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Service or pleasure?

I was looking forward to sharing this story from yesterday afternoon in Moncton. I met this older fellow in a public washroom. Although I know he was nervous, it was him who opened his stall door showing off his stiff un-cut cock, and I couldn’t help but go down on him.
Looking up at him letting his glistening cock slip from my lips I asked if he knew of a better place for us to go. Out in the hallway he had me follow him to a handicap washroom where we had much more room. I had my jacket off, my jeans to the floor; my belt removed, now my sweeter and t-shirt removed; so naked from below my knees to the tip of my skull. Curly chest for him to play with and his hot fore-skinned prick deep in my mouth. Me sucking and working that stiffening cheesy, heady dick; licking up and down, now playing with his hairy balls, licking and slurping and he, pumping wildly.
Now I stand. Allowing the glistening red tipped dick shine. His beautifully shaped wet shiny dick head, glistening; a rubbery like ring preventing the foreskin from recovering the glistening helmet. I, hoping he would return the favour; but instead he simply provides me with an expertly expressive hand job. He licks his fingers, keeping me well lubed, but still, just jacking me with the talent of someone who has jacked off many, many hours on his own. Expert and well trained.
Even with my gentle encouragement I knew he wasn’t going to go down on me, so what the fuck. I am back on him, hoping for a glorious load. I sucked him lovingly. Up and down, licking the base, the veiny bottom, sucking his hairy balls, back onto that stiff rod and deep funky foreskin. Keeping the head exposed as I lick and play the folds of his velvety foreskin.
Now I turn him around; bend him over and shove my face deep into his ass cheeks, licking his dark rubbery folds. Now he is reeling. Turning him around once more, and me giving it to him, up and down, deep into my throat; now slobbering on his juicy dick. Pumping him, encouraging him. His head slumped back, his body in spasm and now moaning as I feel the first of his massive explosions. I did my damnest to try and keep all his milky fluid in my mouth, I know some was drooling onto his exposed ua under garment. He keeps cumming; and I hold him in this passion until his cock virtually goes limp as I lick the retracting tip.
I stand now, I gently approach, he unknowingly and virtually automatically bends closer, close enough for our mouths to gently touch…. And I explode the mouthful of spunk into his mouth. He tries to retreat in disgust, it is dripping from his mouth. I have the biggest smile, he finds it hard to be pissed off; he simply tries to wipe the jizz from his mouth. What he doesn’t see and I do, and do not let on is that he had almost a half an ounce of glistening white spunk dripping down the left side of his mouth into his beard. I would have kissed and licked it off before he left me, but he just walked out. Leaving me with what must have been the silliest shit faced grin on my face…… love it.
Looking forward to what you folks think….

Updated: December 17, 2016 — 1:35 am
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