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After All: Ch. 01

I had been isolated my entire life despite moving around all the time. I chose this kind of life. I had always stayed out of the way of the world and watching everyone was just fine with me. But the truth is, I am very sensitive to life and nature itself. I am the type […]

Breast Obsessed: Positive Aspects

The male half of mankind has a well-deserved, bad reputation for being obsessed with breasts. This obsession has a long list of negative consequences, such as blatant ogling in public, complete loss of memory and intelligence in the presence of cleavage, and causing an untold number of unnecessary plastic surgeries. This how-to article contains suggestions […]

'Real' Fiction

(NOTE: This is probably only useful to new writers, such as myself, as more experienced writers have probably already figured this out.) * * * * * The title may seem ridiculous, but adding an element of realism to your story could be a vast improvement. Yes, true life is boring sometimes, and erotic fiction […]

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