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Secret Affairs: with my friends son – Part 13

“Hello,” Annie said looking at Adam.

“Hi,” Adam replied and he looked at me.

“He is my friend Rachel’s son, Adam,” I introduced them. “And she is my niece, Annie.”

Annie smiled looking at Adam and they shook hands. Annie had no idea that this young guy was fucking me hard a few minutes before her arrival.

“I should leave now,” Adam said getting up.

“Yeah, let me get my keys,” I said. “Annie, honey, I’m sorry but I have to drop him home. I don’t think he would find a taxi in such a bad weather.”

“It’s okay. Just tell me where my room is?” Annie asked.

“Same one, right next to the stairs,” I said.

“I love that room, thanks,” Annie hugged me. “Nice meeting you, Adam,” Annie said and she went upstairs with her luggage.

I grabbed my keys and came out of the house. Adam followed me to my car and we headed to his house.

“She always surprises me like this. She never informs me when even she comes to see me,” I said talking about Annie.

“I think we were lucky. If she would have come just a few minutes earlier then…” Adam said.

“Yeah,” I agreed with him.

Adam didn’t ask me about Annie but I kept talking about her. Soon we reached Adam’s house. Adam asked me to come inside the house but I told him that, Annie would be waiting for me. Before getting out of the car, Adam quickly kissed me on my lips.

“What? Never do this again. What if your mom or someone else would see us?” I said getting angry with him.

“I’m sorry,” Adam replied and got out of the car.

What I said what right, but the way I said it was wrong. Adam was just showing his love to me, I liked it but I also got scared. Adam was sad because the way I talked to him.

“Bye,” He said slowly and turned to walk inside his house.

“Adam,” I called him.

Adam turned to me and came closer to the car.

“I will call you, bye,” I said, as I looked around and then quickly planted a kiss on his lips.

I smiled, and Adam smiled too. I headed back to my house. Though I did tell Adam that, I would call him, but now I wasn’t sure about it. I reached home and saw Annie preparing something to eat in the kitchen.

“Sorry, I couldn’t welcome you properly,” I said entering in the kitchen.

“It’s okay, Aunt Jennifer,” Annie said pouring some coffee in a cup. “Coffee?” she asked me.

“No, thanks, before you came, I had coffee with…” I said and stopped.

“With, Adam?” Annie finished my sentence.

“Yes,” I replied and we sat down in the living room.

“He is sweet,” Annie said, as she took a sip of her coffee.

“Yes, he is a sweet guy,” I agreed, and remembered how softly Adam was licking my pussy an hour ago.

“Does he have a girlfriend?” Annie asked.

“No,” I replied instantly, “but why are you asking?” I asked.

“Nothing, I’m gonna stay here for a while so I need someone to hang out with,” Annie reminded me that she was here to spend her vacation, a whole month. I didn’t know how Adam and I were going to continue things between us in Annie’s presence. I also didn’t know why I was thinking to spend more time with Adam when I always tried to avoid him.

After a little talk, Annie headed to her room. I kept sitting there in the living room for a couple of more minutes, and then I headed to my bedroom. As I passed Annie’s bedroom I saw her unpacking her bags.

“Let me help you,” I said, as I entered in Annie’s bedroom.

“It’s okay, I can do it,” Annie said, but I grabbed her other bag and started unpacking.

Suddenly I found a solid rod like a thing in Annie’s bag. I picked it out and it was a huge nine inches red dildo. I was shocked to see that and Annie’s face turned red with embarrassment.

“Um… It’s okay,” I said looking at Annie. “You don’t need to be embarrassed about it,” I said and handed the dildo to Annie.

“I… sometimes…” Annie started giving me explanation about her huge dildo.

“It’s okay,” I said and stopped unpacking her stuff, “I have one too, but not as big as this one,” I said.

“Aunt Jennifer,” Annie again felt embarrassed.

“Umm… okay, I will be in my room if you need anything,” I said and left Annie’s room.

Annie and I faced each other again at the dining table. We were not talking much. I didn’t know what to say, and Annie might have been still feeling a little awkward about me finding her dildo.

“How is your mom?” I started the talk.

“Good,” she replied.

“How is the dinner?” I asked.

“Very delicious,” Annie replied looking at me, and she smiled.

After the dinner, Annie offered to help me in cleaning the dishes, but I asked her to go to her room and rest. While cleaning the dishes I was again thinking about Adam. I tried hard but I couldn’t stop thinking about how I sucked his cock, today.

I was getting horny thinking about Adam’s cock. Adam did fuck me three times today, but still I wanted more. I wanted to cum again. I cleaned the dishes quickly and headed to my bedroom. Lights of Annie’s room were off, she might have had been feeling very tired and had gone to sleep.

I locked the door of my room, took off my clothes and then jumped into my bed. I quickly grabbed my glass dildo and just slid it deep in my pussy.

“Oh, Adam,” I moaned. “I love your cock. I wish if you could be with me right now,” I moaned but tried to keep it low, as I wasn’t alone in the house, Annie was in the next room.

“I never loved anyone else’s cock this much. I want to suck your cock, Adam,” I moaned to excite myself more.

The images of Adam fucking my mouth, pussy and ass in my mind were helping me to get more wet and horny, but it wasn’t enough for me. I stopped for a minute and took a deep breath. Suddenly I saw my cell phone next to me on the bed. I grabbed it and after spending one more minute thinking if I should do it or not, I finally called Adam.

“Hey,” Adam instantly picked up the phone and replied. I could feel how excited and happy he was to get a call from me.

“Hi,” I replied. “You haven’t gone to sleep?” I asked but in a little seductive tone.

“No,” he replied slowly.

“I also couldn’t sleep,” I said.

“What are you doing?” Adam asked.

First, I thought to tell him that I was lying in my bed trying to sleep, but then I told him the truth.

“I’m naked lying in my bed, and I’m playing with the glass toy I have,” I said like, I was trying to seduce Adam over the phone.

From the very beginning, I had been trying not to get involved with Adam much, but day by day, I was just falling for him.

“Really, and Annie…?” Adam asked.

“She is in her room, sleeping,” I said. “Hmmm… this feels good,” I moaned rubbing the glass dildo between my wet folds. I did it on purpose hoping that Adam would ask me about what I was doing.

“What feels good? What are you doing, Jennifer?” Adam asked, as I had hoped.

I thought to tell him exactly what I was doing, but then I thought why not make it dirtier and just show him. I quickly turned on the lights of my room and clicked a picture of my pussy with my glass dildo half inside my sweet love hole. I sent the picture to Adam.

“I have sent you a picture to show you what exactly I’m doing,” I said, “And I’m doing this thinking about you.” I finished my sentence with a seductive tone.

“Oh fuck, you just made my cock so hard,” I heard Adam’s voice after few seconds.

“How hard?” I asked. I was again lying on my back and rubbing the glass dildo over my pussy.

“Very hard, and I wish If I could slid it deep inside your wet pussy,” Adam replied.

I imagined him sliding his cock in my wet hole and moaned for him over the phone.

“You talk very dirty,” I said, “Show me how hard it is?” I said.

Adam didn’t reply a word after that but after a few seconds I received a message from him. ‘This hard, and I love you’. I read the message and opened the image, which was attached to the message. It was a picture of Adam’s cock. It was hard like an iron rod. I imagined myself riding that hard cock of Adam’s.

“So beautiful, I love your cock, Adam,” I replied. “You know what, I should have given you a pair of panties or bra of mine to masturbate thinking of me,” I said.

“That would have been so hot,” Adam replied quickly.

“Next time when we will meet take my panties or bra, whatever you like,” I said.

“I want both,” Adam replied and I laughed.

“Okay, I will give you both,” I said. “Are you stroking it?” I asked.

“No, but I want to,” Adam replied.

“Do it,” I said again in a seductive tone. “Stroke it thinking about me,” I guided him.

“Are you pushing that glass dildo deep in your pussy?” Adam said.

“Yes, it is half inside my wet hole,” I said, “I’m so fucking wet, Adam.”

“Oh, Jennifer,” I heard Adam’s moan, “I’m stroking my cock thinking about fucking your beautiful tits,” he said.

“Oh yeah…” I moaned. “I wish I had a big nine inches dildo like Annie have to grab between my boobs right now,” I said.

“Annie has a nine inches dildo?” Adam was a little surprised to know that.

“Yes, what happened? Are you thinking about Annie playing with that nine inches dildo?” I asked.

“Are you fucking kidding me? I have a picture of your pussy and I’m just thinking about fucking you by bending you over the couch, just like I did today,” Adam said.

“Hmm… yes, that’s what I want to hear, Adam,” I moaned. “I want you to stroke your cock thinking about fucking me really hard, and then send me a picture of your cum,” I was getting dirtier with Adam. I had totally forgotten that he was my friend’s son.

“Oh, Jennifer,” Adam moaned. He must be stroking his cock really hard and fast. “And I want you to pull out that smooth glass dildo out of your pussy, lick it, taste your own cum and then put it back in your sweet wet hole,” Adam commanded me.

“Hmm… yes,” I moaned, “I’m… sucking the dildo,” I said as I really sucked the dildo and tasted my own cum.

“I’m going to cum, Jennifer,” Adam said.

“Yes, Adam, please stroke it harder and then cum all over my pussy,” I said pussy because he had a picture of my pussy.

“Oh fuck yes,” Adam groaned. “Ah, shit.”

I could hear Adam’s heavy breathing.

“Yes, all over my pussy,” I said as I kept stroking the glass dildo in my pussy.

After a few seconds, I received one more picture from Adam. I opened it and I licked my lips when I saw the cum coming out of Adam’s cock. He had his one hand wrapped around his hard shaft and some cum had landed on her hand, too.

“Hmm… looks so yummy, I wish if I could lick it all,” I said.

“Are you coming to cum, too?” Adam asked.

“Yes, I’m close,” I replied as I kept fucking my pussy with my dildo.

“Fuck your pussy, Jennifer. I wish if I could just eat your pussy and make you cum all over my face,” Adam said.

“Yes, Oh fuck, I’m cumming,” I said, and then I moaned a little louder.

“I can hear your breathing, Jennifer. You must be cumming hard,” Adam said.

“Ah, yes. Yes, I’m cum… I’m cumming really hard all over my dildo,” I said trying to catch my breath.

“I’m hard, again,” Adam said. It made me want to go to his house and sit on his cock, taking it deep in my ass.

“Oh fuck, Adam,” I said, “Don’t waste your cum, again. Now you would be cumming in my mouth,” I said.

“Okay, when are we going to see each other?” Adam asked. He was excited to know that I wanted to meet him, and fuck him.

“I will tell you tell you later,” I said. “Now I’m feeling sleepy. You should go to sleep, too.”

“Okay, good night,” Adam said and he put down the phone.

Oh fuck, what have I just done? I asked myself. I was also happy that I had found a new way to get dirty with my friend’s son, Adam. I got out of the bed, cleaned my pussy and the dildo. I then went to sleep.

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