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Teachers Pet.

It was a young 15 year old lads dream come true, we had a new teacher, Miss Newton my raving hormones told me she was the best looking woman in the world, tall, blonde, slim figure, nice tits and if I knew what a good fuck was I'd have given her one.

I wasn't the brightest pupil in the class or the dumbest, somewhere in between, but I was guilty of daydreaming, I would often drift off into a world of my own for most of the lessons, even more so now we had a gorgeous teacher I could drift of with and think lewd thoughts about. God if she could have read my mind I'd never come out of prison, the things I was going to do with her. My favourite was k**napping her on the way home taking her to my Dads cellar tieing her naked to a bed down there and fucking her every time I got home from school, as I said i was the brightest pupil in the class, but it gave me some nice wet dreams at night time and some raging hard ons at school.

So where was I? See daydreaming already, oh yes, sat in class miles away with Miss Newton on my mind I stretched my arms out behind me yawning deeply, my hand came into contact with something soft and squishey, turning round I saw the woman of my dreams standing behind me with my left hand stuck in between her tits looking like thunder, 'Wilson storeroom now.' she screamed, oh boy was I in trouble, the storeroom was where you went for punishment so bad you had to be out of sight and sound of the rest of the class. She marched me into the storeroom slamming the door behind me. 'What do you mean by assaulting me like that Wilson?' 'Sorry Miss I didn't know I'd hit your tits.' Whoops wrong thing to say I thought as soon as the words came out my mouth. 'So you think you can call my breasts tits do you?' 'Sorry Miss.' I stammered, 'Well what are we going to do with you Wilson? I know you have a penchant of daydreaming all day long, what do you daydream about?' In for a penny I thought, 'You Miss.' 'Me Wilson, any particular part of me?' 'Your tits Miss.' 'Oh I see and what would you like to do with them?' I hadn't thought of that had I? 'I'd like to feel them Miss Newton.' 'Would you now?'

With that she slowly pulled the pristine white blouse out of her short grey pencil skirt, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse watching me all the time, I was transfixed watching her perform what was a very sexy striptease for me. Her unbuttoned blouse exposed what I now know as a balcony bra, virtually see through white, I could see her nipples through the material, I could feel an erection coming on. 'Is this turning you on Wilson?' 'Yes Miss.' I muttered. She unclipped the bra at the front and her unfettered tits cascaded out to my delight. I went to approach her but she shook her head to say stay there. Reaching behind she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, she stepped out of it and stood in just high heel shoes, seamed black stockings with suspender belt, silk french knickers and the unbuttoned blouse exposing her semi naked tits. My knowledge of all thing lingerie gleaned from the Ann Summers catalogue I found in my parents bedroom. 'Like what you see Wilson?' brought me out of my reverie, 'Yes Miss.' 'Would you like to come over and touch them?' Is the Pope a Catholic? Damn right I would like to touch them, I walked over nervously half expecting to be woken up from one of my daydreaming sessions, but no this was real and not a dream, thank you God.

She gently took my hand and ran it over her tits, 'Squeeze it gently.' she said, 'Run your fingers over the nipple.' I did as I was told, now was a good time to pay attention to my teacher, this was important. I stood there for what seemed a lifetime playing with this gorgeous woman's tits convinced that I'd died and gone to heaven. She was gently moaning as I touched her this turned me on and my erection was now getting quite painful, she must have sensed this as she said, 'Oh you poor thing I bet you're all horny aren't you?' 'Yes Miss.' I replied, my God since when had I become nearly monosyllabic, yes miss was the range of my vocabulary in the presence of this God like creature. 'Show me your cock Wilson.' I reluctantly left her tits and unzipped my trousers exposing my engorged cock, 'Very impressive indeed Wilson, show me how you wank off.' She stood back and watched me go through a ritual I'd been performing every night since I was old enough to know how to wank, slightly embarrassed I began to jerk off in front of Miss Newton, slowly at first but then faster as I saw her tweaking and playing with her nipples, God I was feeling an intensity in my balls I'd never felt before, she urged me on, 'Faster Wilson faster, I want to see you come.' Faster, I don't think I could have gone any faster if I had an engine attached to it, but I carried on as fast as I could and then my balls exploded and shot my cum all over the floor, narrowly missing her high heels. As I stood there totally exhausted she dressed herself and said, 'Well Wilson you'd better clear that mess up and get back to class, and don't ever let me catch you touching teachers tits again.' Vocabulary challenged I answered 'Yes Miss.'

She turned and walked towards the door looking back she blew me a kiss, what the fuck was that all about I wondered?
I got down to the messy business of cleaning my cum off the floor, wonder if I should have another daydream soon?

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