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Fair Game

Standing under the shower, Simon lowered his head and let the hot water cascade down his aching back. He knew football was a good way to stay fit and all that jazz, but sometimes he hated the competitiveness of it, and tonight was one of those nights. Everyone had been tackling hard and pushing and […]

Friend's Hot Mom

This is a true story, one that was very fun to write; it's about my friend's hot mom and me: Enjoy!! * This adventure took place during the fall of 2010; I was 19 and in my senior year at high school. Because it was my last year of high school before college I took […]

Ms. Rich 01

I was a high school junior when I first had her. Mrs. Melissa Rich. She taught Pre-AP Physics. It was my hardest class that year, but my favorite for a number of reasons. And each of those reasons was Mrs. Rich. Mrs. Rich had been my next door neighbor for two years before she taught […]

Nurse's Aide

My name is Mike; I'm a physically disabled guy confined to a wheelchair, living with my parents. I never was with a woman but I have perfectly normal urges. When I was 25 my parents had to go away for 3 days. They hired a nurse's aide to stay & take care of me. Friday […]

Off to College

Caty sat nervously on the edge of the waiting room chair, subconsciously flexing her feet, echoing the choreography of the dance class she'd just left. She didn't want to be there — god, how she didn't want to be there — but the college was quite specific about ordering a physical, and the deadline was […]

Online Encounter

I've always been pretty unlucky with the opposite sex. I think it is safe to say that I have been put in the friend zone with just about every girl I've ever had a crush on. As a result, I was a virgin all through high school and the first couple years of college. Apparently […]

Studying with Sarah

It was about 8:00 on a Saturday night. I struggled to close the door of my car. It was an old piece of junk. I had gotten it as a present from my parents for my eighteenth birthday only a few months earlier. I had been expecting something a little nicer, but I couldn't complain. […]


“I'm going to go take a shower, why don't you come join me in about 5 minutes?” With that Amanda got off me and took her dress off completely, turning around and throwing a wicked little grin my way before happily skipping towards the bathroom, giving me a great view of her firm ass. I […]

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