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So I asked, “Do you trust me?”

That first meeting was so comfortable. And did I mention you are cute? OMFG! You are so cute. I just wanted to lay your ass across the table and jump your bones. I wanted to feel you filling me, and making my pussy convulse around you. But I could see you were stricken – I had you totally in my control. Just for fun, I decided to fuck with your head.

“Look, “ I said, “I know we agreed, no touching on the first meeting. But I am not going to lie. I want to jump your bones, right here, right now. Oh, stop salivating, I am not going to do that. How about we meet at the Jefferson next weekend. Can you make reservations?” 

You readily agreed. Too readily, it seemed to me. I decided to add a twist, and proceeded to send a few email messages during the week.

“I am a little scared. Do you mind if I set the pace?”

“ I understand. You may be totally in charge.”

“ I think I’d like to be able to keep you tied up, until I feel safe, is that okay?” I knew that you’d be completely into that, you’d told me many times, that you wanted to be tied up.

“OMG! That is so hot,” you responded.

So here we are. You’re tied to the chair, and I am watching your cock twitch, still spurting cum, while you sleep. It is beautiful. I look at the soft skin at the head, and I wish I could feel what you do, when you cum.. God, there is a lot. It is everywhere. I hope the Jefferson doesn’t ding us for an exra fee, to clean the chair and the rug.

Ah, you are coming to. Now’s my chance to really fuck with your head. You’re cute, and likeable. It wouldn’t take much to make me love you. I wonder how you will react to realizing you are tied up?

“Well,” I say, “the sleeping beauty wakes.” And I think, now is my chance to really fuck with his head.

“Do you trust me?” I ask. 

You answer in the affirmative, and I know I have you in my control. I decide to blindfold you, just to see what your reaction will be. Reaching past the folded fan in my purse, I select the black scarf I had worn earlier. I am certain that, having been around my neck, it is suffused with my personal mix of cinnnamon, vanilla and jasmine.

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