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Sleeping In The Meadow

In a small town of only three thousand people it wasn’t a challenge to find out the details of your neighbors life. The where, the when, the who. It was a blessing and a curse, as a kid I could never get away with anything, and I never had to keep a secret that was just too juicy to withhold. So, it was no surprise to me when I heard about the arriving of Charli Rioux.

Hearing it from my mama, also the eyes and ears of our town being the clerk in our only local grocery store, ‘She has a sharp mouth,’ Mama said in her nasally voice, ‘ I asked her where she was comin’ from and she said from heaven, smilin’ ear to ear like she thought it was cute! But you know me, Zander, I held my tongue like always.. She said she moved up top of that hill in that old house up there with her mama, she said her grandmama owned it when she was alive, she said she come here with her mama, her mama looked white but she didn’t, she looked like some type of mixed breed. Her hair was long, wild and curly but it had a dirty blonde tinge to it! And she had freckles all over her! Like some type of human cheetah! But she was a pretty young thang, I’ll give her that. I ain’t seen eyes that pretty since my mama died.’

Thinking about the description mama gave me about this girl, I just knew I had to see her. If a description of a person can be that beautiful then there’s no telling just how breathe-taking Miss. Charli Rioux truly was. I had to meet her. I stared out into the sky daydreaming of my first encounter with Charli, a part of me was nervous, but another part of me felt as if we were destined. I felt as if I was being drawn to her, like a moth to a flame.

Mama’s voice broke me out of my spell.

‘Boy! Don’t make me have to pick a switch on you! Take these groceries up that hill to the Rioux’s and don’t make me have to tell you not another time!’

I snatched the bag and trotted out of the the store, this was my chance! I couldn’t get up that hill fast enough, once I got to the door of the huge wooden house I had realized I hadn’t taken a breathe the entire way up here. I took a minute to catch my breath and eagerly knocked on the door. After about thirty seconds of waiting I began to knock again when the door loudly creaked open.

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