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Strange night at a club

I received a phone call from a friend telling me one of our friends was having a party for his sons birthday. It had been years since I had seen him. After time in the service, we drifted apart. Thinking it would be nice to see him again, I agreed to meet them at a club across country. At the time I was living in Montana, I booked a flight to Nevada and made reservations for a room at a nice hotel outside of Reno. Not realizing how hot it was, the clothes I packed were to heavy to wear. Being there for just a few days I bought a couple of pairs of pants and some shirts there. I showered and dressed to go out, but when I stepped outside it was still over 100 degrees. I went back in and took off my t-shirt and boxers. The feeling of freedom was exciting but a bit cooler.
I grabbed a taxi and made it to the club early. I met up with my friend who called me. We talked a bit and I agreed to slip in the back of the room and walk up behind him and stand there.
I seen a few friends I hadn't seen in a few months and others I still get around to every month or so. We told them our plan , and not to let on what I was doing. People poured in the building and it was getting crowded, which worked out for my plans. Danny was at the front bar with his f****y and friends drinking and they were toasting his son. I was at the back bar watching everyone when I felt a hand brush my crotch. Not thinking anything about it I stood there. A minute later I feel the hand again, this time more of a grope than a brush. Before I could see where it's owner was, gone into the crowd it went. Now I'm puzzled, is it a woman, or a man that's doing it, is it some one I know? Surely they don't know I'm not wearing any underwear. Looking around I don't see anyone I know, or anyone else looking my way. I set my attention to the front of the club, waiting for the right time to sneak up behind Danny and surprise him. Once again the hand felt my dick, not moving I wanted to see how far they were going to go. I moved my leg to give who ever it was a little more room to feel around. After a minute or so I seen my friend motion to me, and made my way to the front. When I was close, someone got Dannys attention, giving me a chance to stand next to him at the bar. When I was in position the group of people moved in closer. I was about to tap him on the shoulder when the mystery hand showed up. Not wanting to start something right now I quickly reached down and held the hand in place, pushing it hard against my stiffing dick. They must have taken the hint, I felt a second hand in back of me, both pulling my shirt up out of my pants allowing it to hide my now fully erect dick and them tugging at my zipper. I reached down to hold it in place so I could get dannys attention. He turned to see who was tapping him on the shoulder. He spun around and our eyes met. His face lit up and he gave me a hug, saying that he was told I couldn't be found. Everyone laughed and said we got you. We proceed to do some hard drinking. I let go of the mystery hand, which in the crowd was unnoticed pulling down my fly. As it reached in my pants I parted my legs, and pushed my hips forward. I felt them reach in a take hold of me and stroke me, after a few minutes I realized I lost track of Danny. I leaned back and turned so I could finely see who it was. A boy, about eighteen was behind me. I said let's go back to the rear bar and talk. We made it to the back area and found two stools. I thanked him for all the attention he was giving me and asked why. He said "do I not look fimilier". I studied his face for a few minutes, then asked him if his fathers name was Mike, the man who called and set this all up. He smiled and said he was Mike junior and his father and I used to fool around back in school. I said I completely forgot about that. He said that when his dad found out he enjoyed being with guys more than girls, he said Mike told him about me and him back in school. As we talked he managed to unbutton my pants and pull my dick out and stroke me while we sat at the back seats at the dark side of the bar. I said if you don't stop I'm going to cum. Jr. Smiled and said I hope so. I took my shirt and covered up my cock just before I came to stop it from shooting up on the bar. Jr. Kept stroking me till I went limp, then sucked his fingers clean. I took my drink and spilt it on me to descise my cum stain. I told him where I was staying and invited him to come up later.
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