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A Game of Cards

We spent the day clothes shopping for me. You seemed to really enjoy it, and you made it bearable for me. I felt self conscious about how I looked, and my lack of fashion sense, but you created an atmosphere of fun and lightheartedness. I felt very grateful towards you, and would have done anything […]

Her New Bra

Kimberly O' Brien was stretching before gym class started. All the guys in the class couldn't help but watch as Kimberly stretched. Even the girls eyed Kimberly's stretching. This was an everyday event for the guys and girls to watch Kimberly stretch. The 18-year-old had a massive bust. Kimberly would notice her fellow gym students […]

Finding Lauren's Fetish

I don't know why I had left them so exposed – usually I kept them well hidden, even when I wasn't expecting anybody to be coming around. I suppose I had just been careless the last time I'd worn them, but it was still a stupid mistake to make. It's true Lauren's visit was unexpected […]

Fucking Terry's Bra

Terry was the department secretary – a good looking 40ish woman who had all of the young guys watching her as she walked down the aisle between the desks. She had a nice swing, especially when she wore her pleated skirts that she wore about 3 inches above her knees – showing her shapely legs. […]

His Life With Lingerie

It all started with the birth of his first child. Like most husbands during pregnancy and the birth of their children he hadn't gotten any for a few months. It started that he was helping around the house like any good “new” father would do. Doing dishes, picking up the house, doing some/most of the […]

Jack 'n Jill

This story is a 'spin' on one I read quite a while ago, not being able to find it but remembering the plot, I decided to 'Do it my way'. Sorry Frank. ***** Well, it is a Saturday afternoon and I am brushing up on a few songs for later this evening as I play […]

Perversion As She Sleeps

I slowly slid out of bed. Although in a deep sleep, she is disturbed far too easily. It is essential to move deliberately. So far, my actions were undetected. The lamp light from the grounds of our apartment complex bled through the curtains, providing enough clarity for me to see everything in the room. It […]

The Boxing Day Present

Christmas was, as usual, a peaceful and relaxing time with the special people in my life. I spent the day with family and friends. Boxing Day is for me to relax and unwind. I slept late, had a long bath because I was invited out to an old friend's for dinner that evening. When I […]

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