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summer job

I was out of school for the summer and was looking for a job, there was not a lot of work in this country town ,so my parents ask around to see if they could help. Finally after a few weeks the pastor at our church told them of a neighbor that had returned from the military Vietnam I think and he was painting his house and needed help. So I went over and he gave me a job helping him paint , he was a big black man at least 6 6 didn’t say much. we worked until it got to hot 1-2 pm go in his house get something to drink hang out for a while till my parents would pick me up . One day he said he was going to get a shower and said I could watch tv for awhile, he had the biggest tv I had ever seen and had a tape flayer hooked to it . So was pushing buttons and all of a sudden a movie came on with a white girl sucking the biggest black dick ever. She was sucking that dick trying to take it all , I had never seen a movie like this I was amazed as she worked it over it was hard as a rock filled with veins and he was moaning telling he to suck it good as she moaned yes and sucked it deeper . By know my cock was hard as a rock to and leaking cum , I never heard the shower turn off until someone said you like that boy , I turned to see my neighbor behind me watching me standing there in a towel . I nodded yes to scared to talk he walked closer and ask like that big black dick she is sucking I nodded yes again still to scared to speak. He smiled a little and ask what is your mother going to say if I tell her you were looking through my things . I don’t know I muttered please don’t tell her , I could see his big dick under the towel growing bigger he said well do you want to see a real black cock , I nodded yes and he pulled back the towel and there it was he said you can touch it you like so I reached out and put my hand around it as much as I could and he started to move it back and forth in my hand . He moaned like the man in the movie as I stroked it more and more ,I felt him put his hand on my shoulder and start to push me down in front of , by now I did not resist I wanted to see that big cock up close as I pumped it . I could it starting to leak out the huge piss hole and it we getting on my hand as I jacked it ,It became wetter and wetter with the pre-cum leaking down it . Finally he said go ahead and taste the head just a little for me , as I leaned in closer to that cock I could smell it clean with soap and sweet like , at that point I opened my mouth and plunged it in my mouth and started to suck that dick for all I was worth each time trying to take more like the girl in the movie it was leaking that hot juice down my throat making it easy for it to go deeper and deeper each time soon it was in my white boy throat cutting off the air to my lungs as it bottomed out and his big nuts hit my chin . He encouraged me to suck his big dick like a little whore cocksucker and that just made me suck it better. By know he was pumping it all way down my throat just to take it out long enough for me to take a breath and back in my mouth this lasted for a good 10 minutes until he said here it cums and bottomed it out in my throat , I was ready for it I could taste the cum for minutes before leaking out of that big hole in my mouth nothing could have prepared me for what that cock did next it swelled even bigger in my throat and started to pump out shot after shot of hot cum straight in to my throat , held me there until he emptied every drop in my mouth and throat , by know my head was swimming what had I done I had sucked off the biggest black cock I had ever seen and swallowed every drop. He said he would not tell my mom if I sucked him every day the rest of the summer . I agreed not knowing he had some friends to that I had to suck off to more huge black dicks full of cum. When my mom came she ask if everything was going OK and he said everything was great that I did everything he ask and even went to the fullest to please .

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