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A Foot in the Dark

I used to fantasize about an older man when I was 18. He was a family friend who was married, and I really liked his wife, but there was something about him that was so sexy. He was almost 40, but he was so confident, possessed, and whenever he was over I found myself looking […]

Candy's First Orgasm

She reached underneath me and caressed my balls, then whispered in my ear, “Cum for me now I want to feel your cum.” I was completely aroused and overheated with both of our bodies covered in sweat but I told her no, I wanted to wait for her, I said, “Cum with me baby, let's […]

Claire's Virginity

Claire was the picture of perfection. She stood 5'8″ and weighed around 120 pounds. She had medium length brown hair with gorgeous brown eyes. She had a very nice 34C bra size. Her legs were long, tan, and slender. Her smile captivated anyone who gazed upon her. She also had very beautiful feet. Claire was […]

Fetish Also Fetich

Fetish also fetich (fe-tish) 1. an object (as an idol or image) believed to have magical powers (as in curing disease) 2. an object of unreasoning devotion or concern 3. an object whose real or fantasized presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification. ——The Merriam Webster Dictionary * Sara and I, two American ex-pats, live […]

Friends, Legs and Lovers

There's a guy that has known and been friends with a gal for more than a few years. They met at the place they both used to work and have kept in touch since going different directions. Each is attracted to the other but since they've never been single at the same time, nothing (okay, […]

Foot Fetish Photo Shoot

“What was your most interesting photo shoot, Natasha?” Alex asked. His digital SLR snapped in the silence of the hotel room. I held my pose, wondering how honest I should be. “Well, I did a shoot last year wearing nothing but body paint,” I offered, the over-stuffed comforter pressed softly between my legs. “What was […]

Foot Fucked

Edited by Rozezwild It started off when Andrew, my friend picked out a pair of shoes for me that I really liked. He was always sweet and thoughtful. Most people thought he was gay. I thought so to, but he never made comments about guys or anything like that. He knew how to dress and […]

Foot Love First-Timer Ch. 1

“Oh for God's sake, Cary, why don't you take a picture–it'll last you longer!” Julie dropped her shopping bags as I put down the ones I was holding. She had kicked off her sandals at the door and was facing away from me by the counter, her left foot raised on her toes while her […]

Foot Loving Teacher

I'm just a young average California girl who loves sex just like most girls, but when it came to fetishes, I never knew what they even were until a few years ago. Of course, I have things that get me hot and over the years, my boyfriends have loved doing them with me. Sex for […]

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