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stuttering Jeremy -3

‘They won’t come down here,’ she said, reading my thoughts. ‘I’m over eighteen and they trust me,’ she smiled seductively.

‘I don’t want to mess up on our first date,’ I told her. ‘So if I’m going to fast…’ Before I could get the rest of the words out she shook her head and helped me undo the rest of the buttons. She pulled her blouse open and I started massaging her tits through her bra as we started kissing again. I fumbled a little with the front clasp of her bra but she helped me without breaking the kiss. Her tits aren’t as big as yours but they were so soft I never wanted to stop touching them. She was moaning softly into my mouth as I played with her nipples. God, it felt so good to feel them harden between my fingers.’

Jeremy takes a breath and jumps back into his story.

‘Moving my mouth down to her tit, I sucked her nipple into my mouth and gently nibbled on it like you showed me. She loved it! She was whispering my name, holding my head to her tit and rocking back and forth as I switched to the other nipple. After a while I pulled my face from her tit and looked in her eyes.’

‘I’m still concerned about going too fast on a first date,’ I whispered as I moved my hand under her skirt along her inner thigh. ‘Are we still okay?’

‘Yes!’ she whispered, spreading her legs apart and pulling my head back to her nipple. I couldn’t believe it! I was actually going to touch her pussy on our first date!

‘Wait!’ she said, pushing me away just as my fingers touched the crotch of her panties. Oh well, I was disappointed but I’d still gotten farther than I ever expected on a first date. But, you really won’t believe this part. She stood up, her blouse was hanging open, her bra was dangling at her sides and I got my first really good look at her firm round tits and her hard, pink nipples. My cock was bursting in my pants but she just smiled at me as she reached up under her skirt and stripped off her panties. Her face was flush when she sat back down and pulled me towards her.

‘There,’ she said, spreading her legs as far as her skirt would allow. ‘That’ll make things easier.’ And it certainly did! I slid my hand back up and felt her hot, wet pussy waiting for me. I spread her lips and pushed two fingers inside of her using my thumb on her clit just like you taught me. We started kissing again as I finger fucked her, gently rubbing my thumb against her clit. She was moaning and sucking my tongue so hard I thought she’d suck it right off.’ Jeremy is practically panting as he tells his story.

‘She was on fire, Aunt Sara! I finger fucked her and she started bucking her hips off the couch, pushing against my hand until I could barely keep my thumb against her clit. She finally clamped her legs closed around my hand and broke the kiss to catch her breath.’

‘Oh God, Jeremy!’ she whispered between gasps for air. ‘That was so good!’ she relaxed her legs and leaned back against the couch as I pulled my fingers from her dripping pussy. She smiled at me and reached over, wrapping her fingers around my hard-on through my pants.

‘Your turn,’ she said, turning towards me as she unbuckled my belt.

‘Megan!’ her mom called from the top of the stairs just as she was pulling down my zipper. ‘Time for Jeremy to go home and for you to go to bed,’ her mom said.

‘Okay!’ she yelled back up the stairs and then looked at me sheepishly. ‘I’m so sorry!’ she said. ‘I’ll make it up to you next time,’ she whispered as she pulled my zipper back up. I refastened my belt as she pulled her panties back on and fastened her bra.

‘I had a great time, Jeremy!’ she said while she finished buttoning her blouse and straightening her skirt.

‘So did I, Megan,’ I told her, kissing her hard on the lips. ‘Thanks for a great evening!’ As Jeremy was telling his story, I watched him shifting around on the couch trying to adjust his cock and get comfortable.

‘Congratulations!’ I tell him. ‘That’s one hell of a first date!’ I say, smiling at him.

‘Thank you for all your help,’ he says, suddenly noticing the thin robe I’m wearing. ‘Um … Aunt Sara … you know how you said … that maybe … you’d … um … help me out … you know,’ he says, nodding towards the bulge in his pants. Fuck! I’ve just been fucking his father who is still in the next room and now I’ve got to respond to my offer from earlier in the evening.

‘You really do deserve it,’ I tell him, hoping that John went back to sl**p. ‘Only once, though,’ I tell him as I kneel on the floor between his legs and start unfastening his belt.

‘I can still smell her,’ he says, sniffing his fingers.

‘That’s just rude!’ I laugh. ‘You don’t sniff one woman’s aroma while you’re asking another woman to blow you!’

‘Oh God! I’m sorry, Aunt Sara,’ he says, pulling his hand away from his face.

‘I’m just k**ding, Jeremy,’ I laugh as I pull his pants and boxers down together, releasing his throbbing hard-on.

‘So what do you think Megan meant when she said she’d make it up to you?’ I ask him as I lick all around his engorged cockhead.

‘Oh fuck!’ he moans. ‘I don’t know … maybe a blowjob?’ he says, pushing his cock against my mouth. ‘What do you think she meant?’

‘Do you really want me talking right now?’ I ask, wrapping my lips around his cock before he can answer.

‘No, I guess not,’ he laughs as he leans back and closes his eyes. He’s so worked up from his date with Megan that he doesn’t last very long. I bob my head up and down on his cock, swirl my tongue against it and stroke his balls with my hand. In less than five minutes I have a mouth full of cum.

‘Ohmygod!’ he moans. ‘You are the best, Aunt Sara!’ he says, jerking more of his salty semen into my mouth before he falls back against the couch. He’s still semi-erect but I lick my lips and stand up.

‘Time for me to go to bed and for you to go home,’ I smile as he pulls up his pants. ‘Starting Monday, we better get you ready for your next date with Megan,’ I whisper.

‘What do you mean?’ he asks.

‘You need to know how to eat pussy, young man,’ I tell him, kissing him on the mouth as I direct him towards the door. ‘And your Aunt Sara is just the person to teach you.’

‘Really?’ he asks, wide-eyed with excitement.

‘We can’t disappoint Megan, can we?’ I ask.

‘I love you, Aunt Sara,’ he says, pulling me into a tight embrace, sending shivers through my loins.

‘I love you, too, Jeremy,’ I say as I push him out the door. ‘Good night.’ The combination of sucking Jeremy’s dick and listening to his story has gotten me hot again. I consider whether to wake up John but when I return to the bedroom but he’s already wide-awake and very angry.

‘Jesus, Sara!’ John yells. ‘What the fuck was that?’ He’s standing naked in my bedroom, his eyes blazing with accusation and his cock standing at attention.

‘Um … John … listen… ,’ I have no idea where to begin or how to explain about Jeremy so I just drop the robe off my shoulders and move closer to his naked body, reaching for his hard cock.

‘Listen to what?’ he says, pushing me away. ‘I already listened to you giving my son a fucking blowjob!’ he yells, grabbing his underwear and hopping around on one foot while he tries to get his other foot through the opening in his jockey shorts.

‘He’s just a k**!’ John yells, tucking his cock into his underwear and pulling on his pants.

‘He’s eighteen!’ I yell back. ‘Two weeks ago he couldn’t even talk to a girl.’ I’m angry now as tears well up in my eyes. ‘I’m helping him, damn it! He had a date tonight!’

‘Yeah, then came back here for his goodnight blowjob!’ he says, zipping his pants up and looping his belt through the buckle. ‘You’re too old for him!’

‘I’m eleven years older!’ I’m actually crying now and getting angry with myself for not being able to control the tears. ‘Exactly the same age difference between you and I, John!’

‘You’re his fucking aunt!’ he says as he locates his shoes and socks.

‘And I’m your s****r-in-law! You’re using the wrong arguments here, John!’ I yell, sitting on the bed with my head in my hands. ‘Did you forget that you just fucked your wife’s s****r? Don’t get all self-righteous on me!’

‘You’re really something else, Sara,’ he says, fully dressed and standing by my bedroom door. ‘We’re barely done fucking and you’re in the next room giving my son a blowjob. Then, you waltz back in here to … what … Fuck me some more?’

‘No!’ I’m shaking my head from side to side. ‘It’s not like that, John. You came to me, remember?’ My whole body is shaking from my crying and I don’t know what to say to him.

‘My mistake!’ he says.’ I didn’t know you were some crazy nympho-slut!’ he yells, stomping through the living room and slamming the front door. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I throw myself on my bed, sobbing. What started out as the best night of my life has turned into a total fucking nightmare!

I eventually cry myself to sl**p, waking up naked, on top of the blanket. What have I done? John’s right. I’ve been nothing but a slut, lusting after my nephew and my b*****r-in-law. God! I’m such a pervert! I was actually turned on by the idea of doing both of them on the same night. After sucking off Jeremy, I couldn’t wait to get back to the bedroom with John.

I brood about it all weekend and finally make up my mind to tell Jenny that I can’t go any farther with Jeremy.

‘You can’t leave him hanging like this,’ she says, when I’ve explained to her that I’ve had second thoughts. ‘You’ve got to continue his lessons, Sara,’ she says.’ Jeremy will be crushed if you stop now. How will you explain it to him?’ she asks, raising one eyebrow and I have to admit she has a point.

‘I don’t know,’ I answer, unable to counter her arguments without telling her about John. ‘Maybe we should just let nature take it’s course,’ I offer feebly. ‘He and Megan seem like they’ll be fine without my help.’

‘One more week,’ she pleads. ‘He needs to build his confidence,’ she smiles. ‘And didn’t you promise to teach him to eat pussy?’ she asks, her smile growing wider as she raises her eyebrows. This is so fucked up! My s****r is begging me to let her son eat my pussy.

‘I don’t know, Jenny,’ I answer. All weekend I’ve been thinking about moving out, getting away from John and Jeremy.

‘Please, Sara.’ Jenny begs. ‘I don’t ask you for many things, do I?’ she asks rhetorically. ‘What’s one more week?’ My older s****r has always been able to convince me to do whatever she set her mind on.

‘Okay,’ I concede. ‘One more week and then he’s on his own,’ I tell her. I’ll make sure Jeremy takes Megan places she’s never been before. After that, who knows? Maybe I’ll move away.

When Jeremy arrives Monday afternoon I have a diagram of a vagina that I borrowed from the hospital lying on the kitchen table. I figure we’ll start with a basic education and then move on to the real stuff later.

‘This is dumb,’ he says as I ask him to name the parts. ‘I know all this from Sex Ed and the other books I’ve read.’ I’m losing patience with his cocky attitude and impulsively jump up from my chair.

‘Okay smarty!’ I say, unfastening my shorts and pulling them and my panties down in one motion. ‘Let’s see you name these parts,’ I snap at him as I kick my shorts aside and hop up on the table in front of him.

‘J-J-Jesus, Aunt S-S-Sara!’ Jeremy says as I scoot my ass over and spread my legs in front of him.

‘Just name the fucking parts, Jeremy!’ I say, getting angry for no reason as I push my ass forward on the table. Okay, maybe there’s a reason but it has nothing to do with Jeremy.

‘W-W-Why are you d-d-doing th-th-this?’ he asks, looking into my eyes instead of my pussy. ‘His big, brown eyes searching mine for answers. I reach over and curl my fingers in his hair.

‘Let’s forget the diagram and use the real thing,’ I say, softening my voice. ‘Maybe it was kind of stupid. Do you think you can name the parts?’ I smile, my legs still spread-eagle on the table.

‘Sure,’ he says hesitantly as he lowers his eyes. Placing his hands on my inner thighs, he pushes them slightly apart and I can feel the moisture building. ‘This is the labia,’ he says, running his finger up the length of one side.

‘Mmmmm,’ I catch my breath as his touch sends shivers through my body. ‘The outer labia,’ I correct him as I wait for his next touch.

‘Right. Outer labia,’ he says, continuing to trail his finger up one side and down the other. This is too weird! I can’t believe I’m sitting spread-eagle on my kitchen table with my nephew naming the parts of my pussy. I’m doing my best to hold still while his finger continues its exploration.

‘This is the inner labia,’ he says, spreading my lips apart and trailing his finger over the inner folds of my pussy.

‘Yesssssss!’ I exhale loudly through my teeth. Leaning back on my elbows, I close my eyes and enjoy the pleasurable sensations. ‘You’re doing well,’ I breathe, spreading my legs a little farther apart. I wonder if this is what my s****r had in mind.

‘And this is the clit,’ he says, barely touching it with the tip of his finger.

‘Ohhhhhhhhh!’ I moan as an electrifying jolt surges through my loins. Fuck! I’m so wet, I want him to eat me right here on the table.

‘You seem to know the parts,’ I say, my breath coming in short gasps. ‘But it’s not enough to be able to name them,’ I tell him as I sit up and scoot off the table, leaving a moist streak on the surface.

‘You have to be able to identify them in the dark,’ I say, taking his hand and leading him into my bedroom.

‘With your tongue,’ I add, smiling as I pull my top over my head, exposing my aroused nipples.

‘Like a soldier assembling his weapon blindfolded,’ he smiles and starts to laugh.

‘Exactly!’ I laugh with him as I crawl up on my bed and feel the juices oozing from my overheated pussy. ‘Get undressed, Jeremy,’ I whisper. ‘We’re going to start with your tongue but we may work on your other weapon later,’ I smile as I lie down on my back with my legs spread.

‘Ohmygod!’ he breathes as he tears his clothes off. Crawling up on the bed between my legs, he hesitates a second with his eyes darting between my face and my pussy. ‘You’re the best, Aunt Sara,’ he says without stuttering as he lowers his face and extends his tongue.

‘Ohhhhh! Yeah!’ I cry as his warm, wet tongue touches the outer lips of my pussy. ‘The secret … to good pussy eating … is the teasing,’ I tell him as my heart rate speeds up and my breathing becomes labored. ‘Lick all around before you plunge inside,’ he does as he’s told, licking around the inner labia and driving me crazy.

‘Just … like … that!’ I pant as he seems to take forever to get his tongue near my fiery hole. ‘When you get to the clit… ,’ I add as I squirm around on the bed trying to align my pussy with his tongue. ‘Be gentle and lightly suck on it.’ Fuck! He’s either done this before or he’s very intuitive.

‘Like this?’ he asks, flicking his tongue across my love knob.

‘Ohhhhhhhh! Fuuuuuucccck!’ I moan. ‘Just like that!’ I exhale as he slips his tongue inside my pussy and laps at my flowing juices. Cupping my hands over my tits, I’m rocking my ass in rhythm with his tongue fucking. Every few strokes his tongue finds the tip of my clit sending an orgasmic rush through my body. I stop giving him instructions and just pull my knees up, spread my legs farther apart and soak up the pleasure.

‘Ahhhhhhhhh Yeesssss!’ I breathe as he sucks my clit into his mouth and gently flicks his tongue across it. ‘God! That feels so good!’ I whisper as I push my pussy against his mouth. It does feel great but something’s missing. When John ate me … damn it! I’m not going to let John intrude on this! But it’s not as great as it could be…

‘Put … your … fingers … in … me,’ I pant, realizing that he’s only stimulating my clit. As good as that feels, it’ll feel better… ‘Ohhhhh! Fuuuuuccck! That’s right!’ I thrust my hips toward him as he slides what feels like two fingers into my soaking wet pussy.

‘Like this?’ he asks, momentarily disengaging his mouth from my clit as he continues to finger fuck my pussy.

‘Exactly!’ I almost yell. He’s pumping his fingers in and out of my soggy pussy, while sucking on my enflamed clit. I’m pushing against him, soaking his face with my juices as my orgasm builds. I grab handfuls of his hair, twisting it around my fingers as I frantically hump his face.

‘Aaarrrrgggghhhhhhhh! Ooohhhhhhhhhhh!’ My orgasm explodes and I jerk convulsively against his face, releasing a hot flood of fresh cream around his fingers.

‘Stop sucking!’ I admonish him while pushing his mouth off of my clit. ‘Just lick the juices around my pussy,’ I explain more calmly as I try to catch my breath. ‘Right after an orgasm, the clit is too sensitive,’ I release his head and collapse back on my bed as I continue my instruction.

‘Sorry,’ he says as he begins lapping up my steadily flowing juices.

God, I needed that! I’d really love his hard cock in my pussy right now. There’s nothing like a thick, stiff cock filling your pussy after oral sex. I bet Jeremy’s cock is hard as a rock. It would feel so good slamming into my juicy pussy.

Fuck! Be responsible! I’ve got to teach him about safe sex. I don’t have any condoms and I’m sure he doesn’t either. I’m on the pill but I’d rather he not even experience raw, unsheathed sex. That’s just asking for disaster.

‘How did I do, Aunt Sara?’ Jeremy asks as he kisses his way up my body. His tongue feels nice, trailing kisses around my naval.

‘You learn fast, Jeremy,’ I say, tousling his hair as he sucks on my hard nipple. ‘That was very good. Are you sure that was your first time?’ I tease.

‘You’re just a good teacher,’ he says, nibbling on my nipple as his hard cock grazes my thigh. ‘Aunt Sara?’ he says, lifting his mouth from my tit.

‘Uh huh?’ I answer as I rock my thigh against his thick cock.

‘Are you going to teach me how to fuck?’ he asks quietly and I feel his cock responding to what must be the mental image in his brain.

‘Yes,’ I answer. ‘But not today,’ I smile as he continues sucking on my tit. ‘We need to get some condoms,’ I tell him as I tousle his hair.

‘Okay,’ he says, while moving to my other nipple and licking around the areola. ‘You have a beautiful body, Aunt Sara,’ he says, flicking his tongue against my taut nipple.

‘Thank you,’ I whisper as he massages my tit with his hand and rubs his hard cock against my thigh. ‘When are you and Megan going out again?’ I ask, reaching down and wrapping my hand around his swollen cock.

‘Friday night,’ he says, turning on his side to give me better access to his hard-on. I stroke gently up and down the length of it, thinking what a waste not to have it inside me. ‘I don’t know where we’re going yet,’ he says.

‘Why don’t you bring her here?’ I suggest impulsively. ‘I’ll go out and you two can have the apartment to yourself.’

‘Really?’ Jeremy asks, his eyes as big as saucers. ‘And you’ll teach me to fuck before Friday?’ he asks as he starts humping his cock against my hand.

‘Yes, we can start tomorrow,’ I tell him as I stroke him more vigorously, turned on by the prospect of fucking my nephew. What the hell, I have his mother’s consent!

‘I don’t deserve you,’ he says, picking up the pace of his thrusts. Our conversation stops as his cock swells in my hand and his breath comes in quick gasps.

‘Lie back,’ I say as I push him onto his back and kneel next to him. I’m still stroking him as I wrap my lips around his hard cock and twirl my tongue around the head. I pump him in and out of my mouth, bopping my head up and down as I imagine what he’ll feel like in my pussy.

‘Fuck! Aunt Sara!’ he cries as his whole body tenses and he shoots a huge load of salty cum into my mouth. I take several quick swallows, corkscrewing my hand up and down his saliva-coated cock while he continues to spurt. When I’ve sucked out the last of it, I release my grip and let it plop onto his stomach. Crawling up next to him, I graze my fingers over his chest as he catches his breath.

‘How do we get some condoms?’ he asks, wrapping his arm around my shoulder and pulling my cheek against his chest.

‘First, I think you need more practice with your tongue,’ I say, my pussy aching for another release.

‘No problem,’ he says, pulling his arm out and easing me onto my back. ‘I’d love to taste you again,’ he smiles, moving down between my legs.

‘Turn your body around,’ I say, getting a sudden urge to suck him while he licks me. ‘Let’s do this sixty-nine style.’

‘Alright!’ he exclaims, exuding the enthusiasm of a virgin who’s experiencing everything for the first time. He flips around and straddles my shoulders but after a couple attempts to get a rhythm, I tell him it’ll be better if I’m on top.

We roll over, get into position and I grind my horny pussy against his mouth while I suck on his cock. I forego any instruction this time as we lose ourselves in the heat of the moment. The room is filled with slurping and sucking sounds as the tension builds inside each of us. Replacing his tongue with his fingers, he sucks my clit into his mouth as I deep throat his recovered cock.

Sliding my wet lips up the length of his shaft, I gasp for breath as his tongue action on my clit releases an explosive orgasm. I flood his face with pussy juice seconds before he starts spewing his hot jism into my mouth. Sealing my lips around his cockhead, I continue to pump him with my hand while I swallow his thick cream and shiver through the residual tremors of my orgasm.

Flipping my leg over his head, I collapse on my back beside him, both of us breathing heavily.

Before he leaves I tell him what kind of condoms to buy and promise to teach him how to use them.

‘He’s bringing Megan to your apartment?’ Jenny asks, her eyes wide with enthusiasm. ‘I wish my boyfriend had an aunt like you when I was in school.’ It’s Tuesday morning and we’re at a Starbucks near where Jenny works. She’s stirring sugar into her coffee as we talk.

‘Yeah, I just need to figure out what to do on Friday night,’ I say, sipping my herbal tea. I’m foregoing the caffeine so I’ll be able to sl**p today. I’ve just finished telling Jenny how well her son ate my pussy but as usual she’s jumping ahead to what’s next.

‘You can hang out with us while Jeremy’s at your place,’ she says and before I can answer she’s changes the subject. ‘You’re going to help him be ready for the big event, right?’ she asks anxiously.

‘I promised, didn’t I?’ I smile, my pussy twitching at the thought of Jeremy’s hard cock filling it up. ‘He’s buying condoms after school today.’

‘That’s fantastic!’ she says. ‘I almost envy you, s*s,’ she says quietly.

‘You want to fuck your own son?’ I whisper appallingly.

‘No, of course not!’ she snaps. ‘But just think of it, a fresh, young, virgin cock. You’ll be his first piece of ass, Sara. He’ll remember this for the rest of his life!’ Her face takes on a dreamy look and I wonder if maybe she doesn’t wish she could take my place.

‘Do you realize how depraved we are?’ I ask, smiling in spite of my concerns.

‘Yes but in a good way,’ she smiles back. ‘What you’ve done for Jeremy is nothing short of a miracle! If it wasn’t for you … well, I don’t want to think about what his life would have been like.’

‘He’d have eventually figured it out,’ I assure her, even as I realize that I’m glad he didn’t.

‘Don’t downplay your role, s*s,’ she says. ‘John and I are extremely grateful for everything you’ve done,’ I flinch at the mention of John’s name. ‘I told him about it last night,’ she smiles. ‘He was shocked, to say the least.’ I feel my stomach churn as she continues. ‘But after I explained it and told him about the progress you were making, he was really impressed.’

We sit silent for a few minutes, sipping our drinks. I try to get my brain around what she just told me. John understands? Can this really be true?

‘Hey.’ Jenny interrupts my thoughts. ‘I just remembered this is John’s fishing weekend. He and some friends from work are leaving Friday night. We can have a girls’ night while Jeremy and Megan are…’ she doesn’t finish but I get the idea. Looking at her watch, she stands up and says she has to get back to work. I breathe a sigh of relief as we hug and go our separate ways.

‘I’ll expect all the details on Friday night,’ she says over her shoulder.

By the time Jeremy bursts into my apartment with a twelve pack of condoms, I’ve been preening for hours. I’m bathed, shaved, powdered and perfumed, wearing a thin satin robe and anxiously anticipating today’s lesson.

‘Good boy!’ I commend him as he shows me his purchase. ‘We’ll need at least a couple of these today,’ I smile, glancing at his bulging crotch as I lead him into the bedroom.

‘Really?’ he asks excitedly as I turn towards him and start unbuttoning his shirt. I nod my head and continue to work on his buttons. He shifts from foot to foot, unsure of what he’s supposed to do.

‘Here’s the plan,’ I tell him as I pull his shirt off his shoulders and toss it over a chair. ‘Today, we’re going to get right to the main event. I don’t think either of us needs much foreplay,’ I squeeze his hard cock for emphasis. He shakes his head in agreement.

‘You’re going to practice putting on the condoms and getting inside me,’ I say as I unsnap his jeans and pull them down. My heartbeat increases as I push them to his ankles and he steps out of them. His jockey shorts can barely contain his swollen cock and I run my fingers the length of it as my pussy signals its readiness.

‘Mmmmmm,’ he lets out a soft moan as my hand lingers around his cockhead.

‘You probably won’t last long the first time,’ I explain as I slip my fingers inside the elastic waistband, brushing the sides of his erection. ‘You may not even get all the way in before you start cumming. Don’t worry, we’ll keep doing it until you get it right!’ I smile at him as I pull the elastic out over his cockhead and free his excited cock. I let it fly free as his shorts fall to his feet and he kicks them aside.

‘Have you been into your dad’s Viagra?’ I tease. His cock is larger than I’ve ever seen it.

‘No,’ he laughs. ‘I’m just so excited, Aunt Sara,’ he says without stuttering. Good boy!

‘Me too,’ I confide, sitting on the bed and motioning for him to sit next to me. ‘I could prevent you from prematurely ejaculating, Jeremy, by getting you off with my hand or my mouth before we fuck,’ I explain matter-of-factly. ‘Your dates may not be experienced enough to realize that so we’re going to build up your stamina, okay?’ My pussy is aching and I really want to just push him back and jump on him but I’m trying to maintain my teacher-pupil demeanor.

‘Okay, whatever you say, Aunt Sara.’ He’s breathing hard and starring at my hard nipples pushing out the thin material of my robe. I stand up and drop the robe on the floor. His cock twitches and a bead of precum glistens from the tip. I better speed things up a little, for him and me.

‘Do you know how to put the condom on?’ I ask as I crawl up on the bed and lie down on my back, spreading my legs. My God! I’m actually going to fuck my nephew. My pussy is slick with anticipation.

‘Um … I think so,’ he says, holding up a single foil package. ‘You just roll it on, don’t you?’ he asks.

‘That’s right,’ I tell him as I pat the bed next to me. ‘Lie here next to me like we’ve been building up to this. When you know the time is right, tear open the package, glance at it so you know you’ve got the rolls going the correct direction and smooth it down over your cock,’ I explain. I’m usually the one rolling the condom down the cock but I want him to be able to do it in case his date isn’t comfortable.

Jeremy lies on his side facing me, his hard cock brushing my thigh and sending shivers through my wet pussy. I watch him fumble with the small package.

‘Just take your time,’ I tell him, not really meaning it. ‘We’ve got three days of practice before your date,’ I remind him. He gets the condom out, tossing the wrapper on the floor. We’ll discuss that later. He leans back, awkwardly positioning the circular shape over his cockhead and rolling it down the sides.

‘Got it!’ he exclaims triumphantly as he turns back to me, waiting for more instruction.

‘Now focus, young Jedi knight,’ I smile. ‘Nothing spoils the moment faster than you jabbing your light saber all around trying to find the opening,’ I tease. ‘Position yourself over me and use your hand to guide it right between my pussy lips,’ I tell him. ‘When you’re more experienced you won’t need to guide it with your hand but for now you better play it safe.’

‘Like this?’ he asks, positioning himself between my wide-spread legs. With one hand on the bed for balance, he uses his other hand to angle his cock towards its target. Fuck! This is it! I feel his sheathed cockhead brush against my moist labia.

‘Mmmmm,’ I try to remain passive so he can get this right. ‘Exactly like that,’ I whisper as he glides his cock between my lips. ‘Don’t try to push it all in at once,’ I tell him as he pulls his hand out from between us and settles his chest against my tits. ‘Short in and out plunges will help your partner adjust to your size and make it more pleasurable for both of you,’ I tell him as my pussy welcomes the long awaited invasion.

‘Damn, Aunt Sara!’ Jeremy gasps, reminding me of his father as he pushes his lips to mine. My pussy is on fire! That’s it! No more instruction. I squeeze his ass as I arch my back and thrust my pussy upward.

‘Ohhhhh!’ I sigh as his cock penetrates the depths of my enflamed pussy.

‘Ahhhhhhhh!’ Jeremy is panting. ‘It’s so … hot and … and … Oh! Fuck!’ he jerks spasmodically and then collapses on my chest.

I caress his muscular ass as my pussy screams its displeasure to my brain. I tell myself to patiently wait for round two, promising my pussy a more fulfilling experience.

‘Sorry,’ he smiles sheepishly as his breathing returns to normal. His cock is still filling my anxious pussy and doesn’t seem to have diminished any.

‘Nothing to be sorry for, sweetie,’ I tell him, brushing his hair from his eyes. ‘I told you this would happen,’ I smile. ‘Besides, I seem to remember that you always cum twice,’ I say, wiggling my hips around.

‘That’s right!’ he beams. ‘What do I … um … how do I … you know?’ This is that awkward, discard the condom, moment that everyone hates.

‘Just ease out of me,’ I tell him. ‘The gentlemanly thing to do is to go into the bathroom, wrap tissue around the condom and then pull it off and dispose of it in the wastebasket.’ He’s already pulling out before I finish talking.

‘Make sure it’s completely wrapped in tissue so it doesn’t make a mess,’ I call after him, lying back and moving my hand to my clit. Fuck! This has got to be the weirdest sex I’ve ever had. But there is something extremely arousing about his wide-eyed discovery of how it feels to fuck. Mmmmm. I’ll just help this along a little.

‘Should I just put another one on?’ he asks as he walks back into the bedroom with his cock jutting out in front of him.

‘Are you ready to go again?’ I ask excitedly, pulling my fingers from my dripping pussy.

‘Sure,’ he answers, sitting on the bed and opening another package. He rolls it over his cock like he’s been doing it for years and then climbs up over me, pausing to suck my aching nipples before positioning his cock against my splayed open lips.

‘That last one didn’t count,’ he smiles as he glides his cock into my steamy cunt. ‘This one’s for you Aunt Sara,’ he says, plunging deep into my cavernous opening and grinding his pelvic bone against my clit.

‘Yes!’ I moan, wrapping my arms around him and pulling his mouth to mine. After a few awkward thrusts, he picks up a rhythm and I’m moving right with him. Now, this is fucking! My pussy once again is ignited in fiery pleasure, oozing creamy lubricant all up and down his pistoning cock.

‘Oh yeah!’ I pant. ‘So good! … sooo good! … soo … fucking … good!’ I breathe each word on the downward thrust of his cock. My pussy is electrified, sending pleasure surges throughout my whole body as I suck his tongue into my mouth and sc**** my nails across his back.

‘Mmmpppphhhhh.’ Muffled moans echo through our mouths as our rhythm increases and he slams into me with a renewed vigor. My pussy is so hot it’s melting. I can’t feel the physical presence of it, just the immense pleasure building through the lower half of my body reaching towards the final summit.

‘Oh fuuuucccck!’ I scream, breaking the kiss as my orgasm builds. I tighten my arms around him as he drives me to the crest. He’s driving me crazy. There is nothing I can do except hold on hoping he’ll last a few seconds more!

‘So close … so close … so fucking close!’ I gasp for breath as he takes me over the top. ‘Yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss!’ I clamp my legs around his body, gripping his cock like a hot, slippery vice! The pleasure radiates through my body and I shake uncontrollably, barely aware of his release until he collapses on top of me.

‘Arrrggghhhhhh!’ he groans, his cock convulsing inside my quivering pussy. His mouth finds mine and we kiss passionately while riding out the sensual aftershocks of our intense coupling. Our sweat soaked chests heave against each other forcing us to break our kiss and gasp for air.

‘That … was … indescribable,’ he says, looking questioningly into my eyes.

‘Explosive,’ I whisper, unable to find the strength to talk.

‘Really?’ he asks, hoping I’m not just saying it.

‘You’ll definitely be invited back.’ I almost laugh as his smile spreads across his face. He starts to ease out of me and I pull him back in.

‘Not yet,’ I sigh, pulling him down on top of me. ‘Girls like to savor the feeling for a while,’ I explain. ‘With a condom, you don’t want to wait too long but we don’t like it if you pull out too quickly.’

‘Okay,’ he says, settling back down on me and kissing my neck. His chest pressing against my sensitive nipples triggers a spasm in my pussy and I swear I feel his cock stirring again.

‘Save some for tomorrow,’ I tell him. ‘I have to work tonight,’ I say, slapping his ass playfully as we start to kiss again.

‘Oh shit!’ he says, breaking the kiss and the blissful mood. ‘I can’t tomorrow, Aunt Sara,’ he groans. ‘My guidance counselor scheduled some scholarship interviews for me. They’ve been scheduled for months. I have to go to them.’

‘Of course you do!’ I tell him. ‘That’s more important!’ I say, surprising myself by how disappointed I am. ‘Not more fun,’ I add, squeezing my pussy muscles around his spent cock. ‘But definitely more important.’

‘I’m sorry, Aunt Sara,’ he says. ‘I forgot all about it.’

‘Don’t worry,’ I smile. ‘We’ll just have to work extra hard on Thursday. We’ll have a complete run through, a dress rehearsal for your date.’

‘Or an undress rehearsal,’ he laughs.

‘An undress rehearsal it is!’ I laugh with him. ‘We can role play the entire date starting from when we get to the apartment,’ I tell him. ‘Have you talked to Megan about coming here?’

‘Yeah, I talked to her today,’ he smiles. ‘She’s even more excited than I am, if that’s possible. She doesn’t even want to go to a movie or anything, she wants to just spend the entire evening here,’ he says, his voice reflecting his disbelief at his good fortune.

‘That’s great!’ I tell him. ‘I don’t work Thursday night so we can do the undressing, the foreplay, the oral sex … the whole enchilada!’ My pussy comes alive thinking about the endless possibilities that Thursday night presents. Damn! Wish I didn’t have to work tonight!

Wednesday seems to last a week. Without Jeremy’s visit to look forward to, I sl**p late, take a leisurely bath and go into work early. I’m distracted throughout my shift with ideas for Thursday night. I want Jeremy to give Megan not only the best sex she’s ever had but also the best sex she’s ever likely to have. I decide she needs to have at least four mind-blowing orgasms, two oral and two fucking. Of course, Jeremy will have to practice this on me Thursday night! Maybe four isn’t enough…

On Thursday, I meet Jeremy at the door, wearing a button up blouse, a pleated skirt and my most conservative bra and panties. We get into character and act like we’ve just arrived. When he closes the door, I pull him into my arms and kiss him eagerly like I think Megan might do.

‘This is great that your aunt let you use her apartment,’ I tell him, staying in character.

‘Yeah,’ he smiles. ‘She’s pretty special,’ he says, leading me into the living room. ‘Do you want anything to drink?’ he asks. ‘My aunt usually has cokes and stuff.’

‘No,’ I shake my head. ‘I just want you.’

‘Do you want to go into the bedroom?’ he asks, and then abruptly breaks character. ‘This is weird, Aunt Sara,’ he complains.

‘Okay, let’s skip all this stuff,’ I agree, leading him into the bedroom.

‘Do you want to give Megan a night of mind-blowing sex?’ I ask, turning to face him just inside my bedroom.

‘Sure,’ he says, his face beaming with excitement.

‘I’m going to tell you exactly how to do that,’ I smile. ‘Foreplay first,’ I tell him. ‘Lots of kissing and touching before you get undressed. Then you gradually undress her, complimenting each part of her body as you slowly unveil it.’ He’s starring intently at me like he’s memorizing a formula. Maybe he is.

‘Really tease her tits. Suck her nipples until they’re hard and sensitive. You’re good at that,’ I compliment him and his smile gets brighter. ‘Then kiss your way down her body and devour her pussy. Eat her all the way to orgasm and then lick all around her pussy and her upper thighs until she’s ready to go again.’ I look right into his eyes. ‘This is important, you eat her to orgasm again. Don’t let her talk you into fucking her until you’ve given her at least two orgasms with your tongue, understand?’ I ask like there’s going to be a test.

‘Eat her through two orgasms, got it!’ he smiles like a k** going to Disneyland.

‘After the second oral orgasm, you slip on the condom and slide up inside of her. She’ll be out of her mind with desire and you’ll drive her to another orgasm.’ I pause to give him a chance to digest what I’ve told him. My pussy is aching to get started. All this talk of multiple orgasms is getting me very horny.

‘Since you’ve only cum once, you’ll be ready to go again as soon as you ditch the condom and reload for round two,’ I tell him. ‘What do you think?’ He looks at me with a twinkle in his eye.

‘I think I’ve got it,’ he says. ‘It’s all about her. I pleasure her first and then my pleasure will be that much better,’ he says.

‘Exactly,’ I answer, hugging him. ‘You are so smart!’ I say, running my hands up and down his back.

‘Just to make sure though, we better practice, Aunt Sara,’ he smiles mischievously.

‘That’s exactly what I wanted to hear,’ I tell him as he lowers his mouth to mine and we start kissing. Somehow he maneuvers me onto the bed without breaking the kiss and we’re lying next to each other kissing when he starts fondling my tits through my blouse.

Jeremy follows every instruction to the letter. He spends a lot of time with my tits, fondling them through my clothes before unbuttoning my blouse and caressing them through my bra. When he finally removes my bra, I’m dying for him to suck my nipples.

‘Your breasts are beautiful,’ he says, remembering to compliment my body as he squeezes my soft globes. ‘I especially love your nipples,’ he whispers, lowering his mouth to my left tit. ‘They’re so responsive,’ he says, sucking my hard nipple into his mouth. God! I feel like such a slut! I’m naked from the waist up and he’s completely dressed.

‘Mmmmmmm,’ I pull his face tighter against my tit. This k** is amazing! He’s getting everything right! He takes his time sucking my nipples, sending shivers through my body when he flicks his tongue across them.

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