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A Good Deed

My friend best Sydney and I have been close since we were kids. We trusted each other with everything, and we shared everything with each other. We're both in senior year of school, but we were both born early so we are 18. She is a bit short at 5'3″ while I'm taller, standing at […]

Best Friend?

Note: there is a little bit of domination in this story so if that's not your thing; I suggest you don't read this. Also it's a slow start, but it'll keep you entertained. He's my best friend! I figured if I told that to myself enough I would forget that I wanted him. It was […]

At My Friend's House

Just after I turned 18 my best friend invited me to stay over for the night. She had a surprise for me, she said, with much giggling. Bitch would not tell me what it was, just giggling and saying it was something fun. So I capitulated and wandered around to her house for dinner, prepared […]

Dream Cum True

I had just gotten off of a long day of work, excited to go home to my gorgeous wife. We had plans for a lovely night where we would go out to eat dinner, have a few glasses of wine, then go home and unwind. I was absolutely ecstatic! My wife is an absolutely stunning […]

Educating Mel

At 18, I was a senior in High School (which was in the nearest town, about 10 miles). I had a birthday party that involved parents because of the transportation problem in getting everyone to our farm. The mother of one of my friends followed me out of the room and managed to talk to […]

Eyes Opening Now

Author's note: write what you know, right? Early years… I stared intently into the full length mirror on the back of my closet door. Hmm. Not bad, I thought to myself. We were going to the beach next week and it was time to try on the new black bikini. I lifted and adjusted my […]

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