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Sky Gets What She Wants

“Sky?” You hear him calling from the corridor.


“Aren’t you coming?” he asks with a hint of mischief in his voice.

What? No way in hell. There is no way that he is inviting you to shower with him. It’s a prank. It has to be. Or maybe you misunderstood or misheard or something.

“Coming where?” you ask, hoping he gives you an answer which counters your low expectations.

“To shower with me. Where else?” he asks, almost shocked by the notion that you would want to be anywhere but there.

Your mind goes into a state of utter shock. All those fantasies you’ve had of him touching you, feeling you, pushing inside of you , are about to become reality. You can almost feel the serotonin in your brain being releasing in millions as the notion slowly starts to sink in. You’re ready. You can do this. More importantly, you WANT to do this.

You decide to let your seductive side out, and take off your clothes leaving nothing but your panties and bra on. Luckily, you’re wearing your sexy underwear that day. The black and red lace bra, which pushes your breasts out a little bit too much, in a good way of course. And your black underwear, which possibly has the ability to send men into a state of utter hunger if seen worn by you.

You walk over to the bathroom, deciding on the things you want to do to him, when he opens the door wide open.

The look he gives you is unbelievable. His eyes widen at the sight of you, as he scans every area of your body with complete lust and desire. A small smile starts growing on his face.

“You’re stunning,” he says with a wink.

“Thank you,” you reply suddenly feeling a bit shy. You feel your cheeks burning up a bit as you blush.

“I wanted to be the one to strip every layer of clothing off of you with my teeth, but that’s okay. This is so worth it.”

 “Get in the fucking bathroom, Dimitri. Right now.”

“God, you’re sexy.”

The bathroom is quaint. It’s painted white, and it’s quite vast. The odor of aftershave and men’s deodorant crawls its way up your nose, and sends a tingling sensation down your back.

‘So, are you going to take my clothes off or am I going to have to do that myself?”

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