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Lynne & Brad Ch. 01

Author's notes: This is my first real attempt at writing erotica; feedback is most appreciated. If people like what I've done, I'll write some more! All characters in this story are in their last few years of education, and are all over eighteen. Lynne slipped round the bike shed, into the gloom created by the […]

Finally He Knows

Many thanks to my wonderful editor the_thinker97. This is my first story hope you enjoy it. ***** Let me give you a little description about both Jamie and myself before I start the story fully, just so you have an idea what we are like. Jamie is 27 years old. He owns his own company […]

Filling Her Bottom

It was nearly midnight. It had been wickedly hot all day and the air was thick and heavy. The doors to the balcony were open but only the faintest of breezes caressed the sheer white curtains as he stepped out into the darkness. “One last cigarette,” he announced. She was sitting curled on a comfy […]

Filthy Fuckers

The room could easily have been described as the most beautiful that Prince had ever seen. Large French Windows over looking the sea, giving a sense of being one with nature. The King Size bed that could easily accommodate 4 adults. A Jacuzzi that was placed near the windows. A carpet so soft that you […]

Friend In Need

There she was. Who could resist such a goddess? Harry and a co-worker, Steve, were staring across the street at a young blonde girl in her early 20's. She had emerald green eyes, beautiful skin, the perfect body. Her tits were not too big, not too small – just in between, just the way Harry […]

Forest Adventure

**Before you read the story, its about a young man who goes out to the forest looking for self pleasure in a moment of ectasy, involving pee and cum. Everything you read is true and the young man is 18** This is my first time actually writing anything. I hope you enjoy it. It was […]

Getting Physical

While he despised going to the doctor' office, Louis realized that, in August, another year will have passed since his last check-up. He has always been reportedly healthy, save for a slight iron deficiency. He had been taking the supplements regularly, and felt healthy and strong. He couldn't help but notice, however, that his 30th […]

Gabriele Caught Peeing

I am a 35 year old busty blonde divorcee called Sue, left with a big house and a small income, and a need to make a bit more cash. So I let out one of the spare bedrooms to an 18 year old, black-haired, blue-eyed German student called Gabriele, who had a figure to die […]

Fucking Franics

I watched with intense trepidation as Francis started to unbutton her light blue work shirt. Every second promised new delights with the revelation of more and more uncovered skin. Already her white bra was coming into view and revealing the fullness of her large breasts. As the buttons continued to pop, one by one, free […]

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