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Step s****rs head

Kelly was my step s****r my parents met about 15 years ago and mum had 1 c***d Kelly who was fantastic, we got on from day 1 and we are very close, it was now coming up to my 18th birthday and Kelly asked if there was anything special I would like for a present, I knew she was only working part time so didn’t want to ask for much, I cheekily said wouldn’t mind a snap shot of her naked and laughed “perv” was her reply we giggled and sat chatting, I said whatever she could afford but I would like a card.

The following day I woke early and opened my cards, money. Vouchers, and good wishes, all the usual stuff really I had my holiday to look forward to as I had worked real hard at my exams and now needed a good blow out with my mates, Kelly walked into the living room and sat next to me given me a hug “happy birthday squirt here’s your card and a little something for whenever you want to cash it in” as I opened the card the envelope said DO NOT OPEN UNTIL LATER, I said thanks and looked confused, “oh I think you will like it” Kelly said and giggled before going off to work.

I was very suspicious of what was in the envelope and went to the bedroom and opened it, I could not believe what it was “this entitles the holder to 1 blow job call this number when it is needed” Kelly xxx. The rumours’ of Kelly giving amazing blow jobs I had heard and had never disappointed any guy also she swallowed another added bonus, I had been given hand jobs and had sex but never been with anyone that gave head, the thought of getting head made me stiff as a board, and laid on the bed rubbing my cock until I blew a huge load, wow what a start to my 18th birthday, a invite of getting head and a good wank besides everything else it was turning into a decent day.
I had spied on Kelly she had a amazing body nice tits a shaved pussy and a great ass, the phone rang it was Kelly “hey how’s the birthday boy, no doubt you know what you’re present is” she laughed “ermmm yes I do and thank you wasn’t expecting that” Kelly laughed “I will be taking phone calls from 4pm” “ermmmm ok maybe I will make one at 4pm then” as I go sorted and went around to my mates for a while, we had a kick about and went into town for a while, I said I would meet them later for a few beers and went home. My parents had gone out and left a note saying they would be back later, picking up my phone I phoned Kelly “hello how may I help you” I burst out laughing “were the hell did that come from you daft bitch”. I cleared my throat and said I was calling about the voucher and wanted to cash it in, Kelly said she would be home shortly.

I felt nervous as getting naked in front of my step s****r, was nerve wracking enough but her going down on me was even worse, I just hope I didn’t do a false start. Kelly arrived home and sat in the living room, “I hope you ain’t got crusty cock” “piss off” as we both laughed kneeling in front of me Kelly rubbed the front of my trousers, “mmm seems he is not asl**p” and bit her bottom lip I reached forward and felt her tits her rock hard nipples felt so good “oi who said you could touch” she snapped “oh sorry but they are beautiful” Kelly giggled “it ok do you want to see them then”? I nodded my head as she took her top off and bra I was right they were beautiful perfectly round and topped with dark pink nipples that were as hard a rock, again a gently felt them as my cock jumped from semi hard to rock solid, “oh mmmmmm seems little Chris wants to come out and say hi” as I lay back and watched as Kelly undid the zip and my cock sprung out “HOLY HELL THAT’S NOT LITTLE CHRIS” as she licked her lips and gently rubbed it.

Kelly looked in amazement at my large hard cock gently she sucked the head, whilst slowly rubbing it, I groaned as the pleasure was amazing, her tongue wrapped around the head like a snake, as Kelly lowered her head a bit further, drawing slowly up and then down again, her hand massaged my balls as I watched her head move up and down, I could feel her warm mouth taking every inch, as I lay back enjoying my present Kelly rubbed my cock hard before going deep throat, how I didn’t blow my load amazed me, I felt it slip down her throat, the rumours’ had been true no gag and fucking amazing blow job, Kelly said she was horny and her panties dripping wet, I asked to feel them as she stood up and lifted her skirt.

I felt how wet they where and could feel her tight little cunt, “damn that feels tight Kelly” “Oh it is not had cock for a few weeks, could do with something nice and big right this moment” again that naughty school girl look made me hornier than ever, I slowly rubbed my cock and stood up. Kelly knelt down and bent over the sofa I pulled her panties down and buried my face in her pussy and ass, she gasped as my tongue lapped up her sweet juices, Kelly moaned and orgasmed begging for me to fuck her with my big cock, as I guided it into her gash I felt how tight she really was, I could feel her lips spread, holding her hips I started to fuck her slowly.

Her moaning and begging was turning me on so much I could feel my cock getting thicker, stretching her pussy wider Kelly said she was Cumming, I could feel my cock start to twitch and groaned as I couldn’t hold back any longer and filled her pussy, my cock pulsed as Kelly climaxed like mad, before I went soft and slipped out, I could see how my load had filled her pussy, Kelly reached in between her legs and dragged her finger along her slit “mmmmmm damn that was fun, wasn’t expecting you to be that big” she laughed I looked as she turned around “wow what a present thanks Kelly” she smiled “no thank you god not cum like that in ages” as I stood up she told me to stand in front of her, as I did she gently sucked my cock and felt my balls.
The week after I went on holiday, getting d***k and getting laid like a employed whore, I got a message from Kelly saying she was going to be there to collect me when I got back, I was looking forward to seeing her as we had never really been apart, she picked me up from the airport as I said bye to my mates, as we drove home we chatted, Kelly confessed she had been thinking of my cock since that day, pulling over she told me to lay back and let her take care of me, as I watched she undid my trousers and rubbed my cock, before long I was rock hard her head bobbed up and down on the head as her hard rubbed my shaft, gradually she sucked further and further down and before long she was giving some serious deep throat, massaging my balls saying how full they felt, I told her I had not cum in a few days, as she sucked harder telling me to empty them down her throat, I reached behind and gently felt her ass, I had to admit it was a great ass, as my fingers slipped into her wet cunt, a slight gasp from Kelly was more than she needed to suck it harder, I groaned and blew my cream, Kelly swallowed like mad and not spilling one drop, she sat up and licked her lips, there finally giving you your birthday present, I smiled and looked at how her nipples pushed her top out,

Lifting her top and undoing her bra I sucked hard and flicked her nipples with my tongue Kelly groaned like mad, “oh god yes make me cum” as she cradled my head I sucked like a hungry baby trying to get milk, Kelly started to breath more rapid and said she was Cumming pushing my hand up her skirt I felt how damp her panties were, rubbing like mad Kelly couldn’t stop and cum repeatedly before she couldn’t no more, “mmmmm we better get home before mum and dad ask what we’ve been doing. All the way home we chatted about the holiday and how many times I got laid adding a further once on way home.
Kelly and I decided to have more fun on a few occasions when our parents had gone out, nearly getting caught on one occasion, if I had left my cock in her 10 seconds longer they would of caught it slipping out of her cum filled cunt……………………………….

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