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First Time Bi

A long time married couple we look for things to spice up our life. Comfortable with ourselves we turn to the Internet to aid in our quest, having searched a found we decide on a likely match. They're an older couple, some ten years or so beyond us. We feel an older couple would have […]

His & Hers

I think it's because I care; that's why she likes me so much. I could go on and on about how I'm the luckiest guy in the world or a girl like her only comes around once in a lifetime, but that's boring and cliché. Not to undermine her brilliance or anything though, because she […]

My 19th Birthday Present

It was the night before my nineteenth birthday, and, hell, had I waited long enough. And I'm babysitting. Kids snoring in bed; me, alone watching a film downstairs when the door opens and the guy, hmmm, we'll call him, hell, we'll call him 'you' and his missus walk in. Home early. Her not well… Overindulged […]

Seduced in Style

Thanks to TexanCowgirl for her editorial contribution. * I am a thirty-five year old male and I have been going to this particular hair salon in my town to get a haircut and shampoo for the last five years. My stylist's name is Alicia and all the time I have known her she has been […]

The Dare of the Siren

It was wrong. Very wrong. I knew it. I tried to resist it. I tried to walk away, look away, turn my thoughts away… anything away. No luck. The magnetic force was too great. The gravitational pull was more than I had bargained for. This was the tipping point, although I was just-this-side of realizing […]

Her Sudden Transformation

My wife, Jan, and I have been married for a long time. We have a good relationship, and we always have. When we were dating, I could barely keep my hands to myself. She had always had a petite frame, with curves in the right places. When we would be together, I could feel the […]

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