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Smile For The Camera

Sitting at his desk and reading what must have been his 500 th email of the day, Spencer heard a light knock at his office door. Looking up he was greeting by a lovely, smiling face attached to much better than average body on a woman he didn’t think he knew. More than happy for the interruption and pleased that it came from a female he said, “Hi. Come in, please.”

She stepped inside and appeared to be a little embarrassed, but said, “Hi. I’m Kate.” She paused a few seconds before adding, “I work down the hall in accounting. We haven’t really met, but I know who you are.” And a pause before she said, “I don’t want to take your time if you are busy.”

“Don’t be silly,” Spencer said sweetly. “Any time a beautiful woman wants to come into my office anything I might be doing becomes secondary.” He stood up and held out his hand. “Kate, I’m Spencer and now we are no longer strangers. Was there something that you and accounting needed from me?” As he spoke he pointed to a chair indicating that she should sit down. He watched carefully as she slipped into the chair, letting her skirt slip about halfway up her thigh. And what a lovely thigh it was.

Once she was seated he said, “How is it possible that someone as lovely as you has been working in this building and I haven’t noticed? Did you just start today?”

Kate blushed and said, “I’ve been here six months now, but you know how it is in the accounting department. We don’t get out much. Besides there are so many pretty women in this office that you would certainly never notice me.”

“As the official office bachelor it is my job to notice all of the pretty girls and to make non-appropriate remarks for which the management of this fine establishment will rebuke me. And I assure you, Kate that if I had seen you previously I would have certainly given you cause to make a formal complaint to HR.”

She blushed once again, but Spencer thought that he might have caught a twinkle in her eye. This one was going to be worth keeping an eye on, he thought to himself. “Was there something that you and accounting needed from me?”

Kate looked down and appeared to adjust the hem of her skirt. She hesitated before saying, “I’m not here on accounting business and if I’m disturbing you I can go away.”

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