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Spring Break From BF

Introduction: I was in Europe away from my BF and cheated on him. He is a bit submissve so I make him get off on my infedelities. I was in Ireland for my Spring Break. I met some friends at my hostel and we went out to the bar area in Dublin. We saw some cute Irish guys. They were so charming with their accents! One of them seemed very interested in me. Next thing I know this Irish guy, William, is all over me at the bar. Complimenting my flat stomach and my face and anything he could think of. He bought me lots of drinks and we were having such a great time. Everyone was dancing around outside to street performers. BUT I had plans to leave Dublin that night and travel to Cork in the morning to meet some friends. I would be back in Dublin later that week. William clearly wanted to get some that night, but I gave him the number of the minutes phone I had borrowed from a teacher for the spring break trip and told him we could meet up in 4 days when I was back in Dublin. Sure enough he messaged me several times and we planed to meet up. I think I made my friends a little jealous because there was not a lot of transportation in Dublin late at night so they would have to spend the night at the airport. I on the other hand, had plans with William and since he wanted me so badly at this point, and was willing to drive me to the airport early in the morning, assuming he was going to get something out of the equation.

William picked me up from a hostel and told me to bring all my stuff, as I would be staying with him that night. We went out and partied hard with people from all over Europe. Then we went back to his place. He brought me up to his room and we immediately were making out on his bed. I was sitting up on my knees as both of us were pulling my clothes off and I squirmed about in a sexual way, knowing what was about to happen. I couldnt help much with his because I was pretty smashed at that point. He was a tall muscular guy. He got on top of me and I felt his warm cock against my wet pussy and clit. He worked fast and I could tell he knew what he was doing and that was exciting. I couldnt wait to get fucked by a pro.

I never got a good look at his cock cause it was so dark, but it sure felt enormous and hard while stretching me out and thrusting into me. He turned me over and I used all the energy I had left to hold myself up on all fours and allow him to pound me from behind like a dog. I had never been with a guy who was so much bigger than me physically before and it was exciting how he could dominate me and manipulate my body how ever he wanted. If only you were there so he could dominate you and make you clean us up. I was pretty out of it and at times I was aware of nothing other than the fact that my pussy was dripping wet around this Irish guys cock as I moaned. You have never made me this wet.

He kept talking dirty to me in that Irish accent saying my ass was so firm and my pussy was so tight. He told me I should leave you and be with a real mans cock like his. I actually didnt want him to take videos but I dont know what happened after I blacked out. He liked smacking my ass as he talked about it. I didnt know where I was or much about who I was with, so I had no inhibitions. I talked dirty and moaned and even screamed loudly as I came begging him to fuck me deeper and cum all over me. He seemed to really enjoy this. We switched positions a lot, with him guiding my practically incoherent body into whatever position he liked. He stuck it in my ass a few times and then in my mouth. It was the wildest sex I ever had. Way better than You.

He grabbed my breasts a lot and squeezed them, grabbed my neck and rubbed my clit from behind as I moaned with pleasure. He was doing me from behind like this when he came, he squirted cum all over my ass. I told him to use a condom when we were undressing, but I have no idea if he even had one. I had very little control over anything, but I didnt care, I liked it and I loved feeling his hot cum. He then scooped his cum from my ass and made me suck it off of his fingers. I was so gone at this point but the last thing I remember was tonguing his asshole while he sat at the edge of the bed while he cum on top of my head. Something I will never do for you. I think he used my hair to clean himself.

I either passed out or blacked out at some point but that didnt stop him from fucking me and cumming on me several times. I don t remember but when I woke up, I was covered in cum and I had missed my flight. I had asked William to set an alarm, but I guess he was too busy thrusting his cock into my pussy and wherever else he wanted. I guess he cum in my mouth since I still tasted it. He drove me to the airport and paid for me to take a later flight which cost over 100 Euro (almost $200) Basically he paid $200 to fuck me like a piece of shit whore. I will always be Williams little cum slut whore and imagine his cock when Im with you.

After I wrote this story William sent me a video via email to show me what happened when I blacked out. I saw myself lying face down on the bed and then William and a friend walk up an get on top of me. It looked like he started peeing on my ass a little and then lubed up his cock to fuck my ass. William got underneath to fuck my pussy while his friend was in my ass but I dont think it worked too well because I am a very small girl. That was the end of the video but he said he would send more.

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