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First handjob

Robert and I weren't officially dating. We just liked to make-out sometimes. And this night I had been making out with Robert for what seemed like hours. It was a cool spring evening. We had been hanging out at the ball field and started making out there, but decided to go back to his house. […]

I Still Wonder

It is as a matter of fact a true story. The story which turned me into a man from a boy. I was working with a hotel. To be a virgin, shy and reserved boy at an age of 20+ is really surprising. And so were my friends. To them I was suffering from some […]

My First Experience At Foreplay

I had often heard from friends narrating their first experience of sex on their first night and that always kept me wondering about it. I often spoke to myself, filled with fantasies, always feeling embarrassed with them. The tales narrated by them eventually increased the urge in me to experience the touch of a man. […]


I was sitting in the bed decorated with flowers, awaiting my husband's arrival. I never ever dreamed even in my wildest one that I would be married off to a old guy, who turns 60, within a few months. My eyes were swelled up with the tears that I cried after I got engaged. It […]

Shilu's New Life

Hello readers. I have been reading stories here since 6yrs. I enjoy reading here and now I have come up with my inaugural story. Since this is my first story, I am prone to commit mistakes. I tried my best to make it interesting one. I am an Indian guy. Well, my story is also […]

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