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A Game of Cards

We spent the day clothes shopping for me. You seemed to really enjoy it, and you made it bearable for me. I felt self conscious about how I looked, and my lack of fashion sense, but you created an atmosphere of fun and lightheartedness. I felt very grateful towards you, and would have done anything […]

A Dreamer

I'm harder than I've ever been, thinking about this girl and what is to happen tonight. She's in the bathroom now, getting ready, I think, and I lay here, wondering. I've always found myself to be pretty lucky, but this is ridiculous. In a few moments I will be able to do all of the […]

About Time

We used to know each other. A few years back. Not intimately or anything, just…cordial. There may have been some tension between us. It was definitely present on my end, though I never did anything about it. He was a grade below me (we were both 18, he just stayed back a year) and I […]

My Clean White Panties

I've always loved white panties. My mom used to buy them for me at J.C. Penny's and the cool soft cotton fabric felt so good against my sensitive skin “Down There.” I wore the brief style that came up to my waist but, after all, bikini panties weren't around back then. It was the early […]

Sold Out

Pandora sat in her father's study. Nervously she retied the ribbons around her pig tails and pulled her white socks up to her knees. She was in serious, deep shit and her stomach was knotting so tightly with nerves it was almost cramping. How could she have been so stupid? And why did she have […]

Greek Girl's Plaything

–There are elements of race-play in the story. The author does not condone or support racism.– It all started one evening at my dorm room – bored, tugging at my turgid cock, flipping through facebook photos of Demetra, especially the close-ups of her fleshy, pouty perfect lips. I was getting obsessed with this chick, barely […]

Giving in to Temptation

“Hey, I'm glad to see that you're online. How have you been?” She asked. “Good, but dying to fuck your throat again.” Came his reply. “Well, I'm home alone. Take a walk.” “Hahaha” “Stop laughing, damnit!” “Why?” “Because, you make my mouth water at the thought of your cock slamming into my throat, making me […]

Inches Away

Jack's breath quickened as he shut the door of the yellow cab and stepped across a shimmering, slushy puddle onto the sidewalk in front of the downtown Hilton. Why here, he wondered, of all places. Still, he was happy to meet Vanessa anywhere right now. More than happy, after what had happened two days ago. […]

JD, Punish Me!

JD stared at Tara's ass as she leant over the pool table, her little black skirt riding up to reveal a hint of those luscious mounds that lay beneath. He strode over to the other side, on pretence of checking her line, but in reality only to stare at her cleavage as it strained to […]

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