoy Seans Story
Chapter 2: First and Last

Casey and I hadnt talked about our kiss again since that day. We had decided it was better to just pretend it never happened and move on.

The school year ended a couple weeks after Casey and I shared our one kiss. It was summer and that meant that we were finished with middle school. Starting in August we would be high school freshmen and would be in a whole new world. I was finally able to enjoy myself for a couple months and not focus on school. Id heard about the book Enders Game for a couple years and had put it on my to-read list. I had just started the second chapter when Casey called me.

A girl in our year, Sarah, was having an end of year party to celebrate our matriculation from middle school. Shed called Casey and told him to spread the word among the guys. Everyone, even me, was invited. Officially she was having a pool party while her parents were gone. Unofficially the idea was to go over to her house with the promise of alcohol. My first party with alcohol involved. I just knew that this was going to end up somewhere between shit-show and amazing. I wasnt sure which way it would end up.

That really didnt worry me though. A fun night was a fun night regardless of how it ended up. But Id never been drunk. How would I handle myself around a bunch of people if I ended up getting drunk? What would I do? How would I act? Would I hit on people? As usual, it was Casey who came to my rescue. He reassured me that drunk people do stupid shit. That was part of the fun.

The day of the party at Sarahs I got all my shit together, threw my trunks on over my boxer briefs, and grabbed $10 to cover my donation for the festivities. I sat in my living room until Casey knocked on my door and we headed off. On the way we joined up with a number of other guys and some girls who were also headed to Sarahs house. Tonight was going to be a good night.

We arrived a little after the announced start time despite my misgivings. I was assured that arriving casually late was the norm and that being on time as so uncool. I cant say Id gone to many parties in my time so I deferred to those with far greater knowledge than my own. And they were right. We werent the last people to show up but we were even farther from being the first which is apparently bad.

Inside there was music playing loudly and alcohol flowing freely. Somehow we were provided with a keg, various types of beer in bottles, and a number of different types of alcohol. I wasnt really up to par on alcohol knowledge so I asked a couple guys what I should start with. They warned me to stay away from the liquor and advised that I should probably start with whatever was in the keg. I got a cup and got my fill from the guy manning the keg. I almost gagged and spit out my first sip but was told that it would get better.

You get used to it. Its an acquired taste. A girl offered.

Youre gonna have to get used to having bitter liquids in your mouth Steve joked to a round of laughter.

I laughed and grinned a thanks. Never mind the statement that basically implied Steve had tasted his own cum.

They were right though, the taste did get tolerable after a while so I kept drinking. Eventually I barely noticed as I drank the beer. Though the great majority of us were wearing some amount of swim it was pretty obvious that nobody intended to go swimming. People were just sitting around talking. I was no exception. I ended up sitting next to a girl named Tori who had moved to town a couple years back and had fit in with the rest of the year pretty well. I knew her decently but we werent friends or anything.

Glad to be done? she slurred at me.

Yeah, I thought this year would never end. But I guess summer will be over soon enough. I rambled, unsure of whether or not I even wanted to have a conversation with her.

Dont say that! she said far too loudly, We should enjoy our summer.


She leaned closer to me. I could smell the alcohol on her breath. I think she was trying to meet my gaze but it seemed like she was looking just past me.

Can I ask you something?


Youre gay&hellip,Right?


I heard some people talking about you. So you, like, have sex with guys and stuff?

Yeah, but-

I mean, I guess I cant blame you. Cock is great. I love sucking cock. And I love it when a guy cums-

But I havent done anything with a guy.

What? How do you know if youre gay then?

Uggh. I knew Id have to have this conversation one day. Why the hell did it have to be at my first party involving alcohol with a girl who had already partaken well beyond what she should have? It was either continue the conversation or walk away.

Well, Ive kissed a guy.


A gentleman never kisses and tells. I said trying to act very debonair.

Yeah? I bet everyone here knows which girls have sucked which guys.

I looked around. Was everyone really getting all that action? Did everyone talk about who they fooled around with? I mean, Casey told me shit but I was his best friend.

I dont really care who you kissed&hellip, Have you ever kissed a girl?

I gave her my best bitch, please look and responded.


Then how do you know that you dont like it?

Really? REALLY? This girl just didnt get it. I finished my beer and stood up.

I need another beer. You want anything?

She looked somewhat out of it for a second and then looked up and through me.

Yeah, could you get me some more vodka and sprite?

She handed me her cup.


I refilled our drinks and walked back to where we had been sitting but there were different people in our spots. She didnt seem to be in the living room anywhere. I looked around and finally spied her standing out on the patio by herself. She was leaning against a pole and staring out into the yard. She stood about 54 and had long blonde hair down just past her shoulders. She looked so delicate out there.

I wandered out onto the patio. There werent many people outside. It was a little muggy and there were some mosquitos so most of the people stayed inside. I sidled up next to her and held out her cup.

Heres your drink. I thought you disappeared on me for a second.

Thanks, I just wanted some air.

We sat there without saying a word for a couple seconds. I sipped on my beer and looked out into the night.

So youve never kissed a girl at all? She asked as though that were the most bizarre thing shed ever heard someone say.


I think you should try it.

Im not su-

For the second time in not so many weeks I was interrupted mid-sentence by a pair of lips being pressed against my own. Maybe it was that lips are lips, or maybe it was the beer, but Tori kissing me felt amazing. She had obviously had a lot more practice at kissing than Casey and it showed. She was a lot less aggressive with her tongue though and it took me to get any caressing to happen.

The two of us made out for a couple minutes, our tongues dancing between our mouths. And, despite myself, I found that the stimulation of my lips and tongue was arousing me. With my eyes closed the person I was kissing could have been anyone. Inside my trunks-covered boxer briefs my cock started to harden.

I dont have a huge dick now and I didnt have an average sized one then. At 14 years old I was sporting what was probably around 4.5 of meat, not that Id measured it until much later. I dont even know what my girth would have been. Despite my rather small size Tori noticed my hardness as we made out, our bodies pressed tightly together.

I felt her small hand snake between us and grab the crotch of my bathing suit. The thin material of my boxer briefs and the trunks didnt hide much as she groped my junk.

What have we here? Maybe youre not gay after all?

Trust me Im ga-

Come with me.

Tori grabbed my hand and led me back inside. She weaved through the crowd, obviously with a destination in mind. Though she knew where we were going I was confused. Guys and girls were giving me odd looks. Maybe they could see I was hard? No, my bulge wasnt obvious. What was going on? In retrospect, really nave. I admit it. I should have known what was going on and why everyone was looking at me but I was buzzed and wasnt a fan of the cool movies.

We went down a short hallway and she led me into what was obviously Sarahs room. She led me to a spot near the bed, turned on a lamp, closed the door, and returned to being just a couple inches in front of me. She was a little taller than me so I was looking up at her slightly to meet her gaze.

Before I could ask her what was going on she started kissing me again. But this time she didnt make it that simple. Now her hand was on my crotch and she was rubbing me through my trunks. My cock was painfully hard and I was unbelievably horny. Despite my reservations, and because of my horniness, I couldnt bring myself to tell her to stop. But she did stop even though I couldnt tell her to.

But what she did next was even more complicated. Tori stepped back and dropped to her knees in front of me bringing her head roughly level to my crotch.

Tori&hellip, I said, a plaintive air in my voice as it faded out.

I wanted to ask her to stop, I really did, but I couldnt get my mouth to say what my brain wanted spoken.

Dont say anything she hissed.


She reached up with both of her hands and quickly untied the draw cord of my trunks. She pulled the two sides of my board shorts apart giving them enough slack to fall smoothly to the ground when she let go. And there I was all of a sudden, standing there in just my boxer briefs. She grabbed my hard cock through the thin fabric of my boxer briefs and pumped it up and down as she leaned in and kissed my lower stomach. I swooned. Even though it was through my underwear her hand felt amazing. Nobody had ever played with my cock before. I wanted her to touch my cock so bad.

And my wish was granted. Tori grabbed the waistband of my boxer briefs and pulled it out from my body. And then, in another motion she pulled them down to my ankles leaving my cock out in the air for her to see. My 4.5 cut cock sprouting out of a sparse bush of dark, unruly pubes. It bounced as it left the confines of my underwear.

Nice dick. She said.


I think? Was I glad she liked it? Did I even want her to like it?

For the first time in my young life I experienced someones hand on the bare skin of my erect cock. Im not even sure how to explain what it felt like. Her hand was warm and soft and send tingles up my shaft when she stroked my cock.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of a hand on my cock. Like this it was easy to forget that it was Toris hand and not my first crush, Cameron. He first helped me realize I was attracted to guys when I saw him in gym and in the locker room. He was older than me and it showed. He was tall, muscular, and had shaggy dirty-blond hair. In the locker room it was apparent that though he was only a year older he had the full dick of a man, a beautiful uncut cock that sprouted from a thick bush. Id lusted after him for years. I could see him there, on his knees playing with my cock like a slut.

I felt a hand a hand on my stomach and I was pushed backwards until the back of my legs hit the edge of the bed. I sat down.

I felt the warmth of breath on my head in the split second before Camerons mouth enclosed it. His mouth was so warm and wet. His lips were soft and smooth. It felt amazing to feel his lips slide down my shaft. I thought I was in heaven and couldnt get any better. But he proved me wrong when his tongue swirled around the head and he started to suck on me in earnest.

Casey was right, this was fucking amazing.

With my eyes closed I could see Casey on his knees in front of me. He was sucking on my cock like a pro. His lips felt amazing like I always knew they would. He knew just what to do with his tongue. He knew what I liked. Fucking slut.

Fuck yeah, suck my cock Cameron I moaned, Sooo good.

But he stopped. Why did he stop? His mouth left my cock and his hand stopped massaging my thigh.

And then it hit me and the entire fantasy shattered. Tori had been sucking my cock, not Cameron. I started to go soft.

What? came that shrill, slurred voice. Youre fantasizing about a guy blowing you?

I could feel my boner deflating faster than Id ever thought possible. I sat there, looking at her angrily starting at me. I had no idea how to respond.

And here I thought I was doing a good deed. She said. I could hear the contempt in her voice. You really are a fag.

She stood up quickly and walked out of the room leaving the door wide open and me scrambling to cover my slobber-covered soft cock before anyone walked in. What the fuck had just happened? My head was still foggy from the beer and it was difficult to think straight. Straight! Is that what I was? A girl had just sucked me. I couldnt do this. I had to get out of there. I had to go home.

I pulled up my trunks and walked out of the room. I made a b-line for the front door since I didnt want to talk to anyone. As I emerged from the door it seemed like everyone in the room stopped talking and just stared at me. I could see Casey in a group of people. He, alone of the room looked confused. And he looked concerned. Some of them whispered. Fuck em.

I thought you were a fag? Sarah asked.

Fuck off I muttered angrily as I opened the door and left.

I didnt even bother making the point of slamming the door. I just left it open and walked out of there as fast as I could. My thoughts were clearing from the adrenaline and I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I just wanted to die. She may have been tipsy but Tori knew what she was doing. She knew I was drunk and she took advantage of me.

I was walking, tears in my eyes, feeling like shit, when I heard the sounds of someone running down the street towards me. Just what I needed, a spectator.

Sean! Wait up! It was Casey

I didnt even want to talk to him after what had just happened. I kept walking. If he was really wanting to talk hed catch up.

What the fuck happened back there?

He was now beside me. I guess Id been walking faster than I thought since Casey was having to catch his breath. I stopped under the light of a streetlamp and turned to face him. The fact that Id been crying was evident and I could see it in Caseys face and hear it in his voice.

Are you ok?

I&hellip, I dont know I sobbed. It felt so good and the beer&hellip,

I broke down and started sobbing uncontrollably. Casey guided me over to the edge of the road and helped me sit down on the curb. He sat next to me and held me while I cried. It took a couple of minutes but eventually I calmed down enough that I was able to talk coherently.

She pulled me into the room and I didnt understand. Then she started kissing me and feeling me&hellip, It happened so fast and felt so good. I couldnt say no.

I fell silent and looked down at my feet.

Are you saying she raped you?

No. No! She just sucked on my dick for a bit. I was imagining it was someone else and it felt amazing. I moaned his name and she freaked out, called me a faggot, and left.


He seemed to be at a loss for words and I couldnt blame him.

But it shouldnt have happened. Im gay

I dropped my head into my hands and started sobbing again.

You were drunk. Shit happens. I told you that. We talked about what could happen. I thought you were ok with that?

I thought I might flirt with some guys. Maybe try and kiss a guy. That was it.

Well, we cant always predict whats gonna happen. But we move on.

So the fact that kissing a girl got me hard is something I should just forget? Her sucking my dick is something I should just forget?

I looked up at him hoping he could somehow answer my question in a way that would make everything ok. But he seemed tongue-tied. He looked a little sheepish like he had something to say but didnt know how to say it.

And what if I told you that making out with anyone could make you hard? Even if you werent drunk.

Id say you were fucking with me.

But Im not. Remember when I kissed you?

I thought we werent go-

It got me hard he blurted out. Making out with you got me hard.

It did? I blushed.

He blushed just as much as I did.

Yeah. You were a good kisser. It felt great. I bet kissing you and sucking your dick got Tori wet too.

Ewww. I dont want to think about that.

We grinned at each other. I felt better. We got up and Casey walked with me towards our houses.

Youre not gonna go back to the party?

No. After you left some people started talking shit about you. I told them to go fuck themselves and came to find you. Im done for the night.

He may have been straight but Casey was my knight in shining armor. I hoped hed always be there to come to my rescue.

We walked until we were standing in the street between our houses.

Thanks for cheering me up.

I hope youd do the same for me.

Always. Now, I have to go finish myself. Dont wanna get blue-balled.

He laughed and we headed into our houses.

I brushed my teeth and stripped down before getting in bed. I grabbed my cock and thought about Cameron. I recalled what it felt like having a pair of lips on my cock and started stroking my now-hard cock. Within a minute I came all over my chest. I wiped the cum off my chest with a tissue and was asleep within minutes.

End Chapter 2

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