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Strip Poker and Speedos: Part 4

Strip Poker and Speedos: Part 4

I hugged him for a full minute after John David left. Our soft cocks
gently touching in between our thin bodies felt so nice. I did not want
this moment to end, but I knew our time was running out. I looked into his
green eyes and smiled. His usually wavy blonde hair was wet with sweat. I
kissed him gently on the lips and hugged him with my hands upon his hard
ass cheeks.

"Bob, this is all too wild, right?" I asked.

"Yea, just a few hours ago I was worried that what we were doing was so
gay that maybe we should stop," Bob said. "Now. I never want to stop." He
rubbed the short spiky brown hair on the top of my head and looked deeply
into my blue eyes. "I guess being gay is okay?"

"I hope so because it is the only way I know how to be," I
replied. "Look, we'd better go eat breakfast before we get caught like
this. I do not know how we could explain hugging one another with no
clothes on."

"Yea, you're right. Let's run inside and jump into the shower to wash
all the cum, sweat, and spit off of our bodies before we have to sit with
my parents, my b*****r, and my s****r at the breakfast table," Bob said
tugging on a pair of shorts.

I quickly pulled the Speedo on that John David had given me. It fit me
perfectly, and it turned me on to know that his hard uncut cock and round
athletic ass had been in this small piece of nylon and spandex before
me. There was even a large wet spot inside the crotch where his precum had
oozed out the night before while he had called me names like tiny, queer,
and fag. Even though I had been scared at first, I enjoyed every moment of
both his abuse and his tenderness.

Bob noticed the Speedo and said, "Matt, it looks fucking hot on you, but
I've got say that the whole thing with John David was wild and weird,

"Yea. He was such an asshole at first, but turned out to be pretty
cool. I can't believe he's one of us," I said.

We both ran in through the front door of his house and down the hall to
the bathroom before any member of his f****y had the chance to stop us. I
could only imagine what we smelled like after all the ways we had been
covered in cum the past few hours.

As soon as we entered the white tiled bathroom, Bob turned on the hot
water in the shower, stripped off his shorts, and let the water rinse the
evidence of boy-to-boy sex from his body. Likewise, I took off the fish
scale Speedo, and got into the shower with him. While he was facing the
warm spray, I walked right up behind him and began kissing the back of his
neck while I hugged him from behind. I nestled my cock, which was beginning
to harden, in the crack of his ass. He moaned softly and let his head fall
back onto my shoulder. I reached around to feel his cock and learned that
his was growing hard too.

I could not believe that we were both getting hard-ons after all of the
times we had cum in the past few hours. I had jacked Bob off just after
midnight, and he had masturbated again while watching me jack off John
David. Then, he had cum a third time when the high school athlete blew him
while Bob sucked my little cock. Likewise I had cum in Bob's mouth and
again in John David's mouth in the past hour. Yet, I was hard and ready for
more sex already. To be quite honest, I did not know if I had the ability
to cum again in such a short time, but I was willing to give it a whirl.

Bob must have been thinking the same thing because, at that moment, he
turned around so that the shower was hitting him on the back and hugged me
to him. We rubbed our hard four-inch-long, nearly identical cocks together
while we kissed passionately. I stepped back until my back was against the
wall of the shower. Though we were both wet, the spray of warm water from
the shower head was no longer hitting either of us. Hopefully, the noise of
the spray hitting the floor was masking any of the sounds we were
making. Bob broke apart from me for a moment and picked a bottle of mineral
oil off of the tiled shelf in the shower. He squirted it onto my hard cock
and warm balls first; then, he squirted it onto his own hard member and
balls too. He moved back into the same position he had been in before and
began to kiss my swollen lips again.

While our tongues battled, he reached down and began stroking my cock,
so I did the same for him. Even though we had to pull apart from one
another to make enough room for our hands to masturbate each other, we did
not stop kissing and gasping for breath for a moment. Since we had both cum
so many times, we had to stroke one another for almost ten minutes before
our tender ball sacks began to grow tight. Right before Bob started to
shoot, I got onto my knees, took over jacking off my own cock, and took his
cock into my mouth. He only shot one tasty load into my mouth which I did
not swallow immediately. When I stood back up, Bob imitated me, got onto
his knees and took my cock into his mouth. He sucked me like John David had
taught him to, and, in less than a minute, I shot one nice-sized salty load
into his mouth. Like me, he did not swallow my cum immediately. He stood
back up and moved his mouth to mind. Once our lips were connected, we
opened our
mouths and shared each other's warm boy batter. It was incredibly
erotic. We continued to kiss as we backed into the shower again.

Finally, the hot water began to run out, so we quickly shampooed, rinsed
our own hair, and soaped up one another's bodies. By the time we finished,
the spray from the shower was very cold. It was definitely a good thing,
because a cold shower was what we needed to bring our overcharged libidos
into check.

Shivering slightly, we stepped out of the shower and dried each other
off. We wrapped the towels around our waists, grabbed the Speedo and shorts
off of the floor, and dashed down the hall to Bob's bedroom. Once inside,
we dropped our towels and quickly got ready for swim practice. I enjoyed
watching Bob tuck his hairless cock and balls into the well-worn black team
Speedo which had a faded white shark over his right hip. Naturally, I put
John David's Speedo back on. My soft cock and balls loved the feeling of
the worn nylon fabric as it rubbed against them. I hoped that no one would
notice the wet spot that John David had left in the front pouch. Next, we
both put on our white team t-shirts with YMCA Sharks screen-printed in
black ink on the front. Then, I put on a cap which had Speedo stitched on
the front of it. Finally, we both slipped our feet into some flips flops
and dashed out of his door for breakfast. We were both feeling anxious
because nearly an hour, filled with lots of sex, had elapsed since Bob's
dad had called us to breakfast. We were going to have to eat quickly, if we
were going to make it to our Saturday morning swim practice on time.

I fought the urge to hold his hand as we walked down the hall to the
kitchen. It was just that I felt so close to him after all the ways we had
been intimate since midnight. I wanted everyone to know that he was mine
and I was his. Yet, I also knew that the world, including our friends and
families, may not be ready to embrace our newfound love for one
another. This was something that we would have to discuss if our
relationship continued to grow.

By the time we got to the table, his f****y was nearly finished
eating. His mom, who was amazingly thoughtful, got up immediately and
served us a small portion of scrambled eggs and a biscuit. She knew that,
since we were about to undergo two hours of an intense swim practice, it
would not be a good idea to jump into the pool having overeaten. Bob's
younger b*****r John, who was an exact replica of Bob except he had brown
hair, was the first to speak. "It's about time you two queers finally got
to the table. What have you been doing for the past hour?"

"John," his mother scolded, "you know better than to call your b*****r
and Matt, or anyone for that matter, a queer."

I was starting to wonder if John knew something, if he had heard us in
the shower, or if he was just being an annoying eleven-year-old. "John," I
answered, "we had a lot of fun last night. Maybe you and a friend could go
camping with us the next time. Would that be cool?"

"I guess so," he replied. "I just don't know what you guys could find to
do without a television, an iPad, or a video game. It sounds boring to me."

"Little b*****r," Bob said, "you've just got to use your
imagination. You'd be surprised how many things Matt and I found to do that
we had never done before." Bob smiled and rubbed my leg with his foot under
the table.

"Like what kind of things?" John asked.

"We'd really like to tell you, but the Campers Code prevents us from
telling any non-camper what happened. You know it's like, 'whatever happens
in Vegas, stays in Vegas,'" I said rubbing Bob's leg with my foot. We both
started laughing.

"Yes, Matt," Bob's father added, "I think that is a good idea. Sometimes
the naked truth of a situation is better kept secret. I know that when my
buddies and I camped out at your age, we had some experiences that we
always kept between us, and we never broke the Campers Code."

I was beginning to believe that Dr. O'Bryan, Bob's dad, understood
exactly what had happened in the tent, and he seemed to be cool with it. I
knew then and there that he would always be an ally.

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