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sl**p-In For Daddy ch 4 to 5

Chapter 4

She had snuggled up to him, her long, slender body more extended than
his own, yet Jerry didn't feel small anymore; he had the length of his
prick to make up for any differences in size. Besides, he loved every
inch of that lush and lovely body, its slender yet shapely legs, the
high, firm tits, and most of all, his mother's impossibly beautiful
pussy, so rich and deep and clinging. That treasure was precious as the
curls of golden hair that shielded it, softer than eiderdown, slippery
as come itself, and Jerry adored it.

He murmured into the muskiness of her perfumed hair, “I might have
thought that was dirty, before. Going off into your mouth like that.
But now I don't; it made me feel like I was loved more than – ever,
better than ever, because you wanted me to squirt it down your throat.”

She rubbed the erect nipples of her fine breasts into his hairless
chest and slid the dewy mound of her elegant cunt along one of Jerry's
thighs. “I wanted to drink your semen,” she said. “Now it's in my
stomach, where it will be digested and pass into my bl**dstream. That
way, a vital part of you will always be a part of me.”

Sticky against her belly, his cockhead throbbed in response; it was a
beautiful, sensuous thing for her to say, and it thrilled Jerry to
think of it like that.

His mother went on, her voice throaty, as if it had been oiled. “The
first time I did that to your father, I thought he was going to climb
the wall. It was right after we were married, and of course, you
weren't here yet. I might have already been pregnant with you, though;
the pill wasn't around, and we never bothered with rubbers or anything
like that. Your dad and I were only interested in fucking as often and
as long as we could. I guess that's when he realized I wasn't the shy
girl bride, because I had to learn how to eat cock from someone. So
after I drained his balls that flrst time, I admitted that I had been
fucking since I was thirteen years old, but only with one man. Man, not
another k**, because the guy who took my cherry was my uncle. He was
about forty then, and a real horny lover. Uncle Harry taught it all to
me, just as I'm showing you now, darling. I loved every minute of those
instructions, and my father never knew just why I was so close to his
b*****r, or why I cried so much when he moved away.”

Jerry cupped his mother's tits, fingering the stiff nipples and trying
to picture her as a young girl, but the image wouldn't quite come
through. He said, “So your uncle showed you how to suck him off, and
all that. Wasn't dad jealous, when you told him?”

She stroked her flngernails teasingly down over the cheeks of his ass
and said, “No; maybe he was a little shaken up, but we were a really
good sexual match, and after we talked it over, we agreed to allow each
other to have whatever outside screwing we felt we needed. It's worked
out wonderfully, and now – it's better than ever before, because here
we are, mother and son, lovers; and we don't have to try and hide the
fact from your father.”

Jerry's prick hadn't sagged a bit; it was still hard and pulsing, and
he was happy it stayed that way, so his darling mother could have all
she wanted. And he had another idea: if his mom could go down on him,
if she could suck him off and swallow his juice, wasn't there some way
for him to do as much for her, give her the same kind of wildly
exciting thrill she had made for him? He wanted to; he wanted to make
her wiggle and twist and hump it up at him. He had tasted the sweet
flavors of her tits, sucked on them happily, and now he needed to know
all the rich flavors of her entire body, from one end to the other.

“Mom,” he said into the base of her ivory throat, “I'm going to do it
to you now, but I don't know how. You'll have to tell me when I'm doing
something wrong.”

She patted his ass. “You won't have any major trouble, baby; not a sexy
young stud like you. But your mother will guide you. Take your time,
darling – go over me little by little, sort of the way I did to you,
doing whatever you want to with your mouth and lips and tongue. And
remember, Jerry, that a woman always likes to be caressed, to be
stroked and fondled.”

Jerry nibbled into the dusky valley between her uptilted breasts,
tasting the exotic flavorings of her silken skin, licking there as he
breathed in his mother's warm scent. Cupping one lush tit, he went to
work on the other one, running his tongue all the way around the ripe
globe before centering attention upon the quivering little faucet where
he had fed as a baby.

Sucking blissfully there for a while, he massaged the other breast with
his right hand, while his left hand strayed up and down the graceful
length of her hip and thigh. Then he opened his mouth wide and tried to
pull his mom's entire tit into his distended lips.

He could feel the pulsing of her body beneath his own, the subtle
tremblings and gentle, anticipatory squirmings, and the bulging staff
of his swollen prick rubbed into the humid thatch of her mound. Jerry
took his time; there was no need to hurry, no over anxious urgency
driving him to get rid of the load of semen in his balls. She was here
for him, spread for him, ready for anything he wanted from her, and
what he wanted most right now was to make her moan in ecstasy.

Switching to the other breast, Jerry loved it with his mouth and
tongue, knowing a sensation of being a baby, a flashback to the time
when he was an infant and drawing life-giving milk from this nipple. He
wished she still had milk to give him, and his hands slid teasingly
over her hips, her rib cage, the slightly arched planing of her white

“You used to bite my tit,” she breathed huskily. “Sometimes I had to
pry your mouth loose from the nipple, because you made it so sore. Back
then, I never had the faintest idea that my lovely son would be sucking
my breast as a young-man, never even dreamed that you would be pressing
such a huge, beautiful prick against my tummy.”

Jerry moved slowly away from the plush melons, licking down her rib
cage, and over to one side. Acting upon an impulse, he nibbled up to
her lifted arm and darted his tongue into the shaven armpit, lapping it
around while his mother wriggled and gasped at the erotic shock.
Somehow, his hand had found and cupped the mound of her torrid pussy,
and she surged the vulva against his palm.

He was shaking now, his cockhead swollen and eager, but Jerry reminded
himself of his primary objective, turning his mom on and gratifying her
with his mouth. Besides, he was very excited at the idea of getting his
mouth down there into the gorgeous brush between her sinuous thighs,
placing his lips and tongue where his prick had been. His father had
already been there, he was certain, and maybe some of the other guys
his mom had been swinging with.

At her flexing belly, he bathed the tender flesh with his tongue, and
found the dimple of her navel. Corkscrewing his tongue into the shallow
valley, he tickled her there while her hips rocked hungrily, and she
began to arch her back so that the golden treasure of her steamy cunt
lifted to him.

Jerry licked slowly around the edges of her pubic thatch, learning the
sensation of those soft and delicate hairs against his tongue and
discovering the rich scents of his mother's pussy. He was drooling when
at last he buried his face into that inviting mattress, and she lifted
her knees, bent them as her polished thighs spread wide to give him

Her ass cheeks were warm and firm in his hands, rolling in his palms as
Jerry nuzzled into the thick hairing of her mound, as his probing
tongue found the slick, hot sweetness of her labia. His mom's pussy
lips were delicious, and Jerry lapped at them like a puppy at a water
dish on a hot summer day, making thirsty, slurping noises.

Tasting of honey, of a thrilling and exotic musk, the very essence of
woman, her pussy rolled and quivered against his lips. With a heartfelt
sigh, Jerry opened his mouth wide and thrust his exploring tongue
between the slippery lips, plunged it deeply into the satin depths of
her vagina, reaching as far up the wet hole as he could, and her labia
ground against his teeth.

“Oh darling,” she gasped, “that's it! That's just the way to go about
it, baby – move your tongue in and out, as if it was a little prick;
feel all around inside your mommy's cunt with it. Ahh – ahh yes, Jerry;
curl it when you bring it up, wiggle it -“

Holding to the cheeks of her sleek and twisting ass, he did as she
commanded, enjoying the flavor of her vibrant snatch, sucking in the
flow of her love oils. Then he was at it without instructions,
burrowing his mouth deeply, then sucking furiously at her pussy lips
until he had pulled them inside out into his mouth, opening up his
mother's fantastic cunt like an orange.

She pumped her crotch into his face, and her ass began to whip from
side to side as her belly made eager waves. He felt the exciting
pressure of her smooth thighs against his head, felt the wrapping of
her legs as she drew them around his shoulders and down his back.
Angela ground her cunt into his mouth, thrust the sweet fury of it
against his teeth, bucking and heaving.

“M – my clit!” she panted. “Baby boy – darling – reach your tongue up
higher – higher – feel around with it until you can flnd a bump –
there; there! Oohh, darling – oh, you marvelous little cunt eater –
suck on it, tickle my clitoris with your tongue – eat your mother's
cunt, you horny little pussy hound – eat me!”

He devoured her, chewing at her cunt lips and ramming his tongue
against the leaping little nubbin that was the center of her passions.
He plumbed the depths of her fluctuating snatch and sucked on her; his
mother's thighs clamped his head harder, and Jerry felt her roll her
upper body toward him, felt her flngers digging into his hair as she
tried to shove his entire head up into her inflamed pussy.

Clinging to the writhing cheeks of her maddened ass, he ate blissfully,
sucked happily, plunging his tongue in and out and circling it around.
She thrust strongly against him, smearing her hot juices over his
cheeks and chin, straining her groin against his nose, and his mom's
entire body went taut as a bow-string.

“I'm coming,” she grated. “Oh baby, you're eating your mother's pussy
and making her come – COME!”

Her juices were sugared, delightful, and Jerry drank them down,
swallowing eagerly as his mom pumped her cunt into his mouth, as her
heels pounded a tattoo against his lower back. He almost came with her,
damned near gushed semen onto the bed, because it was so good, so
thrilling to be able to bring her such rapture, to make her gasp and
squirm in the throes of a tremendous orgasm.

Maybe it was even better for her because he was her son, Jerry thought,
because he had crawled out of the very snatch he was sucking upon now.
He knew that no other woman's pussy could ever be as sweet for him,
that this very special, very precious cunt was the ultimate in sexual
gratification for him, even though he had never tried another one.

Angela fell back upon the bed, her thighs going loose and trembling as
the tidal wave of her climax subsided. Jerry kept licking at her pussy,
not driving so deeply now, but just tickling the succulent lips and
reveling in their buttery wetness. His cock swelled harder, a fresh
supply of jism building powerfully within his replenished balls, and at
last he lifted his dripping face to stare closely at the feverish
labia, at the hairy slot now gaping slightly open in its relaxed

Remembering what she had done to him, he kissed a slow and tantalizing
path back up her belly, but this time, he didn't pause at her tits,
going directly to her mouth instead. Driving his greasy tongue between
her lips, he fed his mom the tastes of her own pussy lubricants, and
she sucked greedily at them.

But when Jerry began to probe for her hairy gash with the puffy head of
his aching cock, Angela pulled away. “A different style for both of us
this time, baby,” she promised, “one I think you're going to like very
much. I'll have to ask you to be gentle, though; the size of that cock
might be difficult for me to take, but we'll see how it works out.”

Pushing gently at his chest, she urged him off her long, slender body,
and he sat up on his folded knees, wondering what else she could
possibly have in store for him. He watched her turn over, saw her
lifting herself to her hands and knees as she presented the cunningly
shaped mounds of her burnished ass to him.

“Not the asshole,” she murmured, looking back under one arm at him. “I
could never take your gigantic prick there without being split. But you
can work your cockhead up into my pussy from behind.”

Jerry stared at the intriguing picture, her veed thighs and the
appetizing hillocks of her sleek ass, the golden bush of her snatch
looking different when viewed from that angle, but no less exciting. He
crawled to her, reaching out with trembling hands to stroke her ass, to
run his fingers down the outside of her smooth thighs and up along the
inner shapings. Her cunt hair felt damp and hot against his knuckles.

Taking his stiff rod in one hand, he bent the flanged knob down and
guided it up into the welcoming moss of her pubic hair, nudged the
blunt and oily tip into the slick oven door of her labia. Gently, his
mother had warned him, and Jerry figured it was because the angle of
entrance would be different. Caressing the twin cheeks of her ass, his
balls swinging heavy in their sack, he pressed his cockhead upward and
felt the marvelous elasticity of her cunt lips as they parted for the
swollen bud.

As Jerry inched his glans up into his mom's rich pussy, the juice of
that wondrous slot was still damp upon his cheeks and chin, but there
was plenty more of the fragrant oil left inside, and his iron-hard
shaft eased slowly up into the velvet grasping. It was groovy to look
down and actually watch his prick slide into his mother's exquisite
cunt, to see those furry lips taking the meat between them, and Jerry
stared until he could see the stem of his powerful club against the
crack of his mother's ass.

“It's in all the way,” she gasped. “Oh lord – how your cock fills me
up, darling. Fuck me easy, baby – but fuck me.”

He backed his cock out, all the way back to the ridge around the head,
and held it barely within the squeeze of his mom's juicy cunt as she
rolled her ass carefully; then Jerry stroked it back into the narrow
sleeve, packing that lascivious, vagina with his meat and feeling the
bulb reaching to the spongy bed of her womb.

Angela rocked tenderly upon his cautious thrusts, working her tight
pussy around his pole and humping backward. Her back was a long,
graceful line, and her cascade of hair hung down to splash upon the
sheet below. As he fucked her, Jerry thought he just might wrap all
that soft, silken hair around his big cock sometime, and fuck it, too,
so he could come into its scented folds. He'd bet his dad hadn't done
anything like that.

“But now she was making feverish spirals around his sliding rod, and
his balls were swinging freely between her thighs. Jerry leaned forward
slowly, working his ass in long, tender strokes; his chest came down
against his mom's shoulder blades, and his belly was on her lower back.
Oh, it felt good; it felt wonderful to be putting it to her like this,
as if she was a bitch in heat and he was the big male dog with a cock
hard as a baseball bat. It would be heaven if he could get stuck to
her, the way dogs got glued together.

Reaching one hand down and around, he caught a pendulous breast and
cupped it as he continued to piston his shaft in and out of the liquid
depths of her tremulous snatch. His other hand fumbled down her belly
until the fingers came into her cunt hair, and Jerry shook violently as
he felt the stretched lips of her cunt as well as the greasy, moving
staff of his own cock.

The clit, he remembered, and fingered to discover it nestled in its
ultra-soft hooding of succulent flesh. His mother quivered as he
diddled it while continuing to stroke the length of his massive prick
into her steaming vagina, and he shuddered with her as he used other
fingertips to tickle the underside of his slippery rod.

“You're driving me wild!” Angela hissed. “Oh – ahh, baby, I can't stand
it! Give it to me, darling – ram your big, hard cock into your mommy's
hungry pussy – ahh – ah! It's so long and thick, and my clit is going
crazy – oohh!”

Her ass churned up against his crotch, and Jerry rolled his cock around
inside the narrow sleeve of her pulsating hole, squeezing one tit and
fingering her clit as his mother's body arched. She seemed to be trying
to lift them both off the bed.

He felt her come, felt the violent contractions of her cunt walls as
they locked around his ballooned cockhead buried so deeply within them.
She jerked and winced, moaning between clenched teeth as she crested
furiously, and Jerry fed her some more prick, slid it in and out,
grinding it and driving it home to the hilt in that flowing hot nest
without a thought of gentleness.

Angela slowly buckled beneath him, slowly gave way to the strength of
his driving thrusts, and Jerry found himself lying on top of her as her
tits were mashed flat against the bed. Using both hands, he f***ed her
thighs open still wider, and sledged his stiff prick into her limp hole
again and again, listening to the sloshing noises it made there.

She was so helpless beneath him, turned completely passive and drained
of any immediate response, much less any resistance. Holding his knob
flrmly against her cervix, Jerry felt like a conqueror, like some
jungle giant r****g a maiden, a victorious warrior fucking a woman he
had dragged by the hair out of her flaming home.

Lifting one knee and then the other, he pushed her thighs together,
straddling her legs and making her pussy even tighter around the
submerged length of his prick. As he stared down at the luscious mounds
closed there, it seemed as if he had his cock driven right up her ass.
Jerry lay down on her again, barely able to move his prick back and
forth in the snug clenching of her closed vagina. But it was something
special, feeling her ass against his crotch, feeling his balls rubbing
the backs of her satin thighs.

Angela began to move beneath him, her breath gusting from her lungs
with every slow penetrating stroke he took, but she was coming alive
once more, being lifted from her laxness to strive for yet another
orgasm upon her son's mighty club. His mom's ass went ticktock,
ticktock, and Jerry kept sliding to it. Her cunt was juicy and very
tight in this position, and he reveled in the enchanted sensation.

She groaned and squirmed, so Jerry caught her hair from behind and held
her the way he wanted to stay, f***ed her to remain in position as his
heavy cock worked back and forth, pistoned in and out. He was getting
close, and by the palpitations of his mothers oily snatch, he knew she
was, too.

Pumping faster, Jerry crammed his swollen meat to the hilt and held it
there, held his mother transfixed upon its long, thick strength as the
cockhead trembled and the torrent came rushing up from his flexing

Angela shrieked softly as she came, and beat the mattress with her slim
fists, her head rolling from side to side like a clockwork pendulum of
gold. Jerry let it go then and felt the heavy stream gush boiling far
up into his mother's beautiful receptive pussy. His vital liquid roared
against her womb in great, sticky globules like hot oysters, and the
overflow packed the length and breath of her vagina, bathing the rest
of his embedded shaft with the greasy soup. None could escape, because
his root kept her cunt lips so tightly around it, because he had her
thighs squeezed together.

Panting, Jerry rested his draining balls upon the cleft of his mom's
shivering, sweet ass and nuzzled his face into the silken tenting of
her hair from behind. They were both sweating, their skin turned
feverish and slick from the energy of their long, intense fucking, and
they panted together, sighed together, their hearts pounding in unision
for what seemed like slow and melting hours.

Into the pillow, Angela said, “I've never been screwed like that before
– never. Oh darling, what a magnificent lover you are. You can use your
wonderful young prick so tenderly, then turn it fierce, and I love it,
both ways. You've fucked your mommy so well, baby, you've given me so
much fantastic cock that I could die right now, and never be happier.”

Gently then, Jerry lifted himself, afraid that his weight might be
hurting her, and with great care, he withdrew his greasy prick from her
torrid snatch, watching as it slid out all foamy, and saw a creamy
trickle of his come follow to puddle below the crack of his mother's
ass. His semen was soaking into the sheet, and he wondered how often
his father had stained the bed, too.

One thing he knew for certain, Jerry told himself as he lay down beside
the stilled form of his mom's nude body – he was as much man, as good a
lover, as anybody; she'd said so, and she was experienced enough to
know. His mother had sampled more than one prick, since she was started
on her way at an early age by her uncle. She had fucked some of the
guys around the neighborhood, so she knew which of them could satisfy
her and who was a fizzle.

Rolling over onto his back, Jerry held his softening cock and looked
down at it. He was proud of it now, happy that it was so much bigger
than the usual shaft, according to his mom. Back there when he had only
been jacking off, he'd been a little bit afraid he might not be able to
handle a woman, when he got the chance. But he'd done more than okay,
he had screwed his mother into limpness, and that took some doing,
although he realized that it wouldn't take much to turn her on again.

He was good at eating pussy, too. She had gone crazy on his tongue and
against his mouth. Man, he could hardly wait until his old man came
home, so he could show him how well he was taking care of her. Mack
Winston would be proud of his son, and they'd get together the best way
Jerry could think of – inside her.

Chapter 5

They ate again later that evening, downing a rich and hearty stew with
green salad and a chocolate cake. Fucking made a guy hungry, Jerry
thought, more relaxed in this new and sexy intimacy with his mother. He
didn't try to keep his eyes off her lush body as she moved about the
kitchen. She wore her dressing gown open down the front which made her
more appealing than if she was entirely naked. He could see her fine
tits peeping their tips from the robe, and caught glimpses of the
sunshine fluff of her mound, the flash of a burnished thigh. And
always, she moved with that eye-catching grace, that captivating rhythm
of her flesh that called attention to what she was – an eminently
desirable and available sexpot.

Angela seemed to exude an aura of sensuality; there was a feel about
her that murmured: here I am; I'm ready and willing, so come on and
fuck me. No wonder every guy Jerry knew always turned their heads to
watch his mom cross a room, and he kind of pitied them for not ever
having known the sublime thrill of fitting themselves between her long
and serpentine legs.

He helped her tidy up the kitchen, eager to stay close to that
marvelously fluid body, for the moment content to breathe in the
special musk of her, knowing that he could reach out and caress the
cheek of her shapely ass any time he wanted, that she would not deny
him the fondling of a ripe, round breast. It was arousing for Jerry to
simply know that, to know she was open for him, and that he turned her
on as much as she did him.

She turned to him, her eyes sliding over him and focusing upon his
crotch, where his shaft dangled. “Would you like to take a bath with

Jerry grinned. “Would I? That's something else I was always trying to
do – get a look at you naked in the bathroom. I used to peep through
the keyhole, when dad was out on the road, just to see a little flash
of your thigh or something. I never really got to see much, but it
always gave me a hard-on, anyhow.”

“And I never suspected,” Angela said, taking his hand. “If I had, maybe
I would have put on a real show for you. I guess I have a strong
exhibitionistic streak; I'm proud of my body and the things it can do
for me and for others, so I like to show it off.”

Her plush thigh kept brushing his as she led him to the master
bathroom, that previously private sanctum for herself and her husband.
Jerry had often slipped into it when they were gone, stimulating
himself by sniffing the perfume of his mom's body that lingered there,
by touching a towel damp from blotting that lovely flesh. Once he had
gotten down on his knees to lay his cheek against the seat of the
toilet, filled with bliss to be touching a place that had been
privileged to cup the twin delights of that superb ass. That turned him
on so much that he'd jacked off into the bowl, his eyes closed and his
body taut with a racing, unreadable wildfire of passion. Now his mother
was leading him into her private place, and Jerry's cock was swelling
in expectation.

She dropped her robe, and the sweet golden flesh glistened as Angela
bent to turn on the shower knobs. “I always wanted to have a Japanese
style tub built here,” she said, “one where two people could get deep
into hot, soapy water and fuck. But Mack never got around to putting
that kind of bath in, so we'll just have to make do with the shower.”

Whipping out of his own beat-up robe, Jerry climbed into the tub with
her, and when she drew shut the glass doors, it seemed as if they were
cut off from the rest of the world, trapped willingly and excitingly in
a personal universe no one else could enter.

Even the scent of her soap was personal, a lemony perfume that was a
part of his mother, Jerry thought, standing close to that tall, almost
willowy body and waiting for whatever it was she wanted him to do.

“Here, darling,” she said, handing him the soap and stepping back so
that the adjusted water purled enticingly over her silken flesh, “do me

Hands shaking a little, he foamed the soap and slid his fingers over
her shoulders, then down her arms, and his swollen cockhead reached up
to thump gently against the slight arch of her belly. Her tits felt
wondrously slick against his soapy palms, and Jerry massaged them
tenderly, reveling in their shape and texture, delighting in tickling
the erectile nipples.

His mom's hips and belly were next, his fingers slippery over them,
tingling at the feeling of wet, slick skin. Bubbles grew multi-colored
in the golden bush of her pubic hair, and Jerry went to his knees to
wash her pussy. Her thighs excited him, too, and he stroked them up and
down, then proceeded to her calves and ankles.

Her feet were small and fragile feeling, and Jerry scrubbed them with
enjoyment. When he started up her body again, the warm water ran over
his own stimulated body and brought soapy foam with it. His mother
pivoted slowly to present her back to him.

The cheeks of her ass were twin marvels, sliding in his hands, and the
cleft between them was highly arousing as he dipped a finger into it.
Jerry had to stand closer, to touch his distended prick to that
beguiling flesh, and he rubbed it against his mom's buttocks as he
washed her back and neck, then reached around to hold those rich, heavy
tits again.

Angela backed into him, rolling her ass, and his soapy cock slid all
over her wet skin. Reaching bebind her, she caught hold of his
throbbing shaft and bent it to place it between her lathered thighs, so
that it lifted and snugged into the sudsy nest of her cunt. But when he
humped to her and tried to find the pussy entrance, she pulled away.

“It's too difficult to make it like this,” she whispered huskily, “and
besides, I haven't bathed you yet, darling.”

Jerry stood braced with his feet spread wide apart as his mother washed
him down. Her fingers were teasing, the very touch of her hands hotly
tantalizing, as she stroked and caressed. The slickness of the soap
made it even freakier for him, and when she began to use the suds to
kind of jack him off, he flinched and trembled, his knees going weak
with desire.

Pressing against him, sliding her wet tits across big chest, his mother
held him close and kissed him, running ker hot tongue halfway down his
gasping throat. Angela took pity then, and helped him rinse off,
cleansed the soap from her own glowing body, and turned off the water.
“Because I'm taller than you, I think we can screw okay, standing up.
The length of your beautiful prick will help, too.”

Manipulating his cock, she tipped the head down, then up, and Jerry
felt his glans settle against his mother's dewy labia, where it sensed
the marvelous hotness waiting inside. Quivering, he pushed it up and
braced his hands upon her hips to steady them both. The flanged knot of
his eager shaft eased into his mom's soft cunt lips as they spread
slowly, as she wiggled her crotch to help the entrance.

“It probably won't go all the way in,” Angela breathed, “but since you
have so much nice, hard meat to spare, there'll be plenty of prick for
us to make out. Oh, darling – that feels so good, sliding up into my
pussy. Every time I can feel all that sweet meat moving into my box, it
thrills me as much as the first time you put it to your mommy.”

He barely had to bend his head in order to fasten his mouth to one of
her scented nipples, and draw it happily into his lips as his cock
reached up and up inside the satin walls of his mother's hot, juicy
snatch. She was right; he couldn't sink it all the way to his balls,
but most of it was buried in that steamy hole, and she gripped him
tightly, searingly, as she rolled her delectable ass. She was boiling
inside, as if she hadn't been fucked for a month.

Lifting to tiptoe and trying to get more shaft into her adorable
vagina, Jerry stroked as best he could, and his mom bent her knees so
that she could take all she could. Her belly moved across his, then
away as she leaned back and braced her shoulders against the wall of
the shower. Her full breasts stood up proudly, their tips arrogantly
pink, the globes jiggling as she worked her crotch hungrily and
maneuvered her experienced pussy around his thrusting pole.

Angela gasped as the thick rod slid back and forth within the squeezing
of her cunt walls. “Oh baby – you can drive any woman crazy with all
that hard, young prick. So big and strong – ooh, darling; stroke it
deep into your mommy's hot pussy – feed it to me, baby – fuck me long
and strong.”

Hand on her uptilted hips, Jerry pumped his club into her writhing
body, grinding his pelvis into hers when somehow he managed to f***e
his cockhead all the way in. He looked down to watch the greasy shaft
sliding between his mom's inflamed labia. She rolled on every stroke,
hunched and churned her well-trained snatch around his searching staff,
gasping and moaning as the thick stem of it pressed over her clit.

Ass heaving, her tits jumping, Angela stepped up the pace, and Jerry
slammed his cook into his mom's hole with new fervor, luxuriating in
every penetrating thrust, loving the feel of her impaled upon his
powerful cockhead. His balls flopped up to kiss her spread inner
thighs, and he could hear the sucking, wet noises of good, solid

“I – I'm going to explode!” his mother hissed. “Oh lord, oh lord, my
cunt is tearing itself apart – so much prick in it – my clit – my
clitoris is jumping around and – and – OOHH!”

Angela's vaginal walls convulsed around his surging cock, and Jerry
strained to bury the shaft yet deeper into the gulping, shuddering
snatch, raking the ridged bulb into those constricting velvet ripples
so hot and so slippery. His fingers dug into her hips and lunged, then
speared her again, his balls jerking as the compression within them was
suddenly released.

“Here, mom!” he panted. “Here it is, darling – take my come up inside
your sweet cunt, mommy – ahh! I'm shooting off in you, and my stuff is
bubbling, all thick and creamy – it's filling your beautiful cunt,
mother – uh – uh – uh!”

They shook violently together, their crotches swivelling, her cunt
squeezing and letting go, his balls swinging as the sizzling juices
continued to pump up from them to spit from the buried head of his
flexing prick. Angela's body arched as she took the thick fluids into
her vibrant sheath, and she clenched her teeth in the throes of an
orgasm so tremendous as to be a sweet pain, an exquisite torture that
stunned the mind as well as ravaged every part of her body.

It was as mighty for Jerry, the terrific release of his love and lust,
the firing of his personal liquids into his mother's cunt, where they
again bathed the seething furnace of her sex with pure adoration. His
head swam and his legs wobbled from the fierce tendemess of their
fucking, and he realized that she must also be weakening. Regretfully,
he slipped his yet hard cock from the honeyed grip of her pulsing gash,
and helped her to stand erect. Holding to her elbow, Jerry slid back
the glass shower doors and guided her from the tub.

Feeling protective, he caught up a fluffy towel and dried her damp
body, lingering with love over the lush curves, dipping with ever new
awe into the mysterious valleys of that glorious body. Her deep blue
eyes were glazed, but Angela seemed to be recovering and shook her
head, the wet tresses of her golden hair falling about the pristine
whiteness of her shoulders.

“Th – that was something else, Jerry,” she murmured. “I've been fucked
in the shower before, but Mack and I never made it as wild as that. I
was coming apart at the seams, dissolving. Oh, it's just impossible,
but it seems that every time you screw me, the orgasms get better and

He toweled his own body, acutely aware of her vulnerability, her
helplessness before him. “I'm glad you dig my fucking, mom. I didn't
know if I could really satisfy you, even if I ever got the chance. I
mean, I never screwed anybody else, and you have so much experience. Of
course, I thought that was only with dad, before I knew you were
fucking other guys, too.”

She touched his cheek and looked down at his prick. “That gorgeous
chunk of man meat is still ready to go,” she said in quiet awe. “I
always believed that a healthy, sexy woman could screw any man down,
but now I'm not all that certain. You're a super stud, Jerry, and I'm
glad you're mine.”

It was his turn to play the parent, and hers to be the c***d; he led
her gently to the bed and eased his mother down upon it. His eyes
roamed the sensual perfection of her alluring body, and knew that it
was all his just now, that he could do anything to her – run his
cockhead into her armpits and rub it over her face or into her hair,
slide his prick between the cheeks of her ass or under her knees; he
could straddle her belly and squeeze those fabulous breasts together,
then f***e his cock between them and titty-fuck her; he could do any
freaky thing he damned well pleased.

But he said, “Are you too tired, mom? I want to love you all night
long, go back and do all the things we did before. I want to lick into
your hot pussy and make you come with my mouth, and I need to shove my
cock back into your throat. All that, and more – but if you're feeling
beat, I'll just lie here beside you and hold you close; that's almost
as good as really fucking, just to be able to hold my beautiful mother
naked against me.”

That hot, slidy look came back into her eyes, and she said, “I don't
think I'll ever be too tired, baby. My cunt is still wet with my son's
semen, and I'm still fascinated by the size of your adorable big prick.
We'll fuck, baby – I promise you that; I intend to keep fucking you
until I'm too weak to move, and that'll be a long time yet, believe

Angela always made good on her promises, Jerry thought, pressing the
length of his stiff cock against her satiny belly and fondling the ripe
melons of her breasts. When he had been only a little k**, his mother
would promise to take him to the zoo, or to a movie, and she would
always follow up. And the same went for an ass-paddling; if she told
him he was going to get his butt whipped for something, he could depend
upon sore cheeks. Now she was promising him they would screw until they
both ran out of gas, and he pulled one of those long, lithe legs over
his body, anxious to get his greedy prick back into the enchanted
gloving of her provocative cunt.

They fucked. After he shot his first wad of semen, he stroked his mom's
pussy long and lovingly, twisting the cockhead deep, using newly
learned movements to further arouse her clit. He screwed her gently,
holding back so that she might hit several orgasms, making her come
time and again in just that position, before rolling her over onto her

He could really stick it deep that way, and bumped her spongy cervix
with every spearing of his knob. She squirmed beneath his strokes,
wrapping her legs tightly around him and grunting with the building
fury of her lust, hammering her hairy wet crotch into his pelvis and
making his balls slap damply into the uplifted, spiraling, crack of her
ass. It was good, heavy, fucking, a steady pounding of hard flesh into
softly receptive flesh, a meshing of eagerly straining bodies adapting
to each other's most secret needs, a blending of passion and love and
raw, sometimes savage sex. It was damned good for them both, and they
went at it for a long time, changing positions often, experimenting,
groaning, panting.

Jerry came twice more before he was satisfied, before he turned drowsy
and sated and fell asl**p with his prick still locked inside his
mother's voluptuous pussy.

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