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Strip Poker and Speedos: Part 2

Don't read this story if you're under 18, easily upset or have problems
(serious or minor) with gay-themed erotic stories. If your country/area of
residence says this is naughty and i*****l, well, I'm afraid I don't have a
"get out of jail free" card you could use. Please, use your common
sense. While the characters in the stories may or may not practice
safe-sex, you really should. Not that you're foolish enough to eschew
condoms merely because fictional characters don't use them, are you?

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Strip Poker and Speedos: Part 2

Even though it was a few days after Christmas, it was an unseasonably warm
night in Louisiana. After all the wrestling and playing we had done, we
were both covered in cum and sweat. And, to make matters worse, we were
both naked. With the nylon of the tent upon us and the pumping of
adrenaline through our fearful twelve-year-old veins, it was hard to think
straight. How were we supposed to extricate ourselves from the tent and
cover up the fact that Bob had just jacked me off. In addition, how would I
explain yelling, "Oh fuck, oh fuck," over and over again before hearing the
laughter of the practical joker who had just untied the center section of
the tent causing it to collapse. This was so confusing and totally
humiliating, but we could not remain in the hot suffocating nylons folds of
the tent forever. Bob was the first to step outside of the tent into the
lazy light of the moon. I followed closely behind him.

Less than ten feet in front of us with his cell phone aimed at us, grinning
like the devil, was John David. He was the same guy who had caught me
running naked down the street around midnight and who had made fun of the
size of my dick. Now, before I could think fast enough to cover my face or
my soft two-inch long cock, I realized that he was taking pictures of Bob
and me. Why was this handsome, athletic high school boy messing with two
seventh grade k**s?

"So, Bob and Tiny, you guys care to explain what you were doing in there?"
John David asked.

"Nothing man. Just playing cards and Truth or Dare," Bob said.

"Really?" John David asked. "So, why are you naked?"

"It's kind of hard to explain," I offered.

"Well, you'd better think of an explanation pretty quick, or I am going to
send pictures of you two naked fags to every guy and girl I know."

"Look, we're not fags. It is just that it is hot in the tent, and it was
just us guys. Nothing happened, I swear," Bob replied on the verge of

"Hold on a minute, Bobby. If what you are saying is true, then why is there
cum on Tiny's stomach and why was one of you yelling 'Oh fuck' over and
over again?"

I started self-consciously wiping the cum off of my stomach before I
realized that I had nothing to use to wipe it off of my hands. So, I
started nervously rubbing my hands together. As bad as this situation was
and as scared as I was, I could not get over how amazingly sexy this high
school asshole was. He had long brown hair which was pulled back in a pony
tail, he was shirtless with quarter-sized brown nipples, and all he was
wearing was a pair of red basketball shorts and flip flops. The light of
the moon revealed that his legs were as smooth as Bob's legs were, and his
well-defined chest was hairless as well. Apparently, he had walked over to
fuck with us from his house which was just a few doors down from Bob's

"Okay," I started, not knowing where I was going. "The whole thing was my
idea. I talked Bob into playing strip poker. When you saw me running naked
down the street earlier tonight, I had just lost the last hand of strip
poker. The reason there is cum on my chest is because I talked Bob into
letting me jack him off. It wasn't his idea. You heard Bob yelling." At
this point I realized I had been tugging on my cock while I had been
nervously yammering on and on. "Look, Bob is straight. He never even
touched me. If you want to mess with one of us, mess with me. I guess I
deserve it. And, by the way, my name is Matt, not Tiny."

"Look, little b*o, I'll have to admit that for a fag, you've got balls."
John David smiled, and he was even more handsome. He had full lips and
straight, perfect teeth. Even his thick brown eyebrows were sexy.

I reached down and scratched between my two nuts and said, "Thanks, I
guess. Look, John David, I'll do anything to protect Bob. He is my best
friend, and I don't want everyone thinking bad about him."

"Did I hear you correctly, Matt? You will do anything? I was hoping you
would say that," John David said sneering at me. He reached down and
adjusted his cock inside his shorts.

"Yea. I meant it," I replied. I think I had an idea where this was going.

In the meantime, Bob started retying the center section of the tent to the
pole and resurrecting the collapsed tent. "Hey, John David, can we talk
about this inside the tent, please?" Bob asked. He was afraid all of this
talking was going to wake up his mom and dad.

"I guess that's cool. I don't want the whole world to see me talking to two
naked seventh graders in the middle of the night anyhow. I saw him adjust
his crotch again while he talked. It looked like he was getting hard.

Once we were all inside the tent, Bob turned on the lantern. Looking into
John David's blue eyes, I said, "Look man, I think I know what you want."

John David licked his lips and grabbed his cock a third time. "Matt, I
think I've got something here that you want. Am I right? You want to get me
off, don't you?"

Before I could stop myself, I realized I was nodding my head. "Look, I'll
do it if you promise one thing. You won't send any of the pictures you took
of Bob to anyone. Do we have a deal." I reached out my hand to shake his.

"Okay, Tiny, I mean Matt, you have my word that I'll delete the pics of
Bob. He is safe," John David replied shaking my hand. I could feel a surge
of electricity flow from him to me, and my cock started to grow.

"Awesome," Bob said. "Thanks man." At this point Bob was sitting down on
his sl**ping bag Indian style. He had not bothered to put any clothes on. I
guess since I was still naked, he thought that ├┐it would not be fair.

"Alright, John David, for me to finish my part of the deal, you are going
to have to lose those shorts," I said.

"Damn, you are one eager little fag, aren't you?" John David asked. First
he removed the rubber-band from his hair and shook his head removing the
ponytail. His wavy hair was somewhat thick and long, falling well past his
broad shoulders. I looked at it wondering why his body was hairless for
swimming, but the hair on his head was so long. All I knew was I wanted to
let my short hair grow to be as long as his. Next, he started tugging down
his red shorts.

"Do you want me to remove them for you?" I asked.

"No, it's cool. I can take care of this myself." Once he removed his
shorts, I was both surprised and pleased to see that his was wearing a pair
of Speedos. They fit his body perfectly. They had one inch sides and had a
fish scale design. His hard teenaged cock was pointing to the right toward
his hip. It looked like it might break free of the confines of the tiny
Speedo at any moment. It was obvious that his years on the high school swim
team had resulted in hard quads, flat abs, and biceps the size of
peaches. He was perfection.

"Please let me take your Speedos off for you," I begged kneeling down at
his tanned feet.

"Suit yourself, fag," he replied with his hands on his hips.

First I lifted the suit off of his right hip to free his veiny cock which
was straining the nylon of the suit. When it sprung free, a drop of precum
flew off the tip and hit my cheek. As I pulled the tight suit down his
muscular legs, I got a good close look at his uncut cock and smooth
balls. They are the size of ripe plums. What surprised me, however, was
that he was completely smooth. He did not have a single pubic hair or any
body hair at all for that matter. I looked up and him and he could sense
my confusion.

"Look," he said, "all of the guys on the swim team shave down before a
meet. We take it very seriously and shave everything off. Besides my
swimsuit is so small, that my pubes show over the waist band if I don't
shave them off." I could tell by his brief Speedo tan that he really did
like his swimsuits small. Now that he was as naked as Bob and me, he lay
down on my sl**ping bag on his back with his hands behind his head. His
long brown hair was splayed across my pillow, and I could see that even his
armpits were smooth. I thought it was funny that Bob and I could not wait
to grow hair in the same places that he worked hard to keep smooth. "Go
ahead, Matt," John David interrupted my thoughts, "touch it."

I tentatively reached toward his hard shaft, my hand trembling. He had no
way of knowing that I had never wrapped my fingers around anyone's cock but
my own. I was nervous, but I was also very excited. So excited, in fact,
that by little cock had inflated to its full four inches of rock hard
meat. I finally did it. My twelve-year-old hand was wrapped around his
sixteen-year-old tube of pulsing flesh. I froze.

When I hesitated, John David opened his eyes. He put his hand upon my hand
and said, "Matt, your secret is safe with me, but a deal is a deal, and I
am really horny. I can tell you are scared, but I can also tell you want to
do this. Look at your cock, b*o. I guess I can't call you Tiny anymore. It
looks like your dick has doubled in size." He laughed and that put me at
ease. In the meantime, Bob had turned off the lantern. The only light in
the tent was the moon's rays which were filtered through the mesh panel on
the door to the tent.

I started off by playing with the skin on the head of his cock. I had never
seen an uncircumcised prick before, and I wanted to figure out how it
worked. When I pulled the foreskin back, I could see that his dick was
drooling a lot of precum. So, I used it to lubricate his pulsing penis. I
started slowly at first to stroke from the base to the tip, each time
forcing the loose skin over the head. It felt like steel covered in
velvet. I liked everything about it. Most of all, I knew that I wanted to
please John David. He reminded me of the drawings of Apollo in my book on
Greek myths.

As I began to feel more confident, I began to stroke his cock firmly and
quickly. His moans let me know I was really turning him on. I then took my
free hand and began to fondle his balls. They felt hot and very sensual in
my hands. I could not believe that this handsome swimmer was letting me
masturbate him. This was better than my wildest wet dream. He was real, and
he was panting, squirming, and whimpering because of the pleasure I was
giving him.

Even though my arm was growing tired, I did not slow down. Up and down I
pumped and pumped bring him closer and closer to his climax. I could not
wait to see his pearly white semen spew into the air and land all over his
hard, nicely muscled body. I looked over at Bob, whom I thought had fallen
asl**p. Boy was I wrong. He had his turgid boy meat in his hand and he was
stroking his own cock to the same rhythm I had established on John David's
cock. I had forgotten that, in reality, he had not shot a load yet
tonight. His eyes were filled with lust as he watched my right hand pumping
up and down on John David's dick. I took in every detail with my own blue
eyes. I wanted to be able to recall this moment forever especially when I
was stroking my own cock when I was all alone.

Suddenly, John David's legs began to flex and he started moving his
muscular ass off of the floor of the tent up and down to better fuck my
fist. He was close, he was gasping for breath, and he was desperate to
cum. His smooth ball sack started to draw up, and he was moaning loudly
with his eyes closed. Damn, was he ever sexy.

Whimpers from Bob drew my attention from Apollo. His hard boycock starting
shooting into the air–one, two, three spurts landed on his hard belly. It
was so hot to see my best friend cum. This was a night I would never

Moments later John David starting flexing his white ass cheeks in and out;
taking quick, short breaths; and he began to fill the air with teen boy
juice. Rope after rope shot from his six-inch long teencock landing on his
hard abs and square pecs. He must have been saving up cum for a week,
because he covered himself. The combined smells of sweat, sex, and cum
filed the tent.

I continued to tug on John David's beautiful dick until he put his hand on
mine indicating that he was too sensitive for me to continue to simulate
the head of his cock. "His eyes finally opened and he smiled."That felt so
good, Matt. You've got amazing skill, b*o. I needed that so much. There's
just one problem man. I'm covered in my cum little man."

"I'm sorry, John David. You're right, you are a ness, but I don't have
anything to clean you with."

"Think again, Matt. You've got a tongue and a mouth. Use them both to clean
me up, fag. I've been told it tastes better while it's still warm," John
David said.

I looked over at Bob. He had wiped up the cum from his stomach with his
middle finger. When he was certain I was watching, he licked it off his
finger and winked at me. That was the encouragement I needed. I leaned over
John David, put my hands on the ground on either size of his chest, and
bent toward his hard pecs. Using my tongue and lips, I started with his
right nipple and licked his juice off until the nipple grew hard. His cum
was still warm, and tasted like a salty cream. What a rush. I had this
masculine boy's cum in my mouth, and it was turning me on, so I
swallowed. I began to use my lips and tongue together to bathe his pec
until it was cum-free. Next, I moved across to his left pec and starting
licking up the cum splats from this side of his chest. I became aware that
as I bent over his warm body, my cock was rubbing on his left side, leaving
the precum that was oozing from my cock-head on this sexy teen's body.

I continued to move across his hairless body from drop to drop licking the
cum off of him. As I cleaned him up, like a kitten drinking milk, he began
to rub the top of the short brown hair on my head. He was gentle and his
sensual smile moved me.

I could not believe how much juice his plum-sized balls had produced. I
moved to his ripped abs and licked the white spunk from each
ridge. Finally, I pushed my tongue into his belly button and cleaned the
batter from it. When I inspected his torso, it was gleaming with my saliva,
and it was clean.

I looked at John a David for his approval, and he said, "Awesome, Matt. For
a cum-hungry fag, you're pretty cool. Come here little b*****r. He motioned
for me to lie beside him as he turned onto his side. So, I crawled next to
him and and rolled over onto my side. He pulled me closer to him and
nestled his soft uncut cock into the crack of my ass. Then, he surprised
the hell out if me by softly kissing the back of my neck while he reached
over me and wrapped his fingers around my cock. His touch was featherlight
as he felt my boy-sized dick grow in his hand. Finally, he reached down and
cupped my balls in his hand. I was in the moment and fought the urge to try
to figure all of this out. I dozed off in John David's arms hoping Bob's
parents would not come out in the morning and find two naked boys cuddling
in the tent.

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