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A Foot in the Dark

I used to fantasize about an older man when I was 18. He was a family friend who was married, and I really liked his wife, but there was something about him that was so sexy. He was almost 40, but he was so confident, possessed, and whenever he was over I found myself looking […]

A Hot Day At The Beach

I can do this, Raine thought to herself as she fished out a crisp $10 bill and handed it to the taxi driver. She pulled down her fitted t-shirt and smoothed out her jeans before walking through the gate of the high rise building and pressing the button to alert the receptionist to release the […]

Amber's First

Amber unpacked the last of the boxes and looked around. It wasn't too bad for her first home. The rented one-bedroom apartment was sparsely furnished with the furniture from her room back home and some used pieces that she'd managed to pick up along the way. She felt so grown-up. 18 years old, her first […]

An Added Bonus

22nd August 2001. This is a true story! A few weeks ago, I was in the city in the evening, (I don't usually go into the city now) and I decided to have a massage. I really just wanted a massage but I went to a place just off Albert St. It was a Chinese […]


It was the spring of 1971 and Cheri was an 18 year old senior at a small high school in a little river town in the Northern Mid-west. She was also everyman's fantasy of what a hot 18 year old girl should look like too; long blonde hair, clear blue eyes and a killer tan […]

Coach's Pet

“Ooow!,” I wailed, clutching my ankle as it throbbed in pain. I felt tears forming in the corners of my eyes, but I blinked them away rapidly as a few team mates and my coach rushed over to form a small semi-circle around me. Coach Davis was the last one to trot over and he […]

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