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Surprise Love

Hi, my name is Daxus Richards and this is how I went from being an outcast to being one of the most popular kids in Clearfield Area High School.
‘Tell him,’ my best friend Zoe was telling me.

‘I can’t.’

‘Why not?’ she asked.

‘How do I even know he’s bi? Or even gay?’

‘You never know if you don’t try.’

‘I know that!’ I looked up at his lunch table and saw him laughing with his friends.

‘I can’t believe we are stalkers,’ I whispered to Zoe.

‘It’s your fault.’


‘You’re the one that likes him.’

‘So?’ I looked up at him again as the bell rang to signal the end of lunch.

Boy was he handsome. If you’re coming in now, let me tell you about him. His name was Kyle Riddle. He was tall, I was short. We both had light tans. He had red hair, I had brown. His eyes were green, mine brown. He was a jock, I was a nerd. So you can see we have little or nothing to share.

I went through the rest of my classes thinking about him. The last bell finally rang for the end of the day. Zoe and I were headed to the bus ramp and as I turned the corner someone ran into me. My side messenger bag fell open and my books and pens fell all over the place. I hurried to grab all my things and as I reached for my notebook, a hand fell upon my hand.

I looked up to see who I had bumped into and who had my hand, it was Kyle. I pulled my hand away and ran to the bus, my pens falling, not thinking Kyle had my notebook. I sat down to look in my bag for my notebook, and found it missing. The bus was pulling out as Zoe sat down.

‘Look out the window,’ was all she said. I looked and saw Kyle holding my notebook. I sunk in my seat and my heart dropped.

‘I’m dead! He is going to put it up where everyone can see it!’ I wailed.

‘You don’t know that for sure.’

‘I do.’

I walked in the front door. ‘How was your day, Daxus?’ Mom asked.

‘It was fine,’ I muttered as I walked up the stairs to my room. Mom came up and knocked on my door.

‘John and I are going out tonight.’
‘Okay,’ I said through my bathroom door.

‘We won’t be back till late.’

I opened the door and came out. ‘I have homework. Lots of it.’

‘Okay. Have a good night. Don’t stay up too late.’

‘Yes, Mom.’

She closed the door.

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