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Strip Poker and Speedos: Part 3 (Revised)

Strip Poker and Speedos: Part 3

I awoke as the morning light filtered in through the mesh-covered
windows of Bob's tent. It took less than a second for the night's events to
come tumbling into my brain. It had been both the scariest and most sensual
night of my young life. First, my best friend Bob and I admitted that we
had a crush on one another, and he had even kissed me and jacked me off. It
had been way better than any of my boy-meets-boy fantasies had ever been.

Now, there I was, only twelve years old, in the infancy of puberty,
lying next to one of the sexiest boys I had ever seen, and he was sixteen
years old. He had the body of a young man while I was still very much a
boy. Why had he chosen me? I am sure that nearly very girl and most every
boy–both gay and straight–in his high school would relish feeling his
warm hard cock in their hands. I am not k**ding when I say he looked like a
Greek god.

He was still sound asl**p lying uncovered on his back, so I could
deliberately absorb every square inch of his amazingly fit body into my
overcharged, very gay brain. I started with his head. His wavy long brown
hair was neatly splayed on the pillow behind his head. It looked like I
imagine a pretty girl's hair looking while she slept. Do not get me wrong;
his body was not feminine at all. However, his hair was beautiful and full
as were his lips.

Impulsively I bent over him and gently kissed his lips. Then, I
remembered that he had gently kissed me on the back of my neck before we
both dozed off. He actually liked me enough to kiss me and gently caress my
boy-sized cock and my hairless g****-sized balls. On the other hand, he had
also threatened to send naked pictures of Bob and me with cum on my belly
to all of his friends. He had also called me names like tiny and fag over
and over, yet he knew that cum tasted better while it was still warm. I
seemed to me that he probably liked boys as much as I did. Why else would
he have fallen asl**p spooning me.

I could accept that he liked boys as much as I did, but why did he start
off acting like such as asshole? Then again, I actually liked it when he
called me names; it was just like when that seventh grade boy in P.E. named
Joey made fun of my little cock. Even though I wish mine was nice and plump
like his was when I was soft, I did not feel humiliated. I liked the
attention, especially from hot boys like John David and Joey. Somehow, I
was not insecure about my body. Maybe it was because Bob and a lot of other
guys on my swim team had cocks my size. I was cool with it, plus I knew I
still had some more growing to do? As I thought about Joey, Bob, and John
David, who was quietly snoring, I started to get hard.

I decided, however, to ignore my rising rod and finish taking in the
beauty of this high school junior. I noticed that he had some stubble on
his chin, and that was it. The rest of his face was hairless. His chin
looked nice and strong. I let my eyes travel down to his chest. His pecs
were well defined from all of those years swimming the breast stroke; they
were also totally smooth as was his amazing stomach. As I watched it rise
and fall with his breathing, I noticed that at least six separate ab
muscles were well defined. He also had a crevice that ran from below his
sternum all the way to his navel. It separated the strong muscles on the
left from the right.

It did not look like he had much body hair to shave off when he got
together with his swim teammates before a big meet. There was not even a
hint of a single hair growing back anywhere on his torso. Although, when I
looked closely at the place where he should have had a bush of pubic hair,
above his sl**ping penis, I could see the faintest shadow over the area
where the hair would eventually grow back. It looked so cool so see his
crotch looking like a hairless young boy's. It made it seem like he was one
of us. Then, there was his perfect uncut cock. It was lying to the right
and was as big as mine when I was hard even though he was fully soft. I
liked the way the foreskin completely covered the head. I debated whether
or not I could move the foreskin from the head of his cock without waking
him up. I decided against it and continued my journey from his head to his

His ball sack was loose and veiny, and his balls looked like they were
as big as the figs my dad grew in our backyard. I recalled from my feast on
his warm cum just a few hours before that what his figs produced did not
taste anything like real figs. I also particularly liked his tan
lines. Even though it was December, It was obvious that he spent a lot of
time in the sun wearing only a very small Speedo. Most of his body was
tanned brown, but the area covered by his Speedo was as white as cream. I
noticed that he was not k**ding about the fact that his pubes would show in
the front if he did not keep them trimmed. His tan line neatly bisected the
area where he had shaved off his bush. Now, that was hot. I decided that
one day, I was going to let my pubes subtly poke out of the front of my
Speedo. I thought that would get me some interesting looks from other guys.

When I started to take in his powerful, smooth quadriceps, my revery was
interrupted by the sound of Bob's father calling us to wake up. Honestly, I
would have pissed all over my still naked body if my cock had not been
hard. I quickly pulled on a pair of shorts, unzipped the tent, and stepped
out before Bob's dad looked in. I could easily explain why we were sl**ping
in the nude, especially since the night had been so warm, but I did not
know how to explain why his sixteen-year-old neighbor was also naked and
sl**ping with us. I could not conceive of the lie that would make this seem
innocent. Plus, the tent smelled of boys, sweat, and sex. Filled with
anxiety, I stepped out of the tent and quickly zipped it back up.

"Good morning Dr. O'Bryan," I said as calmly as possible even
though my heart was racing like I had just swum a four hundred-meter free
style race.

"How are you Matt? It looks like you slept quite hard."
Dr. O'Bryan said with a smile on his face.

I began to wonder if I would ever escape from penis jokes. Turning red,
I looked down and smiled. "Yes sir, I always wake up this way."
Looking back into his handsome face, I said, "Bob is still asl**p. We
stayed up pretty late last night. I will wake him up in a few minutes if
you would like?"

"That's okay, Matt. I'd like to wake him myself," Dr. O'Bryan
replied stepping around me. He looked through one of the windows of the
tent and saw Bob sl**ping soundly within his sl**ping bag. "Good
morning, buddy," he said. "You had better get up now and grab a
little breakfast so that you and Matt won't be late for swim

"Okay, Dad," Bob replied. "We'll be right in."

"So, Matt, is there anything you want to tell me?" Dr. O'Bryan

I swallowed hard, unsure of what he meant, but I wanted to try to be
honest. "Are you talking about the other boy in the tent?"

"Yes I am. Is he a friend or yours or Bob's?"

"Sir, he is your neighbor. His name is John David, " I

"I thought he looked older than the two of you. So, Matt, where are
his clothes?"

At this point I started sweating. How could I explain why a high
schooler was sl**ping naked with the two middle schoolers. I decided it was
time for a believable lie. "He's a real nice guy. He stopped by late
last night to play cards with us. Afterwards, we were all tired, and the
night was warm, so he all slept without any clothes."

"I am glad that Bob's mom or little s****r did not come out to wake
you boys. That would have been awkward," he smiled.

"Yes sir, I agree. I guess we did not think about that, but it did
feel good," I said.

"Boys will be boys! Well, you guys get dressed and come get some
breakfast. It will be ready in about twenty minutes."

As soon as Dr. O'Bryan walked away, I jumped back into the
tent. "Shit, Bob, your dad scared me."

"Me too. I thought he might jump to some pretty accurate
conclusions," Bob said. "The tent smells like sweat and

"Thanks for covering for me, little b*o," John David
said. "I like the way you made it all seem innocent."

I noticed that he and Bob were both tugging at their cocks. "Are
you guys serious? We just dodged a bullet. You want to run the risk of
getting caught with hard ons?" I asked.

"Come on, Matt join us. You only live once, and I hate to waste a
good morning woodie," John David said lying on his back with his hands
wrapped around his uncut six-incher. His other hand was rubbing bis smooth
balls. "Besides I like looking at you two naked," he smiled.

I decided to join them and tugged down my shorts. My cock was instantly
hard and pointing at my belly button.

"What would you two queers do if I wasn't here?" John David

Feeling brave I said, "We'd probably kiss."

I took a look at the handsome high school swimmer and he said, "Go
for it. I knew you two were into each other all along. Remember I heard the
moaning from outside the tent last night. I know what two guys having sex
sounds like." He was jacking off and watching us.

I lay down on top of Bob, cock to cock, face to face, and starting
licking his lips. He opened his mouth, and we started tongue wrestling
while rubbing our hard four-inch-long twelve-year-old cocks together. It
was very sensual. There was something about making out with my boyfriend
with John David watching us that made the moment all the more erotic.

"Do you boys mind if I make a suggestion?" John David
asked. We both stopped writhing for a moment and looked at him. "Do
you know what the numbers 69 mean?" We both shook our heads indicating
that we did not know. "You put your hard little cocks in each other's
mouths and suck each other's cocks at the same time."

I looked and Bob and raised my eyebrows to silently ask if he wanted to
try it. Bob nodded his head and smiled. So I maneuvered my cock over his
mouth and took his into mine. I wrapped my fingers around his cock and
began to lick the head, while he kissed the head of mine. It felt so good.

"Let me make one more suggestion girls," John David
said. "Cover your teeth with your lips. Nothing ruins a good blow job
more than scr****g the other guy's cock with your teeth." He crawled
over to where I was licking Bob's penis like a peppermint
stick. "Here," he said taking Bob's boycock into his
hand. "Let me show you." He put his full lips over his teeth and
took Bob's entire cock into his mouth. He began to bob his head up and down
on Bob's white prick like an experienced cocksucker. Bob's moaning made it
evident that he liked what John David was doing to him. Bob began to
imitate John David's method and started sucking my very hard boner with
relish. Damn, it felt good.

In the mean time, I wrapped my fingers around the base of Bob's cock
while John David moved his head up and down rhythmically over Bob's hard
prick. I began to raise and lower my hips over Bob' s face. He was
developing some mad blow job skills as he sucked harder and harder on my
cock and massaged my tender balls with his hand. In just a few minutes John
David's expert cock sucking skills brought Bob to the point of no return,
and he began to fire into John David's mouth. His moans were so loud, I
began to fear that we might get caught in this crazy cock sucking orgy. I
watched handsome John David swallow every drop. I could tell that he liked
the taste of bob's cum. Once he finished, he moved his cum coated lips to
mine and began kissing me. I liked the feeling of his chin stubble on my
chin. His tongue f***ed my mouth open and I could taste the remnants of
Bob's load in his mouth. His passionate kiss and the feelings Bob was
creating in my young
cock brought me right to the edge. Suddenly, my boy balls drew up into my
hairless sack, and I began to fill Bob's mouth with my baby batter. One,
two, three volleys erupted from my hard pulsing penis. It felt amazing, and
Bob swallowed every drop. He continued to lick the head of my cock until I
felt so sensitive that I had to pull my cock from his mouth.

I rolled off of Bob onto my back, my mind in a sexual haze. Instantly,
John David maneuvered himself into a sixty-nine position so that his cock
was over mouth. It was drooling precum, so I used my hand to move his
foreskin back, and I took his red cockhead into my mouth. I was careful to
cover my teeth with my lips while John David started fucking my face. His
cock filled my mouth and throat. My eyes began to water as I fought to keep
my gag reflex under control. I liked the feeling of the hot high school
boy's cock in my young virgin mouth as he pumped his muscular ass up and
down over my face. He was oozing a steady stream of precum which I
swallowed over and over. I wrapped the fingers on one hand around the base
of his hairless cock and gently squeezed his smooth fig-sized balls with
the other hand. Every time he pulled his cock away from my throat, I
breathed in deeply through my nose. I began to enjoy all of the sensations
which were flooding
into my highly overcharged gay brain. This felt so fucking good. It felt
even better when John David began to lick my little cock and balls while I
sucked his teen-sized prick. I was surprised to discover that my cock had
remained hard even after I shot my load down Bob's throat.

John David, who had been doing push ups over my face while giving my
cock a tongue bath, began to fuck my face with more and more ferocity. He
was an a****l and his cum began its trip from his balls, which had
retracted into his nut-sack which was slapping against my nose, up to the
head of his uncut cock. I knew what that meant especially since he was
gasping for air. I readied myself for his cum. In less than a second, he
started to flood my mouth with rope after rope of warm boy cream. I gulped
down his load trying to keep up with each shot of cum. Even though I did my
best to swallow it all, I felt some cum oozing out of the side of my
mouth. Before I could fully recover from swallowing his large load, John
David swallowed my cock and gently squeezed my balls. He rested his spent,
softening cock on the side of my face while he created an incredible
suction on my boy-meat. It only took three minutes for me to spew my second
load of the morning into
this hot teen's mouth. Once my orgasm ended, John David maneuvered himself
around so that we were lying on our sides facing one another. He moved his
mouth to mine, So I opened my mouth completely. I was surprised that he had
not swallowed my load yet. He shared it with me and we let it flow from
mouth to mouth until it was all gone. Next, he pulled away for a moment and
saw his own cum that had dribbled down my chin, so he licked it up. It was
still warm.

At this point we were a sweaty mass of hot gay sex. All of us just lay
there on the floor of the tent completely satisfied and breathing
heavily. No one spoke for still least two minutes. John David was the first
to break away when he stood up,and pulled on his shorts.

"What about your Speedo?" I asked.

"I want you to have it," he replied. "I think it will fit
you perfectly. It is at least two sizes too small for me."

"I noticed that last night," I said smiling.

"Look, I need to ask you queers a favor," John David
said. "Can we keep everything that happened last night and this
morning a secret? I could get into a lot of trouble if my boyfriend found
out that I was messing around with two pretty boys like you. He would kick
my ass. Besides, no one else knows that I'm a fag too."

"Your secret is safe with us as long as no one sees the naked
pictures you took of us last night," I said.

"That sounds fair," John David replied. "I'm not
promising that I will delete them right away, though. Like I said before, I
like looking at the two of you. Would you mind posing for one more picture
before I head home? I want one of the two of you hugging cock to
cock. Okay?"

"I guess it's cool," Bob said, "as long as you send us
both copies." We both stood in the middle of the tent and began to hug
tenderly. When I placed my head on Bob's shoulder John David took the

"See you guys later," he said as he unzipped the door and
exited the tent leaving us there covered in cum, saliva, and sweat, happier
than we had ever been before.

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