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Simple Pleasure After Work

She smiled back and nodded, ‘Well shall we?’ He nodded and apparated them back to their room. ‘Saves more time,’ he said with a smile then kissed her passionately, dipping his tongue into her open mouth to duel with hers. She made a noise of assent while pushing him gently towards their bed. He wrapped his arms around her waist and walked backwards and fell as his knees caught on the edge of the bed, bring her down on top of him.

She got up and said, ‘You stay there.’ She pulled back to the middle of the room as he sat up and watched. She dropped the robe from her shoulders showing off her work uniform underneath, knee length grey plaid skirt, white oxford blouse, and tie. Slowly undoing the bow in the tie she let it hang as she started unbuttoning her blouse, teasingly pulling it open with each button.

The bulge in his pants grew and visibly jumped when her blue and white lace demi-bra was revealed, cupping her perfect C cup breasts. Pulling the blouse from the waistband of the skirt she left it gaping open as she unzipped the side of the pleated skirt. With the button at the top popped the skirt fell to the floor. The matching panties were a g-string that he knew drove her wild, making her giggle in her office when the other witches and wizards thought she was as proper as a saint.

The blouse followed the skirt to the floor finally and she turns, giving him a view of her backside. Reaching up she tugs her long fall of hair over her shoulder before unhooking her bra and letting it fall to the floor. The only thing left on was the thigh high white stockings and g-string.

Bent at her waist she slowly started rolling the stockings off, one leg at a time as she gave him a great view of her taught rounded ass. With the loss of the stockings she turned and pulled the g-string off, revealing a bare glistening pussy.

She came back to the bed, panties still in her hand to trail up his body before tossing them to one side. She straddled him as she started pulling his clothes off, the shirt tearing. Buttons went flying and she tugged the sleeves down his arms. Soon they were both naked, his clothes in need of repairs on the floor by hers.

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