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Showing Her What I Can Do

I’ve been watching you, flirting with you, but you have been resistant. I could tell you had thoughts about me, but did not have the courage to show your cards. I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands this time.

I knew you were working late and figured I could slip in and take my shot. I walked into the building, thinking to myself… she is yours, just go after her. I would like to act as though I have all the confidence in the world, but like others, I have my doubts. I didn’t see anyone as I strolled in, great news.

I opened the door to your office and caught you by surprise, you turned quickly. I put a finger up to my mouth… shhhhh. I whispered to you, “Just lean back in your chair and relax”

You were nervous, but played along. I lifted up your skirt as I began to kiss your thighs, slowly moving closer to your sweet spot. You are resistant, but you give in and spread your legs.

I can feel the heat coming from you, my teeth lightly biting your thigh as I move in. I take a second to examine you, and then lift your legs up on the arm rests of your chair. I spread your slit, while my lips kiss your clit and my fingers spread your lips

You can feel my tongue slowly penetrate you, it slides slowly up your slit. I continue this while I hear you moan. I’m taking my time, trying to build things up for you, I want you to explode and make sure you don’t forget this anytime soon. You feel my tongue press deeper insider of you

I feel your juices start to flow, I press in deeper to taste you.

I smile and pick up the pace, you feel my lips engulf your clit. I’m looking up at you, and occasionally I catch you glance down at me before your eyes roll back in your head.

I start sucking your clit harder, and then moving my tongue inside of you while my teeth tease your clit, moving back quickly between the two. I can feel your hips moving, you are moaning and telling me, “Fuck! Don’t stop what you are doing!”

You are dying to fuck my face, your hips are pushing into me and I’m pushing right back

Updated: December 21, 2016 — 11:12 pm
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