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He closed the door behind him and dropped to his knees. Unizipping himself, he frantically pulled out his limp member and began to rub it aggressively. Scenes from the evening ran through his head. The red-headed stripper's rouged nipples presenting themselves to him on top of her bustier. The petite blonde woman grinding herself to […]

Julia Milks Her Colleague

Tommy watched with aching adoration as the taut, luscious globes of Julia's ass swayed by in her skin-tight yoga pants. The pants were nearly translucent. The two were classmates in nursing school, and members of the same commercial gym nearby. Tommy would occasionally glance self-consciously through the glass doors where Julia participated in yoga sessions. […]

More than a Little Taste

My wife and I had our third kid 4 months ago. She's breastfed all three of them. With the first (who's almost 5 now), I was interested, and tasted a little a few times during sex. She was ever so slightly weirded out, but let it happen. With our second child (who's almost 3 now), […]

My First Milking

When Mistress first put me into chastity, she said it was for a trail period. She soon found out it not only keeps me from abusing my worm while she is out it also keeps me more attentive to her needs. Another plus was that now I had to sit to pee, I have always […]

My Big Day

I met Kim in high school and have been attracted to her ever since. She knew how much I liked her but she never gave me the chance. She liked teasing me. Now, five years later, I'm her sex slave. It started a few months ago with daily chat sessions. These consisted of me jerking […]

Nocturnal Anal Stimulation. A Study

Note: this is a story, fiction. None of the facts are correct, and all the names are false, invented. So enjoy! (Re-posted with the above clarification, and links deleted). Nocturnal Anal Stimulation in Orgasm-Denial Relationships – A Study NOCTURNAL ANAL STIMULATION IN ORGASM-DENIAL RELATIONSHIPS. A STUDY BY: Willsoin,D.E., Arangji,T.F – UCNYCE – Dept of Psychology […]

Real Life Kink

(This is another true to life adventure shared by my loving girlfriend and I. Again, I hope to be able to write about a threesome (FMF) in the near future, if we can find the right bisexual woman!) “Baby? Would you like me to fuck you?” Niki cooed. Her face and neck was still flushed […]

The Mistress Reward

He knew how to fix it – the urge that is. It would be simple and probably only take three minutes or so. He could probably do it anywhere, the bathroom, the car, maybe even at his desk. He'd taken care of the urge many times in all of those places and more. But there […]

Truly Releasing Massage

Things at work had been tough. The recession had bitten hard and I was working twice as hard for half the results. Numerous meetings, lots of chat and very few contracts. Everyone had said that they were sticking around for the summer but when I tried to get in touch, they were all on holiday. […]

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