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sl**p-In For Daddy ch 6 to 7

Chapter 6

A couple of days went by, or was it three? Days and nights telescoped
into themselves, blurred by eating and sl**ping and bathing, all the
necessary things that seemed at most to be only a background for the
focal point of Jerry's life – the fucking they were doing. They made it
in all possible positions, in acrobatic contortions and the more
comfortable basic methods, his mother's pussy always open and smoking,
her mouth always hungry for the meaty club he fed into her red lips. He
ate her torrid cunt again and again, and found a different thrill the
last time around, for he had learned his lessons in honesty well: do
anything you want to, darling, she had told him at the beginning.

So this time, with his face burrowed deeply into the hot and rubbery
lips of her hairy snatch, with her pelvis twirling and surging into his
mouth as his tongue probed and lapped, Jerry worked a hand up between
the cheeks of her ass. By attentive manipulation, he managed to get a
considerable amount of her slippery pussy juice smeared onto his palm.
Fingers wet and sticky, he wrapped them around his swollen cock and
began to jack himself off.

It was wildly different, because it wasn't just something he had to do,
to relieve the pressure of his aching balls while he dreamed the
impossible dream of fucking his mother. Her steamy, heaving cunt was
reality, and he sucked blissfully upon the soft lips, sucked at the
rich and aromatic fluids as his hand moved up and down and caressed his

Teasing her clitoris, Jerry masturbated happily, his mom's cunt oils
making his cock slippery, his tongue screwing into her hood and
retreating only to give him the opportunity to siphon at her entire
pussy, or to chew joyously upon her labia. He wanted to time this
right, to get it just so, because he wanted to come at the same time
his mother did, and by now he was sensitive to her every erotic
movement, and could figure almost to the second when she was about to
reach an orgasm.

Angela quivered upon his active tongue, her furry crotch churning in a
growing rapture that would soon overflow, and Jerry pumped more
vigorously upon his cock, tightening his fist around the slippery glans
and feeling his own climax building swiftly within his testicles.

“Coming – coming – coming,” his mom chanted, her head swinging in time
with the jerky upheavals of her cunt. “Uuhhh! Oh baby, my darling, my
sweet little cunt eater -“

As she was still quivering upon the erratic crest, Jerry lifted his
face suddenly from her thrusting pussy and slid in between her
widespread thighs, his hand pumping as he stared down at the sizzling
gash of her gorgeous pussy. His come leaped furiously from the spasming
cockhead, and he bent the shaft down to nuzzle it against her hairy
golden snatch, so that the spurting jism could splatter over her mound
and across her sweaty belly.

Creamy rich and boiling hot, the thick juice squirted over his mother's
trembling skin, one globule coming to rest in the puddle of her navel,
and Jerry shook in delighted gratification. His semen dripped over her
pussy lips and clung to the hairs, all foamed and sticky; it smeared
over her stomach, and Angela opened her eyes wide in surprise as she
stared down at the come drenching her lower body.

“Jerry – what – why did you -“

He bit his lips. “I won't say I'm sorry, mom; because I'm not. I wanted
to soak your cunt and your belly outside with my semen. I wanted to see
it happen.”

Her slim hands came stealing down to touch fingertips delicately into
the creamy juice, hesitant at first, then working to smear the clinging
liquid over more of her warm body. “Silly boy; I'm not objecting. You
just surprised me, that's all. I like this – it feels all slidy and
sticky and very sexy.”

Watching the movement of her hands, looking down over the dripping and
vastly expanded bulb of his prick, Jerry saw his mom slide the semen up
over her belly, then rub her fingers in slow circles across her
breasts, her nipples. She reached down again, dipping into the blotted
hairs of her pussy for a fresh supply, and brought her fingers up to
smear the stuff over her mouth. There was a deeply sensuous, deeply
moving gleam in her eyes as she stared up at him.

“Kiss me,” she whispered.

Obediently, he lowered himself onto her incomparable body, and their
bellies were glued together by the residue of his own ejaculation.
There was glue upon her mouth, too, her lips heavy with it, but Jerry
met them avidly, glorying in the musky-sweet flavors there, in the
ultimate sensuousness of this impetuous, ardent woman who happened to
be his mother.

Their tongues met in avid twining, and their hot breaths mixed. Angela
was squirming beneath him when he felt her long, limber body suddenly
go tense. He wondered hazily what was wrong, but his reflexes kept the
slickened bud of his shaft prodding for the entrance to her drenched
pussy. Then her hands were pushing at his chest, and she tore her mouth
free from his to gasp a name.


The shock of it jolted through Jerry like a flash of electricity, and
other reflexes took over, rolling him from between his mom's spread
legs and onto the bed itself, where he threw a startled glance at the
open bedroom door. Then he pawed for the sheet, trying ineffectually to
cover his naked body. Another woman was standing frozen in the doorway,
her dark eyes wide and stunned, her red mouth working convulsively, but
not making any sounds he could hear.

Angela came off the bed, making it to the closet with a single long
stride and flinging a pale robe around her body. Swiftly then, she
crossed the room and caught the other woman by the wrists, holding her

“Debbie!” she said sharply. “Debbie Carter, if you're trying to work up
to a scream, I'll slap the hell out of you.”

“A – Angela – I swear I had no idea – I swear I didn't know, couldn't
think that you and – and him -“

Over her shoulder, his mother said to Jerry, “Take it easy, darling.
Grab a shower or something, and give me time to talk with her.”

Wordlessly, he nodded, and watched his mom steer the neighbor woman
down the hall. Mrs. Carter's voice floated back: “You haven't answered
your phone and the car's in the driveway, so I knew you were home, and
– Angela; your own son?”

Oh damn, Jerry thought, flinging aside the sheet. Mrs. Carter from next
door; they should have remembered that mom was so thick with the woman,
having coffee a couple of times a day, gossiping and going shopping
together. If she and Angela weren't so close, she wouldn't have come
nosing around the house; she wouldn't have caught them. wiggling naked
together. He hadn't actually been fucking his mother, but he'd been
just about to, after eating that succulent pussy and then jacking off
onto her belly. Now what the hell was going to happen?

Maybe the woman would be so shocked, she'd run and fink to the cops or
somebody; there was some kind of law, Jerry thought. Even if Debbie
Carter just accidentally spread the word around the neighborhood, it
might mean that they'd have to find another place, he and dad and mom.
Robotlike, his pole drooping, Jerry climbed into the shower and got
clean, got shining and scrubbed, although he didn't know why. It was
something to do, while his mother tried to handle Mrs. Carter somehow,
while she tried to talk the woman out of doing anything goofy.

He felt too guilty to just hang around the room, though; it was his
fault, too. If there was going to be any flak over what she'd seen, he
ought to go out there and take his share, so Jerry slipped into his
robe and found some slippers and moved toward the voices he heard in
the kitchen.

There was the clink of glass on glass, and the rattle of ice cubes.
Good, he thought; his mother had Mrs. Carter drinking, settling her
down some. Jerry came quietly to the kitchen entrance and stood there
uncertainly. They had their backs to him, both of them seated upon the
high stools at the counter.

Angela was saying, “Look, Debbie – what the hell is so bad about it? I
don't think it's weird, and my son sure as hell doesn't. And I'll tell
you something else – neither does Mack.”

Debbie flinched. “You – you mean that your husband knows that you're
laying your own boy – his boy? Oh wow! this is just too much to absorb
at one time.”

His mom poured more whiskey into the other woman's glass. As Mrs.
Carter lifted the glass, he saw the firm movement of her tits, and
thought maybe for the hundredth time that she was a foxy-looking chick.
He had often sweated out the gleam of her legs when she took sunbaths
next door, and always sneaked a look at the way her big breasts wobbled
when she walked. She was built a lot different from his mother; where
Angela was long and slim, Debbie Carter was round and shorter. His
mother was a shining blonde, and the other woman had deep black hair
that went well with her olive complexion. She was about his mom's age,
Jerry thought, give or take a year one way or the other, and plenty
sexy looking. If he hadn't been so wrapped up in dreams of his mother,
maybe he would have thought a lot more about screwing the neighbor
wife. But back then, both ideas had seemed impossible. Now, he didn't
know. It was an idea.

Debbie said then, “You told me about a couple of guys, and that was
okay. I mean, I've even been thinking about looking around for some
extra love-life myself, but your own -“

“Oh shit, Debbie,” his mother said in exasperation. “Because he's my
own, that makes it all the better. You know why I couldn't answer the
phone, why I didn't come to the door? Because that wonderful, horny k**
has been giving me the fucking of my life, day and night, for all that
time. It's never been so good for me. And when you came to the bedroom,
did you see him?”

The other woman drank, and Angela poured booze over the ice cubes. Then
Debbie said slowly, a little thickly, “Then you mean it wasn't my over-
worked imagination? He – he really has a thing that big? I thought it
might have been the angle I saw it from, or maybe the shock, or
something. It's really that big?”

Angela laughed low in her throat and crossed her legs. Jerry eyed the
golden expanse of thigh that showed when the robe slipped back. His mom
said, “I didn't know they grew to that size, either. But that
beautiful, gigantic prick isn't the only thing that makes my Jerry so
special. He – that boy loves me like a wife, a mistress, a whore, and
I'm damned happy that I was the woman who was privileged to take his
cherry. I don't think anybody else could have done him justice and
taught him about sex so well. He's unbelievable, Debbie; he's always
hard, and he can screw you tenderly or overpower you with his strength,
hammering that long, thick meat into your pussy until you're ready to
faint, you've come so many times. He can eat out your cunt until you
wish he could put all his head inside it and just swallow you down.”

Wobbling her glass down to the counter top, Debbie said, “But Angela,
it's i****t and all that. I mean, I'll be the first to admit that I
don't get enough screwing at home, and it's not that Lester isn't
willing. I could be too much woman for him, or something. But even if I
was very hard up, I couldn't lay my own son.”

“That's because you don't have a son,” Angela pointed out. “You have a
daughter. But you can bet your mortgage that if the situation was
reversed, if your husband was the hot pants one of the f****y, and if
you had to travel a lot, and if little Mary was as hot as my k** -“

“Uh-uh,” Debbie disagreed. “Never, never. Besides, I never even
imagined myself laying some k** half my age. A big, eager man – okay;
but a fifteen-year-old boy? He – doesn't that monstrous thing bother
you? Does it hurt?”

“Drink up,” Angela said. “I'll join you. Here's to finding out. That's
the most appropriate toast I can think of, right now.”

Debbie had on a short dress, and it was hiked over her rounded, satin
knees. Jerry found himself staring at the shadowy place between her
parted thighs, up along those ripely formed thighs snugged so slickly
by panty hose. He wondered if Mrs. Carter's pussy was thick with black
and shining hair, and he felt a lift of anticipation, because he knew
what his mother had in mind. If she could convince her friend to get
screwed by him, Debbie Carter wouldn't be likely to run blabbing over
the neighborhood, and everything would be cool once more. His mom had
said he would fuck plenty of other women, but he hadn't thought the
chance would arrive so soon.

Debbie said, “What? Are you telling me – offering me -“

“Why not?” Angela said soothingly. “After all, you're a beautiful,
attractive woman, a highly sensual woman who is restless because you're
not getting enough good, hard cock at home. You're also my best friend,
so why shouldn't I share my greatest happiness with you? Since we're
getting down to the nitty, darling – I know you've been eyeing Mack and
trying to get up the nerve to make a pass at him. That would be okay,
you know.”

“Mack? I don't know what – your husband, too? You wouldn't mind if I
balled your husband, and you're offering me your son – that handsome
young k** with the – with that war club between his legs? Gimme another
drink, Angela.”

“I'll get some more ice,” Angela offered, and when she got off the
stool, she saw Jerry standing in the doorway. Lifting an eyebrow at
him, she smiled roguishly and winked. More loudly, she said, “Don't you
think Mrs. Carter is a lovely, sensuous woman, Jerry? I'll bet she can
be a terrific fuck, if she ever gets rid of her uptight ideas.”

He picked up the cue and moved toward Debbie as the woman swung around
on her stool. Mrs. Carter was pretty well smashed, he saw, but she
still hadn't completely gotten over her shock, and the impact of the
new, forbidden ideas. “Hi again, Mrs. Carter. I agree with mom; you're
really lovely and sexy. I always thought that Mr. Carter was a lucky

“So – so calm,” she muttered. “Both of you, like it wasn't anything to
be caught doing it like that.”

“Oh it was something,” he said. “It was something wonderful, but I was
just getting ready to fuck my mother again. I wasn't actually screwing
her. We'd been doing some other far out things. Does your husband go
down on you, Mrs. Carter?”

She quivered and clenched her hand around her glass. He saw the
emotional heaving of her good, solid tits and the way she squirmed on
the stool. A full-bodied older woman who wasn't getting her share of
prick; a married woman old as his mom, or older; Jerry felt the strong
and eager lifting of his cock beneath his robe. His mother had been
right all along; no matter how much he loved her, he could crave
another pussy, too. He wondered if Mrs. Carter would fuck differently,
if she would shake her round ass more wildly.

Wetting her lips with a trembling tongue, she whispered, “Not often;
just once in awhile.”

Jerry moved closer and touched his hard cock to the swell of her thigh.
He could feel the heat of her sleek leg through the robe, and said,
“Mom tells me I'm very good at going down on a pussy. I'd like to eat
yours, Mrs. Carter. I'd like to make you wiggle and shake and hump your
hairy crotch into my face while my tongue slips in and out of your
juicy wet clun.”

Debbie Carter quivered, and her voice was shaky as she said, “You – you
really know what to say to a woman, don't you? My husband doesn't even
talk to me like that; he won't use the words right out.”

Jerry pulled open his robe and pushed the length of his stiff shaft
against her thigh, moving his belly back and forth. Her blurred eyes
dropped to stare with disbelief at the head of his prick.

“Migawd,” Debbie muttered, “it looks like a cantaloupe.”

“Touch it,” Jerry urged. “Feel it all over. Mom has taken it plenty of
times, and she's got a nice, tight pussy.”

The woman's hand shook as she felt his cock, and Jerry's bl**d raced at
the touch of a new and different feminine hand upon his tool, and his
own hands went out to gently cup the heavy breasts presented to him as
Debbie leaned forward to observe his prick from close up. They felt
round and solid, restrained by her bra, but even through it, and the
material of her dress, he could feel the hard eagerness of her nipples.

Angela was beside them then, her hand covering her friend's upon
Jerry's pulsing meat, urging Debbie's fingers up and down, pressing
them upon the huge, flanged head and down the immense staff. “All this
wonderful, boyish cock,” she whispered hotly. “All for you, Debbie.
Come on, darling; come on into the bedroom with us.”

As if she was hypnotized, Debbie slid off the stool, her hand desperate
around Jerry's club. “I – I have to call Lester first, give him some
story about how – how you're upset and I have to stay with you for

The wall phone was close by, and Jerry stood beside the woman while she
spoke to her husband, that soft hand locked upon his meat all the
while. The idea was kinky, Mrs. Carter making excuses to her husband
while she held to a boy's hard cock. He grew more and more excited,
because they had her now – he and his mom had convinced this good-
looking married woman she should stay here and get fucked by him. She
wouldn't be tempted to expose the i****t.

They got her into the bedroom, where she swayed uncertainly, and Angela
pulled the dress over her head, then the short slip, and Jerry stared
hungrily at the olive-toned flesh exposed to his gaze. The bra cupped
her big tits, and see-through panties snugged the pouting shape of her
opulent mound, flattening the midnight black hair that grew so richly

It was groovy, standing bare-assed while his mother undressed another
woman for him, and Jerry massaged his prick in anticipation of the new
feast it was about to get. Debbie stood quietly as Angela unhooked the
bra, and the solid, heavy breasts fell out; their tips were dark brown,
different from his mom's nipples, Jerry saw.

The panties came sliding down the sturdy thighs, down over shapely
calves as Mrs. Carter lifted her feet one by one. Her vulva was even
more thickly bushed than his mom's, Jerry saw; wiry black hair lifted
profusely all between her thighs, deeply furring the tempting mound,
and thinned as it worked up to her belly button. It was an interesting
pussy, an intriguing pussy, and one that needed the good screwing he
could give it.

Angela moved her best friend to the bed and eased her down upon it.
Jerry could see the woman's tits heaving in arousal, the quivering of
that rounded belly and the tremulous mound beneath all its shaggy hair.

Debbie said, “You – you're not going to stay here, are you? I never –
Angela, I always make Lester put out the lights, and to have another
woman, even my best friend -“

“Of course, I'm going to stay and see it,” Angela purred. “For years,
I've been wondering what kind of lay you are, and now's my chance to
find out. Besides, darling – we're going to be sharing my son, so we
might as well get used to each other.”

Debbie closed her eyes, surrendering completely, and Angela motioned
for Jerry to get with it. She lay down beside her friend, turning upon
one side and propping her head on her hand. With the fingers of the
other, she played lightly with Debbie's stiff nipples, flicking them
daintily. “What lovely tits; Jerry will really enjoy sucking them.”

He climbed onto the bed, his pulses hammering and his belly tight. It
was great enough, getting ready to have his hard cock sample an unknown
snatch, but it was goovier yet to have his mom right there, watching.
He didn't figure she would be able to keep out of it for long.

“Shall I go down on her first?” he asked, positioning himself between
Debbie Carter's veed legs and staring down at the luxuriantly haired

“I think so,” his mother whispered. “The poor girl has never really
been loved orally, so do a good job, baby. You can fuck her after she's
really been turned on by your eating her cunt. It's a gorgeous cunt,
too – so hairy and plump.”

The guy was right next door, Jerry thought; the man who was supposed to
kind of own this juicy pussy, and Lester Carter had no idea that it was
about to be eaten. Smiling to himself, Jerry began to caress the still,
lush body, cupping the melon breasts and feeling the hard nipples throb
in his fingers.

Do a good job, his mom said, so Jerry f***ed himself to take his time.
But when he lay down upon the softly giving body with all its plump
curvings, Debbie's lips were quiet, unmoving, and he had to work his
tongue between them. Her mouth tasted of whiskey and something else – a
waiting sweetness, an almost fearful anxiety that was c***dlike. Had he
been like that, the first time his mom kissed him passionately? She was
married and much older than he; she had a girl almost his age, and she
had been screwing her husband for a lot of years, yet here she was,
frightened of getting something different on the side. That made him
more eager, made him feel wise and strong and experienced.

So Jerry stopped tonguing her mouth and moved down to nibble her
throat, to lick her ear. He felt a slight shudder of response deep
within her body and caressed her large, pillowy tits. The nipple he
drew into his mouth to lave with his tongue was very stiff, and he
kneaded the globe below as he sucked upon it. After paying the same
kind of attention to the other tit, he kissed a hot trail down her rib
cage and to the upper sweep of her rose-olive belly.

Now his hands were sliding over her hips and along her ripe thighs, and
his tongue worked lasciviously, wetly, over her finely textured skin.
Moving down and across, he suddenly plunged his tongue into the place
where her thigh joined Debbie's hip, corkscrewing it there. The woman
bucked in reflex, her lush hips swinging and her back arching violently
as the strange sensation flamed through her aroused body. While she was
still twisting, Jerry plunged his face into the thrillingly haired
snatch pulsating between her plump thighs.

He heard Debbie gasp in shock as his mouth burrowed deeply into the
fragrant thatch, and realized that her cunt hair was quite different
from his mother's. Angela's pubic hair was long and silken, ringleted
in gold; Debbie's pussy covering was wiry, springy, and layered
thickly, plus being black as a rainy midnight.

Jerry drove his tongue into her labia, forcing it quickly and avidly
between those juicy lips and deeply into the jellied velvet of her
hole, eager to taste her love fluids, to know the exotic flavors of a
strange cunt. The woman's crotch jerked and fell, and he licked avidly
into her gash, sucked her cunt lips into his teeth, and worried them
like a puppy mauling fresh meat.

“Oh lord, oh lord!” Debbie panted. “He – he's not just kissing it, like
Lester does – he's really eating it! Uuhh! Oh! I can't stand it, can't
take it – it's too much; too much!”

Finding her clitoris hidden beneath a rich hooding of sensitive flesh,
Jerry drilled his tongue against the vibrant nubbin, and was rewarded
by the sudden, quick lunging of Debbie's crotch into his teeth. Lapping
furiously, tickling and sucking, he dug his fingers into the resilient
cheeks of the woman's full ass and ate happily.

She churned her pelvis and ground her hairy snatch to him, her ass
swinging and rocking. See-sawing her pussy into his mouth, Debbie cried
out throatily that she was coming, coming, before her voice was
suddenly cut off, muffled into groans by something. When the violent
waves of her seething climax subsided, Jerry lifted his dripping face
and looked up the length of the plush naked body to see his mother
passionately kissing Debbie's mouth.

Chapter 7

Jerry couldn't wait; seeing his mom tongue-kissing another woman made
him hotter than ever, and as he watched her cup one of Debbie's
generous breasts, he climbed high between the woman's wide-spread
thighs and aimed his swollen cockhead down into the thick brush of her
steaming pussy. He could see the cunt lips now, all greasy and inflamed
by the eating he had given them, looking juicy and appetizing.

His flanged knob pressed down through the shielding fur and snuggled
its blunt, leaking tip against the ineffable softness of Debbie's
labia. They were blazing, and he quivered as he pushed his ballooned
cockhead hard into them. He felt the woman's body quake, felt the
immediate response of her crotch as it lifted to accept him.

Sparing a glance at the way his mom was squeezing her friend's big
tits, at the way she was avidly kissing the gasping mouth, Jerry pushed
more strongly, and felt his bulb slide into the hot, soapy embrace of
Debbie Carter's pussy. It felt as wonderful as it had tasted, all
shuddering and deep around his shaft, and Jerry plunged his club
deeper, reaching all the way back, all the way up into the tight satin
clinging of the new snatch.

She jerked as he touched bottom, when his ridged knob came to rest
against the spongy cup of her cervix, and her vagina gripped his buried
prick like a sizzling, slippery glove with many rippling fingers. Jerry
wiggled it there for a long, breathless moment, then began to draw it
back for another thrilling stroke.

Debbie's hungry cunt followed, trying desperately to hold his club
locked within its juicy basket, squirmin around his withdrawing cock
and building up a powerful suction. He pulled back until only her avid
pussy lips were clinging to the flanges of his bulb, then shoved the
thick length of it all back into the liquid depths of that wondrously
salved snatch.

She felt just as tight as his mom, her cunt almost as rich, and she was
using that searing hole as if she had just discovered the pleasures of
fucking. Her pussy was greedy, gulping at his prick, hidden muscles
squeezing down upon the head when he buried it, releasing him so he
could slide back and forth into the hot oils that were flowing so
copiously within that exciting sheath.

Ripping her mouth from his mom's, the woman gasped, “Oh! Oh! Your thing
is packing me so tightly – your cock! Oh yes, that marvelous,
tremendous young cock. There – I said it, and I'll say prick and how
it's thrilling my cunt. Oh – uuhh! Darling boy, beautiful boy – oh,
fuck me, fuck me!”

“Yes mam',” he said, and continued to work his sturdy rod powerfully
into her heaving, bubbling gash. She was one hell of a fuck, he told
himself, comparing her twistings and wigglings to the way his mother
reacted when his dick was plunging into her. Even if they were both hot
as hell, the women moved differently, he thought, and their pussy
lubrication didn't feel quite the same. He wondered what Mrs. Carter's
husband would think, if he could see his wife impaled upon this big,
driving prick, if be could watch how she was going crazy on the sliding

His dad would sure get a bang out of seeing it, Jerry thought, rolling
his ass to make his cockhead rake all the tender spots deep within the
flexing snatch, to grind his root into the pulsing clit. His dad would
like to fuck this woman, too; he'd be a dummy if he didn't, because
this Mrs. Hard-up Carter was one live and juicy piece of ass.

She was coming again now, slamming her cunt into his stem and moaning
while his mom played with the nipples of those great tits. Jerry
watched as Angela lowered her flushed face and began to suck upon one
of them, and his hard cock throbbed with pleasure. It was freaky and
thrilling to see that, to be fucking a woman while his mom sucked her

Trembling upon his sledging prick, Debbie fell back, her thighs
relaxing momentarily, and he kept right on pumping the good meat to her
twitching pussy. But he let go her ass and reached around to find his
mother's slim hand. Catching her fragile wrist, he drew her hand down
across Debbie's sweaty belly and placed the fingers upon that wealth of
springy hair.

“Go ahead, mom,” he said. “You want to feel her up, I know. And you
told me to be honest in our sex, we should always do what we want. It
doesn't turn me off; I think it's great, to see you all hot and loving
up another woman.”

He could feel the quiver of her fingers as they slid into Debbie's
mound to feel the stretched outline of the other woman's cunt lips, so
they could discover the slowly moving slippery roundness of his
distended cock.

Debbie really went crazy then, when Angela manipulated her clitoris as
Jerry's big shaft was hammering into the farthest reaches of her oily
pussy. Her heels drummed upon the mattress, and she threw her arms
around Angela's neck, drawing their mouths violently together. Surging
her hips, wringing Jerry's cock around inside the narrow, boiling
sleeve of her aroused cunt, she laid it up to him in savage, demanding
strokes, wanting more meat, insisting that he drive it in her to the

Giving her all he had, he felt the wet slapping of his bag into the
hairy crack of her gyrating ass, and knew that his orgasm was gathering
strength. The shaky feeling came racing up along his thighs and his
balls seemed to expand.

“You love it,” he hissed. “You love my hard prick, Mrs. Carter. You
want me to keep fucking you and fucking you, until your pussy
collapses, and right now you don't give a shit about your husband or
anything else – you just need to ride on my stiff meat. And here it
comes, lady! Here it is, all for you – take my come, you beautiful,
hot-assed bitch!”

His semen spewed forth from the vibrating head of his cock like a
thundering river. It exploded far back inside her quaking pussy,
hurling the searing lava of his come over her womb and wetly branding
her vaginal walls. Great, slippery gobs of sticky juice splattered her
snatch, and his spitting cockhead ballooned so wide that he thought he
was going to get locked into the basket of her cunt forever.

Cradled between her straining thighs, gripped by the hairy power of her
awakened labia, Jerry became aware that his mother's fingers were still
probing Debbie's cunt lips, that she was also lightly fondling the root
of his embedded shaft. No wonder the other woman was still jerking and
wriggling around on his dripping knob; his mom was driving her wild,
playing with the clitoris.

He held his shaft into Debbie's fluctuating hole while she leaped her
pelvis against his, as she came again and again, every climax fierce
and overwhelming. Jerry watched the woman's face tense and go white,
and saw the black eyelashes flutter helplessly.

“She's about to pass out, mom,” he said quickly, and slipped his prick
from the sheathing of her wet pussy, leaving a trail of creamy semen
down the inside of her olive-skinned thigh as he did so.

Relenting, Angela eased up on her caresses, and when Jerry backed from
between the woman's thighs, she snuggled her friend close, turning
Debbie toward her so that their fine, high tits fitted together and
their smooth bellies met. Her peered closely to see the golden cunt
hairs pressing hungrily into the black cunt hairs, and thought that the
sight was something else, a vivid image of love between two gorgeous,
sexy women. He liked it; he dug it very much, and wanted to see more.

Maybe they would go down on each other, eat each other's juicy cunt,
running their tongues in and out and wiggling all the time, grinding
their gorgeous asses and humping.

It was more groovy because they also wanted him too, perhaps even
needed him to make their loving complete. These women weren't gay, he
knew; he'd read about gay chicks and guys, but his mom and Debbie both
dug a man's fucking first. He wondered if what they were doing, and the
wilder things they would do in the future, made them bisexuals. From
the way they acted, neither of them had ever been involved with a woman
before, and maybe he had been the catalyst that turned them on to doing
their thing with each other, after keeping the sensual urges secret for
so long.

But after a minute or so of quiet adoration, they drew apart and turned
onto their backs. Debbie's eyes were still closed, and her plush body
was limp. Jerry realized that his mom had only backed off to give her
friend time to rest and recover, and thought that the pussy-eating, the
solid screwing, he had given to Mrs. Carter must have shaken the woman
tremendously, and her sexual explosions had been considerably
heightened by the touch of homosexuality. For the moment, Debbie Carter
was drained, spent, pumped dry of emotions, and her head was probably
going around and around as all the new ideas spun madly inside her

She was going to be fine, Jerry thought; Debbie was eager and hot, and
once she had fully accepted the open, honest approach to being fucked,
she would be an even better screw. He admitted that by solving one
problem, by he and his mother drawing this lusty woman into their
private circle, they had also added another problem of additional
dimensions. Right next door, never dreaming that his wife had been so
thoroughly screwed, was Lester Carter; and somewhere around, was their
young daughter.

Moving to the edge of the bed, Jerry swung his legs over and put his
feet down against the carpet. Mary Carter was a cute little k**, all
right, but she was still a k**. His experience had been with older
women, married women, and Jerry didn't think a young chick could be a
better fuck, in any way. Besides, she might get all freaked out, if she
was to discover that the k** next door was putting the prick to her
mom, and to his own mother, also.

And Mr. Carter: the man didn't seem at all like Jerry's dad; he was no
swinger, not the type of guy who would set up his son to ball his wife.
A quiet man, Debbie's husband, and kind of tired looking most of the
time. He didn't do much, except watch TV and read, when he wasn't
working. But he might be able to get real pissed off if he found out
Jerry was screwing his wife.

Mom would have to work all this out with him, he thought, looking down
at his softened prick. It might be possible for them to keep it
undercover, making it with Debbie, but when his dad came home, they'd
have to tell him, and let Mack Winston in on some of that slippery,
greedy pussy. His mother had said that Debbie already had the hots for
his dad, and it would be a shame to deprive them of the chance to get
together and ball.

Picturing that, his horny father pumping away between Debbie's ripe
thighs, Jerry thought it would be fun, to be right there next to them,
and pounding the cock to his mom at the same time. They could come in
one pussy, then swap over to another one.

He went into the bathroom to take a leak, and when he came back out,
his mother was sitting up, looking graceful and extremely beautiful.
He'd never tire of seeing her this way, Jerry knew, her nude body
glistening, her magniflcent tits thrusting out so proudly, their strong
nipples like luscious pink cherries.

She said softly, “Debbie is coming around, darling. Do you think you
can make it with her – with us – again, before she has to go home? She
can't stay over here with us all night, you know, as much as we would
like her to.”

“Sure,” he answered. “You were right, mom; screwing another woman is
exciting, but I'll always be hung up on your sweet pussy. Do you have
anything special in mind? I mean, I can see that you want to swing with
her yourself, and I can wait, or help you some way -“

Angela shook her head, the golden waterfall of her thick hair spilling
over the creamy roundness of her bare shoulders. “I can always do that,
but right now, I think I'd really enjoy you banging us both, or feeding
us your lovely cock, or doing all that.”

“I'm ready,” he said, fondling his prick and feeling the surge of bl**d
beginning to pack the shaft, knowing the lifting and swelling of his
ever ready cockhead.

On the bed, Debbie stirred, her eyes opening slowly, dark eyes with a
new and heady excitement moving within them like so many little hot
lights. “You two are talking about me as if I'm not here. Yes, I was
shaken clear down to my toes by what I did, and by what was done to me.
But I'm ready, too – for anything.”

“Okay,” Jerry said. “I don't know if you've ever eaten your husband's
cock, but from the way you talked about him only kissing your pussy, I
figure you haven't. So I'm going to fuck you for awhile first and get
you heated up again, then I'll feed you my meat. And if I can hold out
all right, I'll do the same thing to my mother, going back and forth
between you.

Debbie Carter trembled, but firmed her chin and repeated, “I'm ready.”

So he climbed onto the bed and set himself back between her chubby
thighs, comparing their ripe roundness with his mom's long, sleek ones,
and liking them both. Jerry didn't wait, didn't even take time to
caress the woman's mellow tits or to fondle her legs; he poised his
spread glans against the greasy lips of her shaggy cunt and speared up
into the drenched sheath of her vagina.

Already recovered from his last ejaculation, Jerry felt strong, as if
he could fuck all night and well into the next day, and he knew a
little twinge of regret that this lush and lovely woman couldn't remain
with them through the evening, sl**p with them. He drove his big staff
home to the hilt, lancing her deeply with its hardness and slamming the
head to the far end of her tight snatch, Debbie shook with the f***e of
that initial plunge, recovering to grind her pelvis avidly into his
own, humping swiftly and frantically to have herself another gratifying
orgasm, and he felt that she was also worrying about having to cut
short her screwing.

Stroking her until Debbie shuddered to a quick, wet climax, he pulled
out and climbed up her supine body, straddling it and bending down his
slippery prick to place it between the generous mounds of her breasts.
Squeezing the globes together with both hands, Jerry worked his ass
back and forth, sliding his balls over her warm skin, titty-fucking her
as she stared big-eyed down to watch his bulging knob pop out.

He took weight from her and leaned forward, letting go her breasts and
taking hold of her head. Debbie flinched. “I – I never did this before.
Will it hurt? It's so big, Jerry, I don't know if I can -“

Not giving the woman a chance to think it over and perhaps cop out
because of her programming, he f***ed the rubbery, slick bulb of his
reddened prick to her lips and commanded, “Eat it.”

Trembling, her red lips parted, and he thrust his cockhead between
them, giving her a taste of her own pussy as well, filling her startled
mouth with his glans. Her mouth was smaller than his mother's, he
found, and her cheeks puffed out as her tongue quivered beneath his
knob, but the cavity was just as hot and slippery, so he stroked it
gently into her face, the lightly haired sack of his balls against her
chin. He could feel the nipples of her big tits touching them below,
and exulted in the sensation of complete dominance over this lovely
woman, this other man's wife who had never eaten a cock before.

But as Debbie got into the swing of the act, and started to wiggle her
tongue around, Jerry remembered that his mother needed some more sex,
too, that she was waiting patiently beside them. He backed his tingling
prick from Debbie's lips and moved over.

One knee upon each side of his mom's golden head, he let her nibble at
his balls, and felt her agile tongue sliding up beneath his hard shaft
before it curled around his puffy knob. She took it into her lips, slid
the tip along the roof of her mouth, and her fingers toyed with the
rest of the pole she couldn't get inside, played with his balls.

His mother kept her blue eyes open, staring up into his, as if she was
also making a deeply moving physical contact that way, letting him see
the sensuous enjoyment she was getting from sucking on his cockhead.
She really knew how to do it, he thought, grinding his crotch and
working his glans around her mouth, over her tongue and against the
slidy heat of her inner cheeks.

But if he kept it up, he knew damned well she would make him come, and
Jerry wanted to satisfy her first. She moaned and made a face when he
slid his bulb from between her siphoning lips, but he drew it down
between the satin heapings of her breasts, then across the trembling
arch of her white belly. When he reached the sultry hairing of her
pulsing mound, his mom was lifting it to him, aching for the immersion
of his meat into her wetly eager snatch.

Closing about the smooth thrust of his prick, Angela's trained pussy
pulled him into its flexing depths, into the greasy, thrilling hole
that snugged it so well. Jerry held it shoved full length into her for
a long, erotic moment, not stroking as his mom wriggled passionately
upon the embedded knob. She had that very special moistness, that
particular motion that seemed more sexy than any other woman could
develop, and he adored the cunt he was jammed into.

Angela rode his staff with serpentine rollings of her svelte hips, with
lithe and hungry pistonings of her pelvis, and Jerry saw that she was
holding tightly to Debbie's hand. Forcing his stem more strongly up
against his mother's clitoral hood, he pumped steadily, trying to
concentrate on other things, in order to bring her to a good orgasm
without going off himself.

The husband next door, he thought; the cute girl who'd probably freak
right out if she could see what was happening upon this bed. If either
of the remaining Carter's saw their mother-wife bare-assed and panting
for him, they'd think they'd gone crazy. Or else, they'd get so hot
they couldn't stand it.

Almost as hot as he was getting, he thought, and was glad when his
mother shivered violently, her pussy thrumming around his sliding rod
as she came in a series of twisting humps of her crotch. Jerry let his
cock rest in her for awhile, scared to move for fear his semen would
come leaping out before he was ready and she felt so damned good, so
squishy and wiggly in the seething depths of her magic cunt.

It was several seconds before Jerry even dared to whip out his prick
and lean back upon his haunches. The air cooled his feverish cock
somewhat, and he saw that Debbie's eyes were fixed with fascination
upon the polished, reddened knob that glistened from the warm juices of
the pussy it had just left.

“I think I can make one more round,” he said, and moved over to place
himself between the woman's plush, thighs. The black dewiness of her
vulva shone up at him, anxious to be stretched once more by the long
thickness of his swollen prick.

Taking more time to let the pressure subside in his balls, he slipped a
finger into the red lips of her steaming labia, and probed the velvet
sleeve of Debbie's pussy for while, coming up as she squirmed to
manipulate her clit; it was bigger than his mom's, he discovered,
almost like a little prick standing out hard and trembling. Jerry
teased it until the woman came furiously, her marvelously haired snatch
bucking, as she cried out in intense pleasure.

When she had sagged back, he took out his finger and set the spongy
bulb of his rested prick into those beguiling, bearded cunt lips and
shoved. They opened to take him in, going elastic and spreading to
encircle the heavy roundness of his distended cock. His meat filled her
pussy, packed it from end to end, and Debbie wriggled upon it.

“It's always so big and hard,” she panted. “Oh, I can't believe that my
pussy can take it all. Ahh, darling! You touch bottom with every
stroke, and your cockhead feels like it's going to come out through my
stomach. Oh – ahh – lay it into my cunt, you sweet boy; fuck me over
and over, because I love you, because I adore that big, wonderful prick
of yours.”

Rocking backward and forward into the furry basket of her crotch, Jerry
hammered his shaft into her greedy snatch, building her to a softly
shrieking climax. Debbie's cunt tried to eat up his prick, clamping and
jerking upon it, and she clawed at his shoulders with hooked fingers as
she came, and came again.

Jerry's heart was pounding and his balls were threatening to blow
themselves apart. Swiftly, he yanked his slippery cock from the suction
of her undulating pussy and crawled back up Debbie's nakedly heaving
body. Catching her black hair in both hands, he lifted her face as he
guided the greasy head of his hard shaft against her gasping mouth. The
woman's red lips were soft, and he saw the flash of her white teeth
before the swollen bulb of his prick covered them.

“Eat It now,” he hissed, sliding his glans far into her mouth and
touching the tip of it against the silken goblet of her throat. “Gobble
it on down, Mrs. Carter – suck on my cock and lick it, as you never did
to your husband. I'm going to pump my come right on down your throat
this time, Debbie; you're going to swallow it all, drink it down.”

Maybe Debbie struggled a little, or she might have simply been eager to
get with it, but he held her head in position anyhow, and fed his meat
back and forth into her mouth. Jerry fucked her mouth, packed it and
stroked it, running his cockhead across her quivering tongue and over
the roof of her mouth, but being careful not to choke the woman as he
reached into her throat.

Like a steam line breaking, his prick suddenly jetted live hotness into
Debbie Carter's mouth, a gush of bubbling thick semen that puffed out
her cheeks and flooded her tongue. The rich cream hosed far back into
her throat, and she had to swallow rapidly, so she could breathe around
the deluge. Jerry felt a growing suction, a drawing pressure upon his
knob as the woman sucked upon it, as his vital juices flowed down her
throat and into her belly. She didn't flinch at her first inundation of
come, but reveled in its release, her eyes closed in rapture and her
full body arching.

Angela said softly, “Oh wow – she loves semen as much as I do; she's
just never had a chance to swallow it before. See, Jerry – in a way,
you got a cherry from her, did something to Debbie that no man ever
did. But every time you put that immense cock into a woman, it makes
her feels as if she's being fucked for the first time, anyhow.”

Holding it in the woman's mouth until she had drained the final droplet
of his juice, Jerry then backed it from her greedy lips and lifted
himself from off her body. He felt damned good, being able to turn on a
pair of such lovely women as these two, and even if there was a slight
nagging in the back of his head, a fear of discovery by Debbie's
husband, he sublimated it. Hell, he thought, lying down upon his back
between the two beautiful, warmly naked bodies, he would fuck Debbie
and his mom even if he knew somebody would beat the shit out of him
because of it.

He put a hand upon each of their palpitating cunts and cupped the hairy
mounds lovingly, his center flngers lightly probing the greasy slits
buried so deeply in different colored pubic hair. Snatches like these
should never be allowed to go to waste, and as long as he could raise a
hard, he would see to it that they didn't stay empty for long. And if
his cock went soft for some unknown reason, he'd pack each delicious
pussy with his tongue.

Besides, he thought, his mother and her best friend certainly had a
thing for each other, and they would soon be fulfilling their desires
in that direction. He would watch and join in, share them as they
shared their bodies and their love.

Nothing else mattered.

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