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Big Fun

Irene's tits had been huge ever since she could remember. As far as she could remember she used to be fat, so even back in the day it had looked like she had tits. When her tits started to grow there was no stopping in the first few years and she was glad she suddenly […]

Chasing Nadine

This is another of my true stories and possibly one of the best if not the best sexual experiences and times I've ever had. It was that good because it became an ultimate fantasy fulfilled at an early age. I had no sexual experience up until meeting her except for my 1rst 2 week girlfriend […]

Claire's Virginity

Claire was the picture of perfection. She stood 5'8″ and weighed around 120 pounds. She had medium length brown hair with gorgeous brown eyes. She had a very nice 34C bra size. Her legs were long, tan, and slender. Her smile captivated anyone who gazed upon her. She also had very beautiful feet. Claire was […]

Love, Mrs. Ayres

Teddy Jonas was eighteen and always had a rough time in life. He was overweight and tried to play the role of the jolly fat kid, but was by nature the gentle giant, who found himself picked on and pushed around by smaller mean kids. Aware of his own size and strength, he was afraid […]

Office Escapade

The office party was kicking outside and everyone was seated by the bonfire sharing ridiculous stories. I sat back and got lost in my own mind, then I noticed… he wasn't seated on his seat. His office light was on. I smiled because, finally, he was alone in there. I stealthily snuck out of the […]

Fetish: Fifteen Fifty-Word Stories

Author's Note: They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… Oggbashan, who is Literotica's King of the Fifteen Fifty-Word Stories, gave us all carte blanche to adopt his model when he won the 2006 How-To Contest with his “How to Write a Fifty-Word Story” essay. I can only hope I did the genre justice […]

Friends and Toys

Sitting at the bar and people watching…you can tell the “just friends” and the couples sitting around. Worker groups standing in groups chatting away. The bartender asks if I want another, so I nod my head and give her my glass. She walks in the door. I saw her as she walked up the sidewalk. […]

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