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First Exam

When I had just turned eighteen, my mother happened to see me naked as I was getting out of the shower. I really needed to get a physical exam prior to starting college, and I guess this reminded her that I really was a woman now, not just some kid. While I had gone for […]

Sexual Awakening of Alix

Alix Holmes lived in a small rural community where her father ran a ranch supplies business. Most of the family worked in the business and everyone in the district knew what the Holmes's did and the Holmes's knew the business of most other families. The day after Alix lost her virginity she knew her mother […]

Sitter's College Fund

This story is mostly true, though some events have been dramatisized for effect, and the names have been changed. I grew up in Southern California in the early 80's. I guess I had a pretty typical High School experience, even though I had very little dating opportunities. I guess High School boys just did not […]

Tammy and Josh Ch. 01

Josh knocked on Tammy's door. Moments later Tammy opened up the door and, seeing Josh, let him into the house. Tammy was Josh's next door neighbor, and she had been a friend of his family for over ten years. Tammy was single, having divorced her husband soon after they married. She was 30 years old […]

Fucking Terry's Bra

Terry was the department secretary – a good looking 40ish woman who had all of the young guys watching her as she walked down the aisle between the desks. She had a nice swing, especially when she wore her pleated skirts that she wore about 3 inches above her knees – showing her shapely legs. […]

His Goblet

Edited by Angel Love * “It's a very dry white Rhine wine!” Amanda said as she laid her backpack on the back seat of the Volvo. “Ah yes! My favorite and what, may I ask, possessed you to bring it with you?” Ron inquired. “I mean it's just a picnic.” “Hmmmm.” she said with a […]


If you had a cock and I had breasts we would be even bigger sluts than we are without them. And as they are our fantasy inventions, they would be designed with our own tastes in mind. If you had a cock it would be the cock you grieve for; only average in length but […]

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