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Tempted, Teased and Tied Up – The Conclusion

Part 4

Once in the car I reach to the dashboard GPS and enter an address. I don’t tell you what’s at the address or where it is, but rather just tell you to follow the directions. 

The directions will lead us to a hotel in the city. It’s a nice elegant suite with a view of the lights of the city. I know this evening will end soon but I’ve rented the suite for the weekend, plenty of time for additional fooling around. 

As we drive down the highway I slip my heels off and turn sideways in my seat and rest my back against the door. I stretching my legs out and let my feet come to rest in your lap. I open my coat and spread my knees giving you a nice view of my lace thong and start to use my feet to playfully rub your penis through your pants. 

You unzip your pants and free your penis and I continue caressing you with my stocking covered feet. My fingers are rubbing my clit and playing with my pussy when my next climax starts. 

The timing of my climax was perfect, just as we were turning off the highway and into the hotel garage. My mind was in another place when the GPS interrupted the sounds in the car by saying in a British women’s accent, “Arriving at your destination”. If she only knew how right she was. 

You stop the car in the underground parking garage next to the elevators. Composing ourselves and tucking everything back where it belongs before we walk to the elevators and kiss before the door opens. Stepping in I press the floor number, 32, with a smile on my face, knowing that it will take a little time to reach our floor. 

As the elevator starts to move I lean into you and let my coat open. My fingers are already working the zipper of your pants and freeing you again even before the elevator start moving. With your penis in my hands I rise up on my toes and kiss you. Lovingly stroking your shaft and caressing your balls as the elevators goes up the shaft. I figured that thirty two floors isn’t enough time to get you to climax but more than enough for yet another tease and another period of time where you get excited but can’t release. 

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