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Sunnys First BBQ

Introduction: This is my first story so any comments are welcome. Please, constructive criticism is welcome. Sunnys first BBQ

Dan pulled up in front of Sunnys house and honked the horn once. He was looking forward to tonight, though not quite for the reason Sunny thought he was. Sunny walks out of the and to Dans car. When Sunny gets in she ask Dan where they are going for for their date. Sunny was a little suspicious when she saw a mischievous smile on Dans face. Were going back to my place, says Dan. Im making dinner. You alright with that? He tries to tone down his grin a bit, but he just wasnt expecting her to look this good. Im okay with that. I love a man that can cook. Sunny replies. When they get to Dans place Sunny sees a sharp point poking out from one of the closets. Dan! What is this? He doesnt know what to say so he changes the subject back to dinner. Oh, its nothing, he says, Im using it to make dinner. I really think youre going to like it.

He pokes it back into the closet and leads her into the kitchen, in the center of which is a massive prep table. I was wondering if youd want to help… Sunny is delighted to be asked for help. Id love to help! What can I do? I need you to hop up on the table and…undress if you dont mind. Oh! Id love to. Give just a second. This dress is really hard to put on. Finally, Sunny had gotten her dress off(it took like half an hour) she asked, What do I do now? Dan strips down as well and hops up on the table with her. Now, he says, Im thinking dinner can wait a little while. He leans in to kiss her. Sunny starts to giggle, Dan what are you doing? This a first date! Im pretty sure you dont have sex on a first date. And Dan Im hungry I want dinner. Oh, youll get it soon enough. But first, lets have some fun. He positions himself over her, his dick erect, and begins to slide himself into her pussy.

Dan! It hurts. Stop! Im still a virgin! Dan does not relent. When he reaches Sunnys hymen he thrusts hard. Sunny starts screaming. Shut up, cunt!! Dan starts fucking her hard. Sunny can see her cell phone just a few inches away from her left hand. Dan sees what Sunny is looking at and grabs the phone before Sunny has the chance. Looking for this? Dan says menacingly. Sunny doesnt reply immediatly. When Dan doesnt here a reply he slaps Sunny hard on the cheek and repeats himself, Looking for this? Sunny doesnt want to get slapped again so she replies in a hushed tone, Yes. Well I guess youre gonna have to wait, Dan almost screams at her.

A few moments later Dan yells, Im cummmmmmmming!!!!!!!!! He shoots his load deep into Sunnys womb. When Dan pulls his limp dick from Sunnys pussy, he makes her sit up and suck him till hes hard again. Sunny starts to refuse but when she opens her mouth to speak instead of words coming out she gets a mouthful of Dans limp cock.

Dans dick is rock hard again in a few minutes. He tells Sunny to stay put on the counter. She does what he says in fear of getting slapped, or worse. Dan walks out of the kitchen and to the closet where he keeps his tools for roasting over an open fire, fire wood, fire starters and a spit. He trots back into the kitchen with his supplies and tells Sunny to get on her hands and knees. Sunny does so. I have to fuck her ass before I can roast her, Dan thought to himself. He climbs back onto the kitchen counter and positions himself behind her ass.

Im going to fuck your ass, Sunny. If you scream there will be consequences. Dan places the head of his dick at the entrance to her ass. He swiftly thrusts his dick all of the way into Sunnys tight virgin asshole. Sunny suppresses a scream. Dan starts to pound her ass hard all the while saying things like, You better not scream! or If you make one sound I will fuck your ass so hard you wont be able to take a shit in the morning, and adding under his breath, Like youll live till morning anyway. When Dan finishes with Sunnys ass he sets her up so that he can spit her. Before he does he pulls his cell phone out of his pants pocket and calls some of his friends, asking them if they want to come over for a BBQ. All 9 of Dans friends agree to come over.

Dan waits to spit Sunny until all of his friends are there. When all 9 of Dans friends are there Dan positions the spit in Sunnys pussy. He slowly begins to fuck her with the spit. When Sunny yells, Im cummmmmmmming! Dan shoves spit up through her body until it comes out of her mouth. Next Dan ties Sunnys hands together and ties them to the spit. He does the same with her feet. Now he is ready to move Sunny out to the fire pit. He asks one of his friends, Andrew, to get the other side of the spit and help him carry it outside. When Sunny starts cooking Dan goes inside to get some beers for his buddies. They all end up drunk except for Dan. When Sunny is done cooking Dan brings her inside to serve. He calls his buddies in and starts to slice off her tits first. When everyone had something to eat they all dug in. Comments arose such as, Dan you are an amazing cook. We should do this more often.

This is only Part 1 of hopefully many chapters of Dans adventures with meat-girls. Ideas are welcome.

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