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Note: For many writers, ending a story seems the most difficult part of telling a story. Others struggle with the middle of the story. Still others find it hard (pun intended, of course, since my topic is erotic fiction) to write the beginning of a story. This article is for the last group of writers. […]

Transgender Storylines

Stories about transsexuals and transvestites typically involve one or more standard themes concerned with such characters' treatment of themselves, their treatment by others, their treatment toward others, the events and circumstances of their transitional period, their outing themselves or being outed by others, their sexual lives, their roles (social and sexual), and related topics, most […]

Girl on Girl Sex Tape

“Have you ever been recorded before?” He held the camera facing me and I shook my head. My stomach was in knots but I kept my expression plain. He laughed. “That figures. Well start however you want. I'm just here to get it on film.” I took a deep breath and looked at my best […]

Trouble With A Name

There I was, boxers around my ankles, balls deep in some near naked hooker bent over a sleazy motel's dusty chair, when the pounding on the door started. She was gone, leaving my dick swaying in the breeze she just created. She raced through the connecting door screaming, “You ain't fuckin' takin' me in, Jonsie.” […]

Writing Humorous Erotica

Unfortunately, too many readers judge erotica strictly by how hard they get (men) or how wet they get (women) or, in general, how horny it makes them. While erotica, by definition, must produce such an effect, to be esteemed as a superior, or even a good, representative of its peculiar genre, the erotic story should […]

Breaking Taboos Believably

I ran across a forum where the person was asking how to make crossing a sexual taboo believable. My assumption was that this was meant in terms of writing about it happening. My forum posts are generally infamous for being a) poor attempts at humor and b) almost more long winded than my submitted stories. […]

Astrology 101

Using the Zodiac to Create Vivid Characters OK, OK I can hear you already that astrology stuff is a bunch of hooey. NO PROBLEM you don't have to believe in astrology to make it work for you. I recently read an article for fiction writers called “How to Create Convincing Characters.” The author suggested aspiring […]

A Fruitful Exercise

I love shemales. I visit them regularly, if not daily, on various websites. Images and video clips of them, posing or in action, having sex of one sort or another with others, including, sometimes, fellow transsexuals, has inspired several of my stories. Such photographs and film segments are also useful in focusing my descriptions of […]

Improve Your Writing: Summary

I have written fiction for twenty-five years: published three novels and a collection of short and novella-length stories, as well as have a desk-full of novels and short stories in progress. Below I have summarized the questions aspiring authors ask me and my answers to them. Hope this helps you write better stories. Plot: All […]

How To Write Fiction

Some hints and helps toward writing fiction effortlessly. * Many folks like to write fiction and some are very good at it. For a few, it comes naturally while others have to work, with varying degrees of difficulty, to get a plausible story down on paper. Many do well at humor because they are usually […]

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