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Taking My Friends Mom In The Kitchen

“Dude… I am SO PUMPED!!!” My friend Travis yelled over the phone as I watched TV.

It was the middle of July here in Massachusetts, and we were 2 days away from the highlight of my summer, a heavy metal festival coming by. Travis and I have been friends for about 2 and a half years at this point, myself coming into the town high school from a public school and becoming friends with him due to our mutual tastes in music. We are very similar in a lot of ways, like being extremely tall for our age (we’re both 16, I’m 6’5 and he’s 6’3), a passion for video games, and very weird senses of humor. Despite my height and what I consider to be decent good looks, I’ve never really been popular with the ladies because of my somewhat social awkwardness and being a bit overweight. I’m not anywhere near obese, but enough meat on my bones to be a force to be reckoned with. Because of my sheer size people always ask what sports I play, and I’m always ashamed to say that I don’t play any because I’m too lazy. But anyways, on with the story…

The plan was for me to hang out at his house the day before the fest, sleep over, and then go in the morning. I showed up at his house mid afternoon, and stayed indoors because of how hot it was. We spent most of our time playing miscellaneous video games and hydrating in preparation for the 12 hours of metal that lay before us during what was said to be the hottest day of the summer.

In early evening Travis’ mom came home from work and came in to check on us. Mrs. Anders wasn’t your standard “MILF”, although a very attractive woman. She had Travis at a late age, so she was in her early fifties and had a very natural glow to her. She was a short woman at just over 5 feet (Travis got his height from his dad) and was physically fit from plenty of exercise. She had shoulder length gray hair (she didn’t bother dying it), average sized perky breasts, and a small, tight-looking ass. Travis’ dad was a travelling manager and only home about once a week, which meant her sexual needs probably weren’t being met and added a factor to her flirtations. We were very friendly, mostly because she was compatible with my quirky sense of humor and I think she was somewhat into me.

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