Free sex stories : Black Repairman Services my Wife

Free sex stories My wife, Lynn, and I had just moved into a small house that needed a few repairs. We recently graduated from college and I had managed to find a decent accounting job, but she was struggling to find work. Lynn is 23 with a petite body, 5’2” and about 110lbs. She looks incredible in a sundress and doesn’t need to, Free sex stories nor does she ever, wear a bra. I am just an average guy, 5’8” with a slim build and not much to look at. I know I married above my status, but hey, we were in love. Free sex stories

We had a great sex life and wanted to make sure we kept it that way. We didn’t want to become one of those missionaries only, once a month couples we’ve read about. We incorporated some fantasy and role-playing into our lovemaking to keep things exciting as we began our marriage.

Lynn liked to be tied up and played with, and I was more than happy to indulge her. Another fantasy we share is that of another man fucking her. We would often talk of her being tied up and left for someone to find her and fuck her brains out. Of course, this was all fantasy until the water heater broke and the repairman showed up earlier than expected.

I had set up for the repairman to show up at 2:00 PM to replace our water heater. Lynn and I had been partying the night before and were too tired for sex when we got home. I had woken up early and was in the other bedroom, we call a den, reading stories and looking at porn when I heard the shower start. My five-inch dick was hard, so I decided to have a little fun with her when she got out.

Lynn just finished toweling off her naked body when I playfully grabbed her, took her into the bedroom and flung her on the bed. I pinned her hands over her head and she lustily responded to my passionate kisses. Our tongues wrestled for a couple of minutes before I reached under the mattress and grabbed the wrist harness. She knew what was coming and half-heartedly struggled, but I managed to get both wrists bound. Then, I eased each leg apart one-by-one and attached her ankles to the harness.

The eye mask as in my nightstand and I covered her eyes with it and put our favorite playlist on the iPod and placed the noise canceling earbuds in her ears. I began to lovingly kiss and lick her body from head to toe, avoiding the obvious erogenous zones. Lynn squirmed and writhed, trying to get my affections where she wanted, but I was having none of that. This was going to be a long tease.

I walked out to the kitchen to gather some play gear, ice, wood spoon, hot tea, honey etc. As I unloaded my pleasure pack in the bedroom, I heard an old truck pull into the driveway. My loungewear did nothing to hide my raging hard-on, so I threw on a robe to cover up.

I opened the door just as the repairman came around the corner. The name “Otis” was embroidered on his denim shirt and he stuck out his calloused hand to great me. Otis was a decent looking black man, about 6 foot tall and obviously had taken care of his body his whole life I figured him to be around 65-70 from the grey hair adorning his head.

“Nam’s Otis. Ya called ‘bout a broken water heater?”

“I finished with my last job early, so I figured I’d pop on over an see whatcha got.”

“Come on in Otis. The heater’s in the basement.”

My heart sank as we walked by the open bedroom door. My wife lay there, tied buck-assed naked to the bed with her wet pussy on full display.

“Whatcha got in here?” Otis exclaimed as he pushed by me into our bedroom.

“I, uh…I, ummm…well.” I stammered like an idiot.

“That’s a fine piece of white girl ya got tied up there,” Otis said grinning from ear to ear.

“Mind if I get a closer look?”

I don’t know why he asked, he was already next to her noticing her predicament, bound and senseless. Lynn about jumped off the bed when his rough hand touched her breast. The smell of Old Spice and the texture of his hand ensured there was no doubt it wasn’t me fondling my helpless wife.

“HEY! You can’t,” I meekly interjected.

“Hey noth’n, muthafucker!” “You can’t tell me you didn’t want this to happen.” Otis interrupted.

“Now sit yer ass down an’ take some notes or sumthi’n.’

I have no idea why I complied with this older black man, who I knew was about to fuck my wife, maybe the bl**d loss from my raging hard-on didn’t help.

Otis continued his assault on my wife’s fantastic tits, squeezing them and pulling on her nipples. The contrast skin tone was striking and it fueled my lust. I wanted to see him fuck her, I needed to at that point. He bent over and sucked hard on her nipple as his thick rough fingers found her freshly waxed love box.

“Damn, this white pussy is wetter than an otter’s pocket.”

Another man’s finger slid into my wife for the first time since our marriage. She was writhing back and forth enjoying the ministrations of her helpless body.

“Oh, I gotta get me a taste of that sweet peach.” He said, with a bit of spittle in the corner of his mouth.

Otis kicked off his work boots, unbuckled his overalls and removed his shirt. I was shocked at the bulge bursting through his tighty whities. He climbed between my wife’s legs and she arched up her hips to meet his mouth. She was enjoying this.

After a few minutes of sucking on her pussy, Otis exclaimed, “Oh yeah, she’s gonna love this black cock!”

“She’s so tight, you couldn’t pull a needle outta there with a tractor.”

“You must have a tiny dick, son.”

“Come on over here and see what’s gonna ruin this little bitch.”

I got up, as if in a trance, and walked over to the bed.

“Reach in there and pull ole Otis Jr. out.”

I did as commanded and reached into his underwear. The monster I pulled out made me scared for the safety of my petite wife. It was by far the largest, gnarliest cock I had ever seen. I held this old man’s heavily veined, hard as steel cock in my hand for a long moment.

“Go head lube it up with your sweet mouth and put it in her for me, son. You can clean me up later after I fuck your wife silly.”

Still, in a lust driven craze, I leaned forward and touched my tongue to the pre-cum pooling in his piss hole. My tongue had a mind of its own and swirled around the plum sized head. I eased down his shaft until the tip hit the back of my throat. My mouth must have been watering because the amount of saliva I deposited was more than enough to lube him up.

My hand was shaking as I aimed his monster dick at my wife’s silken hole. With my spit, his pre-cum and the copious amounts lubricant she was producing, the head slowly invaded her love tunnel. They both moaned, but I barely heard over my groan. I could almost feel what he was doing to my lovely wife. Her velvety folds stretched around the purple, spongy, head of his penis, no the head of his cock. This was a cock! Otis pushed me away and took command, accepting my complete submission.

“Undo her hands and feet, son.” He demanded and I followed.

Once free, my loving wife immediately wrapped her arms and legs around him, pulling him deeper than I had ever been.

He pulled the mask off her eyes and said, “I want her to see what she’s getting.” Lynn didn’t seem to care that this black man was older than her father and locked her lips with his.

His nine inches of man meat f***ed its way to the back of her vaginal wall and pressed against her delicate cervix. He still had a couple of inches to go but pulled out to where the ridge of his head was just starting to reappear. Then he shoved back in, causing Lynn to yelp and jump. He slowly pulled out and then violently thrust back in. This continued for several minutes, tormenting my wife.

His massive bull-like testicle began a steady slap, slap, slap on her ass. My sweet, petite, innocent little wife began to murmur obscenities that I’d never heard her say before.

“Fuck me you son-of-a-bitch!”

“Make me your white whore.”

“Oh Fuck, yes, right there, YES, OOOOOH GOD. I’M CUMMING!”

The orgasm that crashed into her was more intense than anything I had ever produced. Her entire body quaked and for the first time, a frothy liquid gushed from her and covered the black invader. Otis didn’t slow down. His body glowed with sweat as it began to drip off his chin.

The old stud had the impressive stamina and he kept plowing into her. He pushed her knees up to her chest and drove his entire member into her.

I panicked and screamed, “WAIT! He’s not wearing a condom!”

‘I don’t care, cum inside me.’ Lynn pleaded.

Too late anyway, his ass clenched as he shot his potent seed deep into my wife’s unprotected womb. Spurt after spurt blasted into her. Lynn clawed at his flanks and held him deep inside her as another powerful orgasm racked her body.

Otis collapsed on top of her and once again, I was struck by the beautiful contrast of their skin.

“Come here, you gonna wanna see this.”

I took a position where I could see his member still buried in my wife. Her pussy gripped him as he slowly slid out. His massive tool caused havoc on her pussy, which was swollen, crimson red and hanging open. It started as a slow trickle and then began to gurgle as cum poured out of her pussy.

“Get on in there, son. Clean yo bitch up.”

I moved to her and tentatively stuck my tongue into the sticky mess. Surprisingly the taste didn’t revolt me. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed the salty mixture of their juices and began sucking in earnest. I swallowed glob after sticky glob as fast as I could.

“That’s ‘nough. Now get over here and clean me off.”

Lynn looked on fascinated, as I took his semi-soft black cock into my mouth. I licked and sucked his dick until he was satisfied it was clean. Then he grabbed his black hose and presented his nuts for cleaning, which I gladly went to work on.

“Damn son, you really like this.” “When I was younger, I would be ready for round two, but I gotta get going.”

With that, he got dressed and left my wife and me to figure out what just happened.

I stripped and climbed between her legs. My five-inch engorged and straining penis looked cute compared to the ugly monster that had just defiled my wife. I gently entered her sore pussy and tried to get off. She has so stretched out I could barely get enough friction but managed to cum in just a few quick strokes.

I immediately dropped to clean out my huge load, but I was disappointed at the small amount of semen that I sucked from her pussy.

“OMG, that was amazing. How did you know I would go for something like that?” She questioned

“I guess I just know you that well.” I lied.

“I’ve got something to tell you.” Lynn softly said.

“You know how we’ve been talking about having k**s?”

My heart sank.

“I stopped taking the pill about one month ago. Why didn’t you make him wear a condom?”

I didn’t have an answer and hoped that sperm got old and couldn’t make the journey to her eggs in time. We’ll just have to wait and see.

“Hey, let’s go take a hot shower’

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