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Strip Poker and Speedos part 1:

My best friend Bob and I were in junior high school and we were
inseparable. We had been friends since the third grade and even chipped in
to buy Jackie a birthday present in the fourth grade since we both liked
her. We played together every weekend and even camped out at his house when
he got a tent for Christmas.

Bob's dad was a doctor, and this was an amazing tent with more than enough
room for two energetic seventh grade boys. The night started with us eating
snacks and playing cards until I suggested that we play strip poker and Bob
agreed. It was a warm Louisiana evening and we played Black Jack. Whoever
lost the hand had to remove an article clothing. We each had seven articles
on. I lost first and took off my shirt exposing my thin smooth 12 year old
chest and my little brown nipples. I lost again and took off my shorts
exposing my white Fruit of the Loom tightly whiteys. I was sitting there on
the floor of the tent with a small tent of my own still wearing my socks
and shoes. I was not at all self conscious and liked it when Bob checked me
out my sneaking glances at my undies. Finally, Bob lost a hand and took off
a shoe. I called him a chicken and we started wrestling. I was surprised to
feel his hard boy cock inside his shorts while we struggled to pin each
other down. We got sweaty and Bob finally dominated me by getting me on my
back while sitting on my stomach with his hands pinning down my arms. He
threatened to let spit fall from his mouth by letting some hang from his
mouth before sucking it back in. I was struggling to get free, laughing,
and begging him not to drop a loogie on my face. Finally, he let one rope
of spit go too far and landed in my open mouth. That was it. While he was
shocked, I spit it out and turned the tide to my advantage by pinning him
to the floor of the tent while sitting astride his butt. I put my arms down
on his back and did my best to keep him from turning over. I was still hard
and my four inch long boy cock– still in my undies–was wedged in his ass
crack. He flipped over and we struggled some more while I tried to pull off
his t-shirt since he had been to chicken to take it off himself. He finally
removed the shirt before I ripped it and said, "Okay, now can we go on with
the poker game?" His chest was just like mine except his skin was whiter
and his nipples seemed more pink.

Both of us were out of breath and really sweaty, so we got some Gator Aid
and kept playing. I lost again and took off my undies. Bob died
laughing. He could not believe I would take off my underwear and leave my
socks and shoes on. My smooth balls were hanging low because of the heat,
but I still had a hard on. Bob laughed and asked me, "Does that thing ever
go down?"

I responded, "I don't really know b*o. It's got a mind of its own." I had a
winning streak for a while and Bob was barefooted and down to his tight
white underwear. It was obvious that his cock was also thinking hard.

I was still in my socks and shoes when Bob said, "Let's make this
interesting. The first one to lose all his clothes has to run down to the
corner and back naked. The odds were in my favor of winning since I had
still had 4 things left to lose–both socks and both tennis shoes–so I
took the bet. As luck would have it, Bob went on a winning streak and in no
time I was down to one sock. He still had on his underwear and a hard
on. In the final hand Bob was dealt a Queen face up and I got a two. Holy
shit. After he got his face down card, Bob did not take a hit. Since I was
dealt a Jack face down, I decided to take a hit. Lo and behold Bob dealt me
a ten. I busted. Bob was cracking up and reminded me that a bet's a bet, so
I had to run. I took a look out of the tent and the street was quiet. It
was nearly midnight. I begged him to be a sport and run with me. I even
offered a new bet. The first one back to the tent had to take the next
dare. So there we were–two twelve years olds running for the stop sign
under the street lights–one very white blonde-haired boy wearing underwear
and one with brown hair and tanned skin wearing nothing at all–my white
ass glowing in the dark. We raced like our lives depended on it. Just after
we both ran around the stop sign, with me in the lead, a car came down the
street with its lights shining on us. We ran even faster with our hearts
beating in our throats when the driver rolled down his window. It was a
high school-aged boy who yelled, "Look at the little fag with the teenie
weenie!" I looked down and realized he was right. Funny thing fear. It had
ruined my erection. When I was soft, my cock was two inches long at best. I
was humiliated and ran straight for the cover of the tent. I got their
first, panting and sweating, feeling like a fool.

Bob, on the other hand was laughing like crazy. "I am sure glad I wasn't
naked. That guy in that car is John David, and he lives just down the
block. Dude, you are so busted. If even made fun of your dick, Matt."

"He's not the first one to make fun of me man. Last week after PE when we
were undressing for showers, Joey laughed and said, 'You got a little dick,
b*o.' Hey, compared to him, I am small."

"Dude, compared to most guys, you are small," Bob said.

"Look, Bob," I shot back. "We are both the same size man. If I'm small,
then so are you b*o." I immediately went for his Fruit if the Looms and
pulled them down knocking Bob onto his sl**ping bag.

"What the fuck?" Bob yelled, caught off guard.

Now it was my turn to laugh. "Look, man. Our dicks are almost exactly the
same except I already have a few hairs and you're still bald. And, I can
also outrun you which reminds me, you owe me a dare."

"You're right man. But first, would you mind giving me my underwear back?"

"No way, Jose. I'm keep these until you do the dare. Who needs underwear,
anyhow? It's just us two guys here. I think it feels awesome hanging out
like this."

"Whatever, man," Bob responded. "Maybe John David was right; you are a

"Take that back," I demanded tackling Bob. We began to wrestle again. This
time, however, we were both naked. "I'm not a fag. You are!"

I pinned him down on his back. In that position my cock landed right on top
of his. I pinned his arms down and paused a minute to catch my breath sweat
dripping from my forehead landing on him.

It was then that I realized our two inch twelve-year-old cocks had started
growing. It felt so good.

"Get off of me," Bob begged. "Dude this is getting weird."

"Who gives a shit if it's weird. It feels pretty awesome right?" I began to
rub my hard cock against his.

"This is so gay b*o."

"Do you want to to stop?" I asked.

"What if my mom or dad come out to check on us?" Bob asked.

"Look, b*o, it's after midnight. They are dead asl**p." I smiled. His green
eyes were so nice.

"Dude we are both hard as rocks. I guess that makes us both…"

"Horny?" I asked.

"No, dude, the word is 'gay.'"

"Maybe you're right dude, but this is fucking amazing right?" I smiled

"I have to admit it. It feels so good Matt."

"Are you ready for your dare?" I asked.

"You bet your white ass I'm ready."

"Man, I dare you to kiss me?"

"Are you serious man? Like a guy and a girl, dude?" he asked.

"No, like two guys. Just close your eyes," I replied. I closed mine too and
began to move toward his mouth. When our lips touched, I realized how dry
my lips were, so I stuck out my tongue to wet them. When I did, he stuck
his tongue out too and it felt crazy good. For the next few minutes we were
both lost in this amazing moment–tongues inside each other's mouths; four
inch cocks oozing all over; hearts beating like tribal drums; and slim,
nearly hairless bodies writhing on the vinyl floor of the dark tent. My
tanned body contrasted with his fair white one. We were both fit from the
past year we had spent in our Speedos on the swim team at the YMCA.

After enjoying the most erotic kiss of our boyhoods, we finally rolled off
of one another and lay there in the dark on our backs holding hands. We
were both panting as if we had just finished a hard swim practice and were
covered in precum, saliva, and sweat.

Once his breathing returned to normal, Bob was the first to speak, "Wow
Matt! This is unbelievable, b*o. Who would ever have thought two boys who
had a crush on the same girl in the fourth grade would be crushing on each
other in the seventh."

I turned on my side to face him. His blonde wavy hair, crooked smile, and
swimmer's body combined to create a beautiful boy. "I have to admit, that I
never thought you would get into something like this. I realized I liked
guys in the sixth grade when I had a crush on Randy Hebert, " I admitted.

"No way! Randy Hebert? Did you ever tell him?"

"I hardly ever spoke to him. I liked him a lot though. He was a really good
soccer player, and always looked amazingly neat even after a long hot

"So, who do you like now?" Bob asked with his red lips turned up at the
corners into a seductive smile.

"I'm not really sure," I laughed. "I've got really low standards though. I
guess you'll do."

"What the fuck? I'll do? I guess I am going to have to kick your ass." Once
again, the two of us started wrestling again. Our cocks grew hard almost
instantly. I felt his against my back when he pinned me on my stomach
briefly. Once I broke free and gained the advantage, I felt my cock on top
of his hard-on when I managed to straddle him and pin his arms above his
head. "Okay I win," I claimed. "So, are you ready for your next dare?"

"You bet I am," Bob responded impulsively, "Just get off of me, okay?"

Once again we were lying side by side. I took Bob's hand and said, "I dare
you to touch my dick." I put his hand on my hard boycock.

He wrapped his fingers around it and said, "Awesome, it feels both hard and
hot." Using our combined sweat and precum as a lubricant, he started to
stroke me.

I closed my eyes and saw rainbows and starlight. It felt so good. No one,
but me, had ever touched my hard cock, and I was happy Bob was the
first. He stroked hard and fast. Pumping my cock faster and faster like he
knew what he was doing. I reached down to feel my balls and realized that
they had drawn up into my hairless sack. I knew what this meant. In mere
seconds, before I could warn Bob, I starting shooting. Three ropes of cum
erupted from my dick landing all over my hard stomach and tanned chest. It
was amazing. I heard myself chanting without even thinking of how loud I
was: "Oh, fuck, oh fuck!"

It was at that moment that I heard laughing from outside the tent. The next
second the entire tent collapsed on top of us. "What the fuck?"

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